Interesting crafts from light bulbs with their own hands

Interesting crafts from light bulbs with their own hands

Lamps periodically burn out and we have tothey change, throwing out the disabled on the trash. But is it worth to throw them away? Probably, that is not present, after all it is possible to make class hand-made articles from light bulbs by own hands. As well as what we consider in this article. Crafts from light bulbs with your own hands But first a warning - do not makelight bulbs toys for young children, as suggested by some people devoid of common sense. After all, a child can easily get hurt or even swallow a piece of glass. We hope that you heard us and listened to the recommendations, so we begin.

Christmas toys made of light bulbs

Christmas toys - this is one of the most popularcrafts made of light bulbs, which is made by craftsmen with their own hands not only in Russia, but also in many other countries of the world. The easiest way to manufacture the following:

  • The glass part of the lamp is dipped in the glue.
  • It is filled with a uniform layer of sparkles.

After drying, a bright positive toy turns out, which will look especially cool in the dark under the light of garlands. Christmas toys made of light bulbs A similar method involves sticking a square on a light bulb from a CD. But you can use any other shiny and reflective materials. Christmas toys made of light bulbs Artists can decorate a light bulb with a cool drawing, for example, a snowman or a penguin. Christmas toys made of light bulbs You can also come up with your own designlight bulbs so that they look beautiful on the Christmas tree. Well, if you are interested in this topic, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with other New Year's crafts yourself.

Vases for flowers made of light bulbs

Vases for flowers are by right considered the mostpractical articles made of light bulbs. They can be successfully used to store small bouquets of wild flowers or even miniature roses. Look vases of light bulbs cute and quite ways to decorate the interior of the apartment. Vases for flowers made of light bulbs To make a vase you must first removefrom the light bulb is everything that is inside. How to do it right, so as not to break the glass, look at the video below (so as not to get hurt we recommend to wear gloves and glasses). After the bulb is freed from the "insides" it can already be used as a vase. However, it is better to refine the design so that it is comfortable and beautiful. There are several ways to do this: Vases for flowers made of light bulbs Vases for flowers made of light bulbs Vases for flowers made of light bulbs To make a stand from a rigid metalwire. Attach the rope so that the vase can be hung. Glue the light bulb to a wooden or other base. To catch the eye, that the vase is made of a light bulb, you can disguise the cap or even remove it altogether (it does not happen with any light bulb).

Eternal terrarium

Eternal terrarium, perhaps the most useless piece of light bulbs with their own hands. But it's funny and can serve as a cool souvenir. Eternal terrarium of light bulbs What is a perpetual terrarium ofbulbs and how to make it, look at the video below. By the way, quite an interesting channel, we recommend that you subscribe to it and view the already added videos - it will not be boring.

Other crafts from light bulbs

What other crafts of light bulbs you can make with your own hands at home? We offer a selection of other interesting homemade products. Souvenir balloon Souvenir balloon from a light bulb You can make as an unpretentious option, as in the photo above, and complex with detail. But you have to tinker a lot to make a masterpiece. Souvenir balloon from a light bulb How to make an uncomplicated balloon from a normal light bulb look at the video master class. Pendant From a small bulb you can make a pretty pendant for the chain. Pendant from a light bulb It looks cool, but it is not advisable to wear it, as you will surely break it sooner or later and get hurt. Snow Ball From a light bulb you can very simply make a snow ball. Snow ball from a light bulb How exactly look at the video master class. Glycerin with water is mixed approximately in the proportion of 70% water and 30% glycerol. However, the proportions may be somewhat different. The main rule here is the following: the less glycerin, the slower the sequins will go down. If you overdo it, they will at all remain in place, as if you did not shake the ball. Therefore, we recommend experimenting. Do you know any interesting crafts from light bulbs that you can make yourself? Throw photos in the comments!