Pictures for decoupage in the decor of various objects (photo)

Pictures for decoupage in the decor of various objects (photo)


One of the main components to work onDecoupage, are pictures for decoupage. They are sold in specialized stores or on the Internet. They are made of specially designed paper, which falls very well on any surface. Thanks to this, less wrinkles form in the work, and over time, such a picture does not yield to the sun's rays and the color remains bright. The pictures for decoupage are different in paper format, as well as in density.

Pictures for decoupage in different styles

The most common and famous are the pictures for decoupage in
And flowers, as well as vintage. The essence of these pictures, reflects the nature and interior of southern France, and its provinces. In the style of Provence, flower and round vegetable motifs are used, with artificial aging of the surface, the processed object. Such a decoupage, perfectly suited for the decoration of your kitchen, and, of course, giving. Lavender, is the main picture in this style, its images are simple and not intricate.

No less interesting, look objects decoratedIn retro vintage or country style. There are hundreds of varieties of pictures in this style. Their printouts can be made on a printer, cut out a suitable motif and paste on any plane. Various technologies allow you to decorate walls, windows, doors and ceilings not only with pictures, but also beautiful drawings by newspapers. And all this beauty is done only with our own hands. Moreover, there are chemical means, due to which, the aging of metal, wood and glass surfaces is made artificially.

We decorate the kitchen set

Decoupage of obsolete retro furniture, practically changesThe whole kind of thing. Especially if it is a modification of a kitchen set. After decorating, the furniture turns into an elegant and almost new attribute of the kitchen.

And his master class, begins with the preparation of the necessary materials. To do this, you will need:

  • Pictures for decoupage or wipes;
  • scissors;
  • sponge;
  • decoupage glue;
  • acrylic lacquer;
  • brush;
  • Kitchen utensils, Soviet-made.

Decoupage of furniture in the kitchen, begins with a smallLocker to understand how you can make the first steps, especially for beginners. Cover it with a paint tape. This is necessary to make it easier to separate the paper waste from the main reiki.

After that, dilute the glue, preferably PVA withWater, in proportion, one to one. If you did not buy pictures for decoupage in the desired image, then use the napkins. This master class, offers to use the coffee theme, as demonstrated in the photo. Cut out the necessary ornaments with scissors.

Remove the top layer of the napkin, which in itsVolume, very thin and delicate. Apply the diluted glue yourself, first on the furniture, and then, after you have applied the image, grease the entire paper surface too. Look at the photo, on the outcome of the first phase of the master class, you should get it all by yourself.

While the rake headset dries, take careThe rest of the wooden product. We separate the following fragment of the motif. Attach it to the furniture and gently move, to avoid rupture, brush, greased with a solution of glue and water, grease the entire image, starting from the middle and advancing to the edges. Your task is to remove the formed air bubbles and straighten the folds.
Coffee napkin elements can be applied chaotically as you like.

After all has dried up, using a clerical knife, gently cut the white strips of scotch with excess paper.
The final point of this procedure is to cover the entire surface with a varnish based on acrylic. Dry furniture should, almost a day. As a result, the look is the same as in the photo.

Decoupage of the refrigerator

A refrigerator is a technique that serves,Relatively long. Sometimes it happens that he processes his external form. With a little effort, you can make the appearance very presentable, namely, create a decoupage of the refrigerator. After that, it will become a beautiful addition to the kitchen. You can, glue the refrigerator, wallpaper, make printouts on the printer or pasted newspapers.

In order to repeat this master-class with step-by-step photos and make a decoupage of the refrigerator, you will need the accessories:

  • napkins;
  • glue;
  • Lacquer based on acrylic;
  • acrylic based paints;
  • scissors;
  • brush.

Cut out of napkins, suitable patterns with further separation of the top layer.
To ensure that the grapes do not look the same on all images, remove from different sides the leaves, as well as the grapes on the sides, as well as the bottom of the clusters.

Preliminary, you need to try to thinkOver where the image will be located, along which path. After that, you can start doing a master class. Dilute the glue with water, the proportion should be one to one. Apply the brush on the napkins with a brush. Movements should be made from the middle to the brim. So, you avoid the formation of bubbles and folds.

At the end of gluing the image, draw your own hands, a vine and antennae of the grapes. Paint the branch in brown, to give a natural look. White color, draw a glare on the bunches.

