Ideas for decorating a house with flowers

Ideas for decorating a house with flowers


    Ideas for decorating a house with flowers

    Fresh flowers are the best decoration for anythe interior. Many people do not use fresh flowers for room decor, since they are not durable, but if the flowers are properly looked after, they can please everyone with their appearance for several weeks. It is believed that only large bouquets or large compositions can be beautiful. This is not true. It is important not the number of colors, but the correctly selected shades and sizes, as well as their placement in the room.

    Bouquets in the interior of the room

    Any bouquet will help to immediately revitalize and transformthe room. The simplest and brightest design element can be a bouquet placed in an ordinary vase, on a table or chest of drawers. You can also apply an unconventional approach and imagination. So, for example, the bouquet will look great on the floor, bookshelf or on the wall in a cache-pot. In this case, if the bouquet is central to the design of the room, it should be symmetrical and sufficiently voluminous. It is not advisable to use a too colorful bouquet. It is best to pick roses, lilies or gladioli for such a bouquet. These flowers perfectly decorate the interior in a classic style. Incredibly popular, in recent years, have become vintage bouquets in the decor of the premises. Their feature is that to create this work of art they use well-blossomed, or even slightly wilted roses. For such bouquets, other flowers of light shades are suitable. Grunge or country style will be complemented by simple bouquets of wildflowers or garden flowers, in small porcelain vases or iron pails. Exotic flowers are suitable for room decor in a modern or minimalist style. They look great in combination with metal and glass. Ikebans or single flowers will look good in such an interior: gerberas, feces, gladioli, orchids. Flowers in the interiorFlowers in the interior

    Flowers in Vases

    The beauty of the composition or bouquet also depends ondishes in which it is placed. The composition of flowers and a vase should be harmoniously combined and look one piece. Crystal vases are great for peonies or roses, but not suitable for wildflowers. Lush bouquets of bird cherry, lilac or mountain ash are best placed in tall clay vases or jugs. For flowers with short stems, such as violets, snowdrops, crocuses, forget-me-nots, it is recommended to use wide, low vases or bowls. Flowers in a vaseFlowers in a vase

    Wreaths in the decoration of the house

    The way to decorate the house with wreaths of fresh flowersknown since antiquity. Then the wreath symbolized openness and hospitality, today it is just an interesting element of decor, with which you can set bright accents in the room and revitalize the interior. As a rule, wicker wreaths are placed on the wall or doors. However, more original ways of using them can be applied. Small, lightweight wreaths will look good in the form of pendants on a chandelier, handles of pull-out shelves and cabinets. They can act as dividers on bookshelves and shelves or simply spread out on the surface of the table. You can get an original stand if you put a beautiful decorative vase in the center of the wreath. If you place small candles in the center of the wreath, you get a romantic composition that can be installed in the center of the table or on the floor. Wreath of flowers at home decorationWreath of flowers at home decoration

    Flowers in table setting

    The festive table is hard to imagine without the livingcolors. Small bouquets on the table can competently emphasize the design features of the room and cheer up the owners of the house and their guests. For serving a festive table at home, you can use not only traditional vases, but also various bowls, flat dishes, salad bowls, sauces or glasses that have an unusual shape. Flowers will stay fresh longer if you remove part of the leaves from the stems. The base of the wood stems of bird cherry, lilac, roses is better to cut into several centimeters or slightly break with a hammer. Tulips, roses or carnations will retain their appearance longer if you add a few teaspoons of sugar to the water. Flowers on the table should look harmonious in a bouquet or composition, but also combine with other serving elements. On the table oval or rectangular shape, it is better to install three identical bouquets. For serving a square or round table, you should choose one volumetric bouquet. Freshly cut flowers cannot tolerate direct sunlight, so it is best to place flower vases in shaded areas of the table. Drafts should also be avoided. Bad effect on fresh flowers and ethylene, which stands out from ripe fruits, so putting bouquets next to the fruit is also not advisable. Do not place too voluminous bouquets on the festive table, they can cover with themselves cutlery and various snacks. Flowers in table settingFlowers in table setting

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