If the task is to make an air freshener yourself, you can count on us. Go now.

If the task is to make an air freshener yourself, you can count on us. Go now.

Modern shops offer a great choicevarious air fresheners for home and car. But why not make it with your own hands? After all, this homemade flavor will actually be much more pleasant than the purchased one. Why? Simply because inventing it with your own hands, you can choose exactly the flavor that you like most and adjust its intensity. In addition, purchased fresheners have a rather sharp smells and contain a lot of chemistry in their composition, which adversely affects the body. Self-made will be absolutely harmless, and this is very important. The freshener that we are going to make will consist of completely natural citrus ingredients, which is very useful, because citrus fruits have the ability to fight various bacteria and fungi. Thus, our freshener will perform two functions at once: fill the house with tasty aromas and disinfect it. Make an air freshener yourself. Photo №1 What will be required for its manufacture

  • Ordinary bottle with a spray gun;
  • Knife;
  • Lemon;
  • Lime;
  • Orange;
  • Ordinary water;
  • Vodka.

Stages of manufacture and decorating freshener. The bottle will do any, for example, it can be a bottle of spirits, the main thing is that it should have a sprayer. The bottle should be thoroughly boiled and rinsed. Now comes the most important part. Citrus fruits should be washed and peeled from them. Then put the skin in an ordinary jar and pour its contents with vodka. After that, close the jar with a dense lid and let it brew for several days. And now you can start decorating ourfreshener. It is necessary to take the remaining peel and carefully cut it into thin strips, which then should be placed in a prepared bottle with a spray. Through the glass you can see how the strips are located inside and immediately fill the room with wonderful aromas. And, finally, the final stage. We take the deferred jar with the present skin and, together with vodka, pour into the bottle. Now you need to add a little water and shake it. That's it, the freshener is ready for use! To improve the aroma, you can use any essential oil that you like most. Oils in the finished composition should be added only a few drops. You can advise lavender, which perfectly harmonizes with any citrus and helps to relieve fatigue and tension, and also helps to calm nerves. Ylang - ylang and patchouli will add romance, and to cheer up and cheer yourself up, you can use a combination of oils such as lemon, clary sage and lavender. Eucalyptus, lemon and bergamot will help to eliminate unpleasant odors.