Then, cover the refrigerator with a lacquer based on acrylic, in two stages, and then, leave it to dry.
The photo shows the final result of the work. So, you refreshed the look and made a decoupage of the refrigerator.

Patterns on the wall

Wall application, can completely change the appearanceRoom. Best of all, fit plant motifs and flowers. For example, in country style or Provence. This requires careful placement and calculation of parameters.

Materials that are necessary to make decoupage of walls and apply beautiful drawings, are necessary the same as with standard decoupage of surfaces.
Decoupage of walls begins with cleansing it with its ownHands, and then priming the plane. Then, the wall is painted with acrylic paint in several tiers and waits for drying. Further, at will, newspapers, napkins or wallpaper are taken. Of these, cut out a suitable motif and labels, place it on the wall.
After this, the most important process beginsApplications. To cut, select a suitable place, which is smeared with glue, where, immediately attached ornament. Press the paper with a dry cotton cloth. A little advice, after each sticking, you should step aside and watch your composition, in order to be sure that the pattern is harmonious.

When you paste the main parts of the composition, go to the small elements. They, too, are prepared in advance. Make sure that everything is in harmony.
After you make sure that the wall has dried, cover it with acrylic lacquer in several tiers. Spaces between napkins, paint in a different shade.
Now, decoupage of the walls, you can say, is ready. If you, successfully, choose a color scheme and a suitable ornament for the wall, you will witness how your bedroom will become beyond recognition, beautiful.

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Restoration of an old chair

If your house has an old plastic chair, andFor guests there is not enough room at the table, become a creative designer, and decorate it with newspaper clippings. For this case, a small list of materials is needed. To be more precise: a chair made of plastic, glue, acrylic paint, as well as materials listed above.
Basically, decoupage technology, with the help of newspaper clippings, practically coincides with what was done before. But there are some additions.
Before starting a master class, wash the chairUnder a stream of water and dry it with a towel. Dilute the paint with a little water. Simultaneously, with the adaptation of the newspaper, you apply a brush, a thin layer of paint.

Do not stretch the work process for a long time,Decorate all the chairs at once. Since it will take a relatively long time to dry. When the stool is dry, it must be covered with two tiers of acrylic lacquer making breaks between the applications. This is done so that the stool can be exposed to water.

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Festive pumpkin

Every holiday has its own, for yearsThe existing attributes. A holiday like Halloween was no exception. It can not be imagined without one, the most important thing. And this is an orange pumpkin. No, it is not eaten at the festive table, it simply decorates the interior of each house and courtyard. In the presented master class, decoupage of a pumpkin in the festive decor will be shown, which will fit into every situation.
You do not need to own outstandingAbilities in needlework to create a pumpkin decoupage. You only need to buy bright napkins, newspapers and old notes. Also, you can make a print on the printer. Do not forget to prepare more glue, preferably PVA, acrylic lacquer, scissors and brush.

Prepared napkins are cut into strips, the scale of which should match the width of one pumpkin lobe.

Using a brush, soak a paper strip or a picture for decoupage, glue. Carefully paint all the gaps. Now, boldly paste it on the pumpkin.

Such manipulations repeat until the whole space is covered with a pattern of the picture. If you have an overlap, do not worry about it, so it is necessary.

Now, cover the whole craft with glue and leave itUntil it dries completely to the side. Look at the photo, you should get out such a pumpkin billet. But the master class is not yet complete. Top glue the old notes, and then, apply a varnish, based on acrylic. The whole pumpkin, tied with a rope cord. Now, your entourage for the holiday, is completely ready. In the same style, you can make a decoupage kitchen samovar.

But, this is not the whole list of those subjects,Which can adequately decorate your kitchen interior. The decoupage of the samovar, for example, in vintage retro style, will look elegant and rich. Especially, such work is valued, if it is made by own hands. Beautiful things, in an unprecedented ornament, are always evident from the first time, and then, immediately remembered for a long time. Do not waste time, but immediately proceed to the design of those things that have lost their appearance over time. Making them in the style of Provence, which is decorated with lavender and other flowers, or round country curls or even vintage. The subject of everyday life, immediately acquires an updated look. It's so interesting, from the old, to create new masterpieces.

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