Interior and kitchen design in a private house (39 photos)

Interior and kitchen design in a private house (39 photos)

A private house is not only an opportunity to live with the whole family, but also to design everything there to your taste. In particular, this will also apply to the design of the kitchen, which we will design. Making a kitchen in a private house Content

Kitchen design phase

One of the hardest tasks in this processthere will be a moment of proper planning and arrangement of all objects. It will be necessary to think over how to place a table, a worktop for the working area and other necessary things for the kitchen. To get started, it is recommended to take a pencil, a blank sheet of paper, and draw a draft of the future kitchen in a private house.

Options for the shape of the kitchen premises and their design

It goes without saying that each house is individual, thereforeand the quadrature, as well as the shape of the kitchen will be different. Accordingly, options for arrangement and design may also vary. Narrow kitchen in a country house This option is considered to be the most inconvenient, because when planning, you will need to take into account all the laws of ergonomics, so that the atmosphere retains an atmosphere of comfort and coziness. The interior of a narrow elongated kitchen Experienced designersThey recommend creating an interior of kitchen furniture in the form of a “g” or “p” shaped option for a private house. Which one to choose will depend on the total area of ​​your kitchen and its width. The shape of the kitchen with the letter "g" U-shaped kitchen in interior design Anotherthe secret will be to reduce the depth of the kitchen cabinets. The standard depth is 60 cm, but if you make 40 cm - this will save you a lot of space, while you will not lose much in the comfort and functionality of furniture. With a narrow kitchen in a country house, it is worth using the sliding doors of the cabinets, which in turn will also allow you to avoid blocking the aisles and will be a fairly convenient option for operation. Convenient sliding doors for kitchen cabinets Speaking of color design, it is better not to experiment with bright colors, but rather to use classic tones of a light palette. Beautiful kitchen in classic tones. Squarekitchen in the cottage If your kitchen has a square shape, or at least close to it - you're quite lucky. In this option, it is much easier to arrange all the interior items in the cottage, while achieving the most comfortable atmosphere. Layout of a square kitchen in the housethe nuance that may be is the location of windows and doors. At the same time, designers recommend not using traditional curtains or curtains for windows, but roller blinds or blinds. Horizontal blinds for windows in the kitchenit will be appropriate to use a bright apron or stylish accessories that will complement the interior of the kitchen. It can be contrasting doors, countertops or additional elements in the form of towels, potholders or kitchen utensils. Colorful apron design over work areaWalk-through kitchen It happens so that in a private house a kitchen can have two entrances and exits, respectively, it will be considered a walk-through. In this case, your main task will be to clearly separate the working area, while using furniture with the same facade. In such a layout, it is recommended to put the kitchen table somewhere on the border of the kitchen and the corridor room. Ergonomic design of the walk-through kitchen if sidethe passage is wide enough - it is possible to place a rack there so that the working area at the same time appears visually isolated. Thus, the hostess in the kitchen will be much more comfortable working. Rack for isolating the kitchen areathe moment here will be the lighting. If it will be missed, be sure to make additional highlighting. Open-plan kitchen. Very often in private homes, the kitchen is combined with the living area. This gives a huge scope to design ideas, because you need to think through a smooth transition and all the moments of the design of this type of room. Open-plan kitchen in the interior For the visual border of the zones, they mainly use the “island kitchen” option or a partition in the form of a bar counter. Zoning using the “island part” Kitchen island with breakfast bar

Important points and tips for kitchen design

It is not always possible to take into account all the points that are so important for creating the interior and design of a kitchen in a private house. Stylish kitchen design in a country house Here are a few points in the work that are worth paying attention to.

  • The most important point is to think over the details of the arrangement of kitchen furniture so that work in the kitchen is not a burden, but a pleasure.
  • Use the "U-shaped" arrangement in the kitchen of a large square. This will save you enough space to place other things or items.
  • Remember that the integrity of the countertops creates a certain sense of the integrity of the room, no matter what size your kitchen is.
  • If you decide to combine the kitchen and the living room - use the option of the bar counter, which can be made in both color and wooden style.
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  • Alternatively, the work surface can be combined with the work surface and placed along the wall.
  • The kitchen, executed in a classic style, will look very nice, while the bar counter will be placed diagonally.
  • The kitchen, decorated in the loft style, is also unusual and contrastingly fits into your private home.
  • Remember that if the kitchen has two entrances, be sure to clearly highlight the boundaries of the working area.
  • Do not forget about the ceiling decoration, on which you can make wooden beams. This will complement the interior of a stylish kitchen in your home.
  • Errors in the interior design of the kitchen

    Usually a lot of talk about how to equip the design and interior of the kitchen. But they do not always recall frequently repeated mistakes that can be avoided.

      • Floor. In the kitchen, active cooking and dishwashing activities are constantly taking place. This may affect the appearance of coatings, including the surface of the floor. Considering these points, it is not recommended to use: - laminated (on its joints moisture can deform); - wooden materials (absorb liquids and grease stains poorly transferred cleaning by chemical means); - ceramic tiles economical option (chipped remain after accidental falling objects). The best thing would be to make ceramic granite coating or use a reliable durable tiles.
      • Inadequate lighting. This is an important point, because not only your dishes, but also your eyesight may suffer from a lack of normal lighting during the cooking process. Therefore, at the first stages, it is desirable to mount the backlight in the form of spotlights. If this is already impossible to do, think about hanging a sconce or putting table lamps.

      • Microwave over the tiles. It is wrong to hang the microwave in this place, because then not only will you constantly wash it from greasy stains, but you will not be able to put a normal hood. And this is just an unacceptable option.
      • A stove near the window. This is another mistake that can be made during the planning of the kitchen. It threatens you with the fact that there may be a danger of burning tulle, as well as constant greasy splashes on the window and window sill.
      • Work area without installing an apron. No matter how strong the hood, it will not be able to completely protect you from cleaning the surface of the walls. That is why it is recommended to put an apron, moreover, it should not be in the form of wallpaper, but in the form of tiles or glass panels.

    • A lot of open shelves is also a problem, because it is best to hide extra items, rather than display them. Open shelves can only be hung in the wash area where detergents are placed.
    • Unfunctional furniture. Of course, in some cases it is quite beautiful and transforms the interior. But such furniture loads space and is not practical and useful to use.
    • Sophisticated appliances. Lavishly decorated lamps and other colorful elements should be placed in a room such as living rooms or bedrooms. The kitchen should be all practical and simple. This will be the key to comfort, at the same time, everything can be easily cleaned and washed.
    • Cold tones. Another not very pleasant moment, because if you design the kitchen in a cold style, it can affect your desire to be in the kitchen, even to the point of beating your appetite, especially on cloudy days. Therefore, it is recommended to use tones of warm color solutions so that this kind of problem does not arise.

    Kitchen design is a very important step ininterior decoration of your private home. Therefore, it will be good if you can plan the arrangement of furniture in advance, depending on the shape of the room. And also pay attention to other people's frequent mistakes to prevent your own. Do you like the article? Share on social networks!