Information on how to sew beautiful children's jeans with their own hands

Information on how to sew beautiful children's jeans with their own hands

Throughout the centuries, people have preferredtop clothes, which combines two basic qualities: convenience and practicality. One of the most common types of such clothes is jeans. Jeans like almost all people, regardless of age, gender and race. How to sew children's jeans at home with their own hands. Photo №1 As you know, good quality clothing is worthtoday a lot of money. And if you spend it on an adult person makes sense, then the child is not always there. Of course, it is necessary to dress a child! But given the short duration of wearing clothes, it is not always reasonable to buy new things for him. Clothes for the child can be sewed by yourself. Especially if it is possible to sew children's clothes from worn and no longer interesting clothes of parents. It is important only to remember that sewing things for the child follows from high-quality natural cloth. For sewing jeans trousers you can use a pattern: To build it you will need only a few measurements: girth of the hips, waist circumference, length of the leg. But you can also use your child's old trousers. List of tools for sewing: For sewing stylish children's jeans you will need:

  • Pants, the size of which is suitable for the future owner of the jeans;
  • Jeans trousers are worn several sizes larger;
  • a piece of chalk;
  • Tailor's pins;
  • iron • thread;
  • scissors;
  • sewing machine with a special paw for sewing jeans;
  • needle for sewing on typewriter # 100 or # 110.

The order of sewing

  • Wash and iron jeans pants thoroughly, which will be used for making children's clothes.
  • Whip from the available jeans, both back pockets. Cut out pockets for children's pants from the obtained pieces of fabric.
  • Attach one leg of worn jeans to the other. Smooth out. To ensure that the seams are not biased, fasten the trousers with tailor's pins.
  • Attach the previously prepared children's pants to the folded jeans. They will play the role of pattern. Circle them with chalk along the contour, leaving allowances on the sewing line (1.5-2 cm).
  • Cut the workpiece. Expand. Fold the legs with the other side up. We get two U-shaped identical parts.
  • Sew a U-shaped tuck with a strong double seam.
  • We sew the leggings of children's jeans on each side.
  • To process all the made seams with an overlay line or manual "zigzag".
  • To find a belt for children's jeans. For this purpose, use any elastic fabric that is natural. Unscrew the sewn pants face up. Sew a belt to the top of the jeans trousers. Stretch a lace or elastic in it.
  • Smooth out all edges of previously cut pockets inside (50-70 mm.). Stitch them to the back half of the jeans, in place of the planned pockets. Stitch.
  • Decorate the received jeans trousers with original accessories, applique or unusual embroidery. Like sewing children's jeans is produced andsewing jeans children's overalls or jeans on the straps. With a difference, except that the top part is also cut out to them. For her tailoring traditionally used to wear a flannel shirt. Remains are sweet When sewing children's jeans from an adult's jeans, there will always be scraps of cloth. Throw them is not worth it. You can use them for sewing the original children's denim vest or panama. Moreover, from the worn jeans beautiful original toys, rims, bags and decorative accessories for clothes turn out.