Interior and table layout: decor of apples

Interior and table layout: decor of apples

Each time of the year is associated with somecharacteristic attributes. Autumn is the golden-purple parks and forests, the rustling of leaves under your feet, flying spiders in the rays of the last warm sun, the harvest of vegetables and fruits. I want to bring a piece of autumn nature and into the house. In addition to yellow leaves and pumpkins, they often make decor from apples. Let's see a couple of examples.

Decor table with apples

bouquet - decor of apples

Even if you just put the red and yellowapples in a vase, add yellow leaves or berries - already the ray of autumn warm mood will play in the interior. Try to make apple bouquets! For this, apples can be pinned on long sticks. bouquet of apples Apple - for dessert! It's interesting to play such a simple dish, for example, plant a liquid apple on a glass, and decorate with a wreath of leaves on top. festive table - decor of apples autumn decor of apples autumn decor of a table with apples apples with pointers

Garlands and wreaths of apples

Apples can be strung on a string and decorate with such garlands a room, a garden or chairs. garlands of apples Also, apples can be decorated with wreaths woven from twigs. Autumn wreath of apples Autumn wreath of apples Autumn wreath of apples

Candlesticks from apples

Another interesting idea of ​​decorating the interior -decor of apples in the form of candlesticks. It's easy to make, but it looks very original. All you need is to cut a little pulp from the fruit, and then insert a candle. Or even easier: put in a transparent bowl a thick candle and fill a lot of small apples, like this: apples in a candlestick Yes, apples do not sink. So from them are obtained excellent floating candlesticks. floating candlesticks from apples decor from apples - candlesticks decor from apples - candlesticks