Important detail: bag chair and ball chair for any home (68 photos)

Important detail: bag chair and ball chair for any home (68 photos)

The modern pace of life makes usmake high demands on everything that surrounds us. This is especially true of our home. The apartment of modern man is a place of rest and rejuvenation. The small sizes of apartments require us to learn how to squeeze the maximum out of the minimum of space. First of all, this concerns upholstered furniture intended for relaxation. It should be both stylish and practical. The times of headsets consisting of a sofa and a pair of armchairs, made in the same style, have sunk into oblivion. They were replaced by models that can surprise us and decorate any room. Bright representatives of such chairs are a bean bag chair and a ball chair. Content

Combination of practicality and style: bean bag chair

This is a great embodiment of design thought.saw the light in the distant 1967. But in Russia, the bean-bag, as they are also called, has gained popularity relatively recently. Nevertheless, more and more fans are gaining such bags for relaxation, which is not surprising, given their convenience and unusual appearance. Such a chair can have an interesting shape.Such a chair-bag can have an interesting shape. Bag-chairs have a number of obvious advantages over competitors:

  • Their unusual appearance and stylish design will appeal to even the most picky customers.
  • The variety of forms will allow you to freely use them in any interior.
  • Practicality achieved through theirdesign features. In fact, such a chair is a bag with a special filler, the size and weight of the bag can be different. A cover is put on top of the bag. During use, the cover can be removed and washed in the washing machine, you can also periodically change the covers, thereby updating the general appearance of the chair.

Variety of forms for the most sophisticatedThe choice of shapes and sizes is another important advantage of the bean bags. Thanks to this choice, everyone can choose the size and color to suit their interior. Soft frameless chairs of various shapespear-shaped is the most popular. Its shape really visually resembles the shape of a pear. It can be presented in the form of a shapeless bag with the outline of a pear, or have quite pronounced zones of the headrest and armrests. The circle-shaped ball seat should especiallylike the children. Covers for these chairs usually resemble the colors of the ball. An unusual variety of such a chair has the shape of a donut with a hole in the center. Rest in such a bag contributes to complete relaxation and disconnection from external stimuli. The triangular bean bag chair was created specifically for corners. It can be used even in rooms with limited space. Comfortable and practical triangle chairThe cushion chair is one of the unusual models for us. In shape, this chair really resembles a pillow. Sizes can be very diverse. A large pillow bag will readily replace your guest sofa. The pillow chair will become a comfortable sofa for you About the most demanding buyerssimilar furniture was also taken care of. They released super comfortable bean bags in the form of sun loungers, equipped with headrests, armrests and even an ottoman for legs. Relaxing Bean Bag Chair Use of bean bags in the interiorwill be looking chair-bags of any shape in the living room. If you often have parties, put in the guest room several different in shape and size of chairs. Place a triangular bag in the corner of a small room. Such a solution will help revitalize the interior, and save space. The triangle chair will fit into any interior In the nursery, the place is for shaped bagsballs and donuts, children can not only sit on them, but also use for various games. Armchairs in the form of different animals will fit perfectly into the nursery, they will create comfort and support the appearance that is characteristic of the room in which the children live.

Unusual Comfort: Ball Chair

A spherical chair was born back inthe middle of the last century. In the West, such chairs quickly gained popularity. In our country, the use of such chairs in the arrangement of apartments began recently, thanks to the coming into fashion of futuristic styles in interior design. Indeed, such chairs made of glass or plastic resemble the details of spaceships. Variety of colors of round armchairs Chair ballrepresents a hemisphere, inside of which soft pillows of various shapes are placed. For convenience, you can take a blanket or blanket with you in such an armchair. Due to its shape, this chair will close you from the outside world, immersing you in an atmosphere of comfort, tranquility and coziness. Inside a round chair it’s good to relax, read, disconnect from problems. Futuristic view of spherical chairs Designersoffer three types of round chairs The ball-chair can be made of various materials. They differ in shape and color. But, nevertheless, the fundamental difference between such chairs is the mounting system. At the moment, 3 basic options have been invented. Ball hanging chair A great way to feel yourself in zero gravity is to plunge into a hanging chair. This chair is somewhat reminiscent of a swing suspended from the ceiling. There are two varieties of such chairs: a hanging ball chair and a bubble chair. The bubble chair is usually made of transparent material, in shape it resembles a soap bubble. Adults and children will be delighted with such a new thing for the interior. The bubble chair is like a soap bubble frozenin the air Just a hanging chair is not inferior in its beauty and originality. It can be made of different materials. The colors of such chairs can be very diverse, suitable for any room. A ball-chair on a chain can be made ofdifferent materials Of the shortcomings of this design can be identified, perhaps, only the difficulty in fixing it to the ceiling. Spherical chair, firmly standing on the floor. Traditional ball-chair, has the shape of a hemisphere on the leg. The legs of such chairs are stable. The design of the chair allows it to rotate around its axis, which can be used both for convenience and for entertainment. The chairs themselves are made of durable and lightweight material - fiberglass, their color can be very different. chair ball: your nook for relaxation Now on the market there are two main forms of armchairs: a chair in the shape of a classical hemisphere and a chair in the shape of an oval. The round chair on the leg was called the Ball Chair. The oval chair is called Eye Ball, which means “eyeball”. Chair "Eye ball" Chair ball on a specialcurved stand The newest type of chair, which contains all the advantages of its predecessors. In fact, this is a symbiosis of a legged chair and pendant. Such a ball-chair is mobile, you can transfer it to another place at any time. It is convenient to use as a work chair. Sitting in it, you are immersed in a state of weightlessness, similar to that which gives you a bubble chair. This chair is also made of transparent fiberglass, which makes it look like a soap bubble. More. A hanging chair that stands firmly on the groundChair-ball in interior design Due to its external qualities, such a chair will fit into the design of each apartment. Hanging ball-chairs will appeal to both children and adults. They will look good both in the guest room and in the nursery. The ball-chair will appeal to even the most demanding households Rattan or textile chairs are perfect for summer cottages or porches. In them you can relax with a book and gain strength after summer work or a hard day's work. A round rattan chair fits perfectly even on the balcony Feel free to put in your officeball-shaped chair on the leg. Instead of a work chair, you can use a bubble chair on a curved leg. It will help to periodically be distracted from work affairs and arrange a five-minute relaxation. There is a place for such a ball seat even instudy Do not be afraid to use unusual chairs in your interior. They will help you relax, tune in the right way. Such furniture will be appreciated by your guests and home. Such furniture will delight you with its design for many years. Do you like the article? Share on social networks!