Pictures for decoupage black and white and style cheby chic (MK)

Pictures for decoupage black and white and style cheby chic (MK)


Black and White
, Are ideal for newcomers. It is only necessary to print the tune on the printer that came to mind, attaching a three-layer napkin at the corners to the white paper. Then unfasten the napkin and use it as usual. If, you do not know how to make the first steps in decoupage, then this article is designed for you.
Such black-and-white pictures are used when decorating with decoupage, any surface. In the end, it turns out the product, which is sustained in a strict and specific thematic, very stylish in appearance.

Hours in the style of "shebbie chic"

The first master class will be made with the effect of aging. Decoupage in the style of shebbie chic, like many needlewomen, as vintage images are always in fashion. For this, you need some material:

  • Hourly procurement;
  • Arrows for hours;
  • priming;
  • paint acrylic;
  • craquelure;
  • Matt lacquer;
  • bitumen;
  • Digital stencil;
  • A sponge and a brush;
  • sandpaper;
  • decoupage glue;
  • napkin.

Cover the watch with acrylic primerLight shade, using a loofah, and wait until the surface dries. And then, make another layer. Pull from the napkin, like the pattern and paste it to the workpiece. After drying, you need to sand it.

Brush and acrylic paints, draw all the elements of the image, but only, if necessary.

Take the stencil and put a languid shade of paint numbers.

To make a line with digits translucent,You need to take a template, smaller diameter than the clock and draw a line in a circle, it will separate the semi-transparent border. Mix the acrylic lacquer with the white paint and cover the figures with them, several times. Just do not go for the line that was drawn. We give time for drying.

Once again, draw the numbers through the stencil.

Now, we apply craquelure in a thick layer,That cracks turned out better and more. Time to dry, about two hours. Then, the crackle is again applied and also dries until the necessary cracks appear.

Master class, recommends wiping cracks and rinse everything under the stream of water, after drying, the surface is covered with varnish from the bottle for pastels.

Cut out of the paper a circle corresponding toThe inside of the dial. You have formed a stencil, which helps to highlight the numbers using bitumen. The walls of this template should be sealed. Take the pattern and attach it to the clock, and then apply the bitumen to the sponge.

The lateral thickness of the clock, quite large, itsCan be decorated with a pattern using a contour. After that, paint over with the same shade as the clock, and draw the picture using bitumen. At the very end, the article is covered with several layers of acrylic lacquer and dried well.

When you put the watch device with the arrows, you can assume that the master class and the product in the style of the shebbie are chic, completely ready.

Types of pictures for decoupage

About the chic chic, you can talk constantly and a lot,Because such a style, like many craftsmen. In the cheek chic, ultimate simplicity, intersects with the original ideas, and the number of entertaining details and zadumok, just inexhaustible. It is interesting that almost every element of the surrounding interior is decorated with such elegant style as a cheek chic, even with their own hands.
This style, contains a European and vintage motifs, which consist of things artificially aged and worn. Its main colors are black and white, milky and shades of gray.
The following style, which is also preferableMany, this is a black and white monochrome. It is also referred to as the French vintage style. Such crafts are made entirely of black and white colors, which use vintage images. The pattern is not located on the entire surface of the craft, but only on a small part of it. At first glance, it may seem that the picture is simple in appearance, but this, far from it. Vintage black and white pictures, consist of several elements, the motive of which is closely intertwined, and as a result, a single picture of decoupage is obtained.

Vintage black and white pictures, easy to makeWith their own hands, using different patterns and combining them into one. Only, do not forget that the motives should be from the same era, otherwise, all the work will not be appropriate.
For beginners recommended before starting workFor decoupage, flip through a variety of sites and pictures, as well as watch a master class, which presents crafts, more experienced masters. You can, pick up something for yourself and your ideas. After that, it will become much easier to create your own unique creation. Try to practice a little in combination of several black and white elements in the image, they should be simple and do not overload the look, with your weave.

Silhouetted bottle decoration

In order to apply a silhouette drawing or pictures on the bottle, we need material and tools that are easy to buy in a specialized store, namely:

  • Bottle without label;
  • paste;
  • acrylic paints;
  • decoupage glue;
  • bitumen;
  • Vintage or plain wipes and decorative material for decoration.

First of all, it is necessary to primed a clean bottle in white color.

Take a napkin and put it on the file, facialSide down. Now, take a little paste and leave in the air in order to dry a little. After that, put the paste on the file and align it according to the figure of the cock.

Take your hands on what you have done and attach it to the bottle. Smooth neat movements and separate the file or film. On the bottle, there must be a silhouette of the cave.

Expect the moment when the convexity dries, and then, glue a napkin on it. The same manipulations, do with the other cock.

When you see that the design has dried, you can apply a paste on the bottle, using a brush in this case. Immediately, attach for decoration, decorative material.

Master class, almost coming to the end. It should, paint the entire surface, and then, with a golden acrylic color. To give the effect of aging, walk with a washcloth moistened with bitumen, over bulging places.

Wait a day, until the bitumen dries and you can, in the end, cover everything with acrylic lacquer. Master class and silhouette image, completely ready.

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