Ideas for the autumn interior (45 photos)

Ideas for the autumn interior (45 photos)

Nature changes bright, summer colors to autumnguise in gray-orange color. The days are getting shorter, the rains are getting bigger, and the trees are dressing up in golden attire. It's time to make changes to the interior of your apartment. Meet the autumn season familiar to her environment. Changing the interior of an apartment can consist of either a standard rearrangement of furniture, a change in the color scheme and decoration of the house with themed accessories, as well as the introduction of decorative hand-made crafts into the design, giving the room an individuality. Warm ideas for the autumn interiorWarm ideas for the autumn interior

General ideas for the autumn interior:

  • 1. The color scheme in the interior is saturated. Shades are dominated by red, orange, brown, brick and coffee in combination with green, yellow, gray-blue. Read more.
  • 2. Metal products of golden shades are added.
  • 3. Textiles - soft fabrics: velvet, plush, as well as coarse linen.
  • 4. Metal and leather furniture in the fall is not relevant, they hide it under the "autumn" fabric: velvet, plush and linen. Coarse wood furniture and rattan or bamboo wicker furniture are welcome.

Pictures on the walls - decorate the house by autumnPictures on the walls - decorate the house by autumn

How to change the interior of the house by autumn:

  • 1. Decorate the walls with paintings on the autumn theme.
  • 2. One of the walls in the room can be pasted over with murals with autumn paints or decorative stickers can be applied, or having shown imagination and artistic talent, depict autumn with the help of paints yourself.
  • 3. Change the curtains. Instead of organza and transparent tulle, decorate the windows with dense curtains of plush, velvet or linen. The color scheme is preferable to yellow shades, so that the penetrating rays of the sun illuminate the room with light, bringing with it a warm mood, which is so lacking at this time.
  • 4. It’s time to get out of the pantry and cover it, the carpet cleaned for the summer.
  • 5. To choose, suitable for the autumn landscape, cushion covers and bedspreads. Add a little warmth and comfort to the interior with a colorful woolen blanket.
  • 6. Table lamps and floor lamps will add a little warm light to the dull, gray, autumn days, illuminating the autumn interior.

The idea of ​​an autumn interior for a bedroomThe idea of ​​an autumn interior for a bedroom

Do-it-yourself autumn interior:

In order to create an autumn composition, do notyou need to go far, just go out the door of the house and look around. Fallen autumn leaves and harvest from the garden: vegetables (pumpkin, zucchini, squash), fruits (apples, pears, pomegranates), berries (mountain ash, sea buckthorn), as well as ears of corn, ears of wheat, acorns and chestnuts, the beauty of the mysterious physalis plant and flowers - all this will complement the interior with notes of union with nature. Autumn compositions in the interiorAutumn compositions in the interior

Do-it-yourself room decoration by autumn:

  • one. Entrance and even interior doors can be decorated with wreaths. Physalis and mountain ash, bright leaves and spikelets of wheat, flowers and fruits - all this is carefully collected in a wreath and supplemented (if desired) with a beautiful satin ribbon.
  • 2. Bouquets of fruits will decorate the living room, and of flowers will complement the interior of the room. A vase for such bouquets can easily be made from pumpkins, zucchini, ears of corn or pasted over an old vase with acorns.
  • 3. Candles are relevant for the room, but instead of a boring candlestick, you can create a whole composition of rowan berries, acorns or small pumpkins.
  • 4. Original garlands of natural, autumnal material will perfectly combine with the interior of the living room.
  • 5. Unusual compositions combining fruits, vegetables, berries, flowers and other gifts of autumn will not only become central in the interior, but will also invite guests to admire the abundance of the garden.

Warm ideas for cozy autumn interiorsWarm ideas for cozy autumn interiors Autumn presents a unique opportunity to realize yourfantasies in life, add seasonal colors to your favorite home and show creativity. And the main and basic rule of the interior is the desire to transform the dull and cold season in the house into a bright, romantic and warm tale. Do you like the article? Share on social networks!