Interesting gifts from sweets and decorations - a master class of gifts

Interesting gifts from sweets and decorations - a master class of gifts

When there is very little before the New Yeartime, each of us starts taking care of buying and preparing a gift for our close people. I want to make something memorable, a variant of an unusual and original gift in this case is extremely difficult. A wide variety of gifts for Christmas and New Year brings us to a situation where finding a truly worthwhile gift is extremely difficult. But, passing one after another, dozens of shops, in your head, the belief that the best gift is best is best done by oneself. Sometimes, it seems to us that we are not able to do something special and individual, relying only on our own skill. We'll tell you no! This master class offers you three wonderful ideas, thanks to which it will not be difficult to realize your potential and make absolutely new and interesting gifts.

Interesting gifts from sweets and decorations - a master class of gifts

The best options for New Year gifts with their own hands. Photo №1 First, it is an opportunity to make an exclusivea gift that will stand out among others. Secondly, it is a unique chance to develop own opportunities in craftsmanship of needlework and learn something new. And of course, there will be no limit to your creativity. The article will present 3 variants of the most interesting and unique gifts that you can realize to your loved one, according to his tastes. Sweet present for New Year's holiday Universal gift choice for any person is candy crafts. Of course, sweet gifts are an obligatory attribute of the New Year holiday and are actively brought to children in the kindergarten with Grandfather Frost, and also appear on various store shelves. Adults are also very happy to try something sweet. But, they need a special approach. For example, a regular set of chocolates, which was decorated with a completely new principle - can be an excellent option for a presentation to your close friends or friends.

  • Prepare delicious sweets (take with a bright, beautiful wrapper)
  • Thick cardboard, or Whatman
  • Scotch tape on two sides
  • Adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Tinsel (in different colors - to choose from)

With the help of paperboard we mustform a cone. The paper should have sufficient density in order to sustain a number of sweets and their weight. We use for binding materials of adhesive tape, glue, and also a stapler. The best options for New Year gifts with their own hands. Photo # 2 Take our cone of paper, as well as scotch tape for twohand and glue the tails of sweets and this piece. You can use gluing with even rows, you can also choose a chaotic scheme. We use tinsel in order to fill the free space that remains after the fastening of all the sweets. Such a simple, but at the same time, made with love crafts! Chocolate pineapple on New Year's Eve The best options for New Year gifts with their own hands. Picture №3 Another variation of the sweet gift for the newyear, which can be done by any master of needlework without much difficulty. We take an ordinary bottle of champagne, which we try to stick with sweet and delicious sweets. Also, you will need elements of a graphic composition to work to supplement the overall picture. We assure you, the result will meet your expectations!

  • Prepare a bottle of champagne for decoration
  • Take round chocolate sweets in a wrapper of gold shades (pineapple colors)
  • Paper corrugation in two shades - yellow and green
  • Glue gun
  • Twine

The best options for New Year gifts with their own hands. Photo №4 The first thing is to prepare candy. To do this, you need to make small squares of a size slightly larger than the candy in order to place our "sweet elements" inside. Then, you need to cut out the leaves for our pineapple. On top is the shape of the triangle, below is the shape of the rectangle. Squares are made from yellow or gold paper corrugation, and leaves are from green shades. The products must be secured in the respective zones. The sweets are fixed on the base of the bottle, and the leaves are on the top of the neck. An hour of work and your unique, tasty and even alcoholic crafts are completely ready! Decoration of alcohol for the New Year The best options for New Year gifts with their own hands. Photo №5 There is an interesting gift in the form ofthought-out liquor. The usual wrapper and the usual appearance of such a seemingly simple gift can be changed beyond recognition. There are excellent ways to influence the widespread opinion, they say, alcohol is a boring present. Let's try to transform the bottle by using only four components for work:

  • It will take a bottle of a good liquor, preferably champagne
  • Also we prepare napkins for work on decoupage
  • It will take special glue to work in the technique of decoupage, you can replace the usual glue
  • Ribbons, as well as beads for decoration

For those who know little about the unique techniquedecoupage, which allows you to transform any subject - a simple instruction is offered for work with your own hands. Initially, we have to separate the upper part of the layer from the napkin element, where the drawing is located. Then, using the scissors, cut out the image we need. Use a special glue to place the picture on the bottle. As a replacement for special glue, you can use the services of a sticky substance PVA. It is bred in water with a ratio of 2 to 1. At the final stage, we leave the decoration of the bottle, using the services of various ribbons and beads. Optionally, you can add variations of your own decor for the bottle. Sledge and Santa Claus The best options for New Year gifts with their own hands. Photo №6 An excellent gift is candy. They are easy to find, have the opportunity to pack and enjoy! But, no one cancels the beautiful design for this presentation. Therefore, we will try to design a beautiful solution for the presentation in the form of a successful set of sleds with Santa Claus. You can prepare spectacular gifts using felt material. Close people will rejoice at such interesting ideas, and realize them will not be difficult, especially as materials can use the usual fabric of felt, take paper, prepare buttons, materials of natural origin. Even old light bulbs can turn into a unique craft item that can be realized with your own hands. They can be painted with bright colors and you will get a really interesting, unique decoration. Snowman from Sock For the Christmas tree is also inherent in preparing various toy characters. Most often use a company from Santa Claus, as well as Snow Maiden. But, it can also be supplemented with a beautiful snowman made by own hands. Ordinary socks can become a ready-made material for work.