Ideas for storing vegetables, a bicycle, skis and other things on the balcony (30 photos)

Ideas for storing vegetables, a bicycle, skis and other things on the balcony (30 photos)

Typically, a balcony is a place inan apartment where a wide variety of things are stored for many years. Moreover, many of them are rarely used in everyday life and belong to the category of such things that it is a pity to throw out, and there is no place for them in the apartment. In such a situation, the balcony is quickly cluttered, chaos and disorder reigns around. Ideas for storing vegetables, a bicycle, skis and other things on the balcony (30 photos)Ideas for storing vegetables, bicycles, skis andother things on the balcony (30 photos) One has only to put the loggia in order, as most of the problems associated with storing things in the house will be solved by themselves. Most often living in standard apartments, people do not have enough space and personal space. If you glaze and insulate the loggia, then you can realize a lot of ideas here, where to apply the extra formed space. Including to arrange here a kind of rest room, a winter garden, a mini-gym or an office. And most importantly, if you insulate the balcony and properlyto approach its arrangement, it is quite possible here to store various vegetables and products, a bicycle, skis and many other things and objects that have no place in the apartment year-round.

Storage of vegetables on the balcony

So that you can keep on the balcony all year roundstocks of vegetables, you should make a special box for them - a container. It is made according to the width of the balcony, the capacity (height of the box) can be different depending on the number of vegetables that are planned to be stored in it. For the manufacture of this container, you can use chipboard, plywood. In addition, you will need slats, screws, furniture hinges, foam rubber, fabric. The result is a box for storing vegetables, disguised as a soft cozy sofa. Box sofa for storing vegetables on the balconyBox sofa for storing vegetables on the balcony Ifthe loggia is glazed, but not insulated, then extruded polystyrene foam is laid on the floor for insulation, a sheet of plywood is laid on it. This is the basis for the box. The container itself is sheathed with foam from the inside, covered with insulation. Vegetables are well preserved at temperatures up to minus 15 outside the window. Drawer sofa for storing vegetables on an unheated balconyDrawer sofa for storing vegetables on an unheated balcony Drawer sofa for storing vegetables on an unheated balconyDrawer sofa for storing vegetables on unheatedbalcony Another way to store vegetables on the balcony is to organize open shelving. This design is suitable for drawers. Using this storage method, the presence of a special screen or door on the balcony will not be necessary at all. It is important that the materials are selected correctly. A wood-particle board is suitable for a dry and warm balcony, but in a damp room it is better to use painted metal structures. Storage of vegetables in open racks See also:

Storage of a bike, ski and snowboard on the balcony

When the balcony is arranged, a beautiful interior is created,I absolutely do not want to put a bicycle on the loggia, occupying all the surrounding space. But keeping it at home is also very inconvenient. A special cabinet can come to the rescue, which can be easily built on the balcony for storing seasonal sports equipment. Such a cabinet can be placed in one of the parts of the loggia. It may contain a large compartment for storing a bicycle and shelves for its accessories, and may contain 2 large compartments, both for a bicycle, and for skiing or snowboarding. The bike is suspended on a special bracket. The cabinet is made of standard material (chipboard). Often, such cabinets are made without doors. Case for storing sports equipment on the balconyCase for storing sports equipment on the balcony Shelf for bicycle storage on the balconyShelf for bicycle storage on the balconyOne of the most popular ways to store a bicycle on the balcony is to place it on a special rack. It can fit up to 3 bicycles, or a snowboard with skiing in a case. Bicycle storage rack on the balconyBicycle storage rack on the balcony Alsofor storage of bicycles on the balcony, if the layout allows, you can make special wall hangers-shelves. They can be built from chipboard yourself, or purchased at a bike store. The bicycle in this case is suspended by the frame.

Sliding wardrobe for storage of things on a balcony

A wardrobe installed on the balcony will helpunload your apartment from a lot of things. Here you can store everything from clothing and shoes to books, dishes and other household items. In the closet on the loggia you can hide an iron, an ironing board, a vacuum cleaner, a fan. It is necessary to think over the layout of the cabinet in advance based on what will be stored there. In modern days, apartment housing is acute in Russiathe issue and the problem of lack of living space. The arrangement of the balcony involves additional costs from the family budget, but by warming the loggia and constructing additional cabinets, drawers and shelves, the problem of storing various things and objects from sports equipment to food will be solved. In addition, a warm cozy loggia can become an additional living space in a small apartment for a large family. Elvira Goleva for Do you like the article? Share on social networks!