Interior of a one-room apartment up to 20 square meters: design features, finished projects and 50 photos

Interior of a one-room apartment up to 20 square meters: design features, finished projects and 50 photos

If you think that owners of small-sizedThe apartments have boring interiors, you are deeply mistaken. In such a compact room, you can combine the work area, kitchen, living room and bedroom. Consider in detail what interiors of apartments can be done on 20 square meters. diz1_2-11Design of a small apartment up to 20 square meters

Basics of the interior of an apartment up to 20 sq.m .: correct zoning

Studio apartments are very popular now, especiallyamong young couples who do not yet have children. The cost of one square meter of such housing is high, but the number of squares makes it cheaper than standard layouts. maxresdefaultKitchen combined with a living room in a studioIn order to use every meter of the room, you need to correctly select the interior, which should be not only beautiful, but also convenient. The first thing to start is zoning. There are several main areas that should be in the apartment:

  • living room;
  • bedroom;
  • kitchen;
  • mini-wardrobe or pantry.

In such a room is strictly prohibiteduse bright colors. This will visually reduce the area of ​​the apartment. The transitions between the zones should be smooth and gentle. Zoning can be done in color, while everything should be perfectly combined. To achieve harmony, you can use this technique: the walls and floor should become bright accents in the neighboring area. contemporary-living-roomThe interior of a small one-room apartment. You can also zon a room using:

  • multi-level ceiling;
  • the podium;
  • screen;
  • arches.

It all helps to split one bigspace for many small but functional areas. The overall interior will not suffer from this, but will only benefit. At will, it can be just decorative designs, or you can think of an entire storage system for things, for example, shelves or mezzanines. You can create a more private relaxation area with the help of a false partition. It can be open shelving for books and accessories or a TV. 1467107508_design-homes-enKitchen combined with a bedroom If your small-sized apartment of 20 square meters has high ceilings, you can create a second tier and place a bed on it. diz1_3-4One-room apartment with a second tier under the ceiling

How to choose an interior for an apartment up to 20 square meters

As the main directions in the interiorIt is proposed to consider the following types. Minimalism in the interior of apartments up to 20 square meters. The main feature of the interior is a minimum of furniture and various accessories, a maximum of spatial freedom. Minimalism is characterized by the following features:

  • light range of walls, ceiling and floor;
  • multi-level lighting;
  • glass;
  • metal.

All of these details together make the interior light and airy. The shape of each decorative element is simple. The decoration contains only natural materials. kuhnya-gostinaya-s-barnoy-stoykoyMinimalism style in a compact odnushkaContemporary in the interior of apartments up to 20 sq.m. In fact, this interior is similar to minimalism. The only difference is its availability. They resort to it when it is necessary to save the family budget and do it yourself, without the help of professional designers. Here you can use any inexpensive finishing materials and accessories to decorate the apartment. We can say that in the end we get low-budget minimalism. diz2_20-2Contemporary style in a small one-roomLoft apartment in the interior of the apartment up to 20 sq.m. This direction in a small room will look original and beautiful. The main characteristic properties for the loft are:

  • zoning occurs without the help of partitions;
  • close proximity of old (old) things with new ones.

You can buy antique accessories atspecial flea markets for little money. From combinations of antiques with fashionable novelties, you get an expensive and refined interior of a small-sized “odnushka”. Also, the main feature of the loft style is a brick wall. Depending on the general color gamut, it can be painted in any color. maxresdefault-1Loft style in a small studio apartment

Furniture in the interior of the apartment up to 20 square meters

Immediately worth mentioning one important point. In the interior of a small-sized apartment there should not be bulky and massive furniture. It should be practical, lightweight, which can easily be transformed from one state to another. As an example, a folding sofa bed or chair. transformiruemaya-mebel-1024x768Convertible furniture for small-sizedApartments The usual stationary dining table can be replaced with a folding tabletop. Now in the store you can find products that are attached to the wall. When folded, they are used as shelves for books or accessories, and when you need to have lunch, it can easily be transformed into a full-fledged small table. 1414572965_180_03Narrow shelf with worktop Can be usedmodular furniture. It is good for storing things. When the look of the room gets bored with blocks (modules), you can arrange it differently and you get a completely different room. mebel_transformer_dlya_malogabaritnoj_kvartiry_09-650x433Modular furniture Each niche, podium andthe partition must have its own storage system. It is better not to make the shelves deep, so that they do not visually reduce square meters. If possible, order built-in furniture and household appliances in individual sizes in the house. This will save a lot of space. podium-krovat-s-vydvizhnymi-yashhikamiDrawers in the podium Expand the room visually. To do this, use mirrors that may be on the doors of the built-in cabinet. 00Design of a one-room apartment up to 20 square meters

Interior projects for apartments up to 20 square meters

If you can’t come up with your own designa small apartment on our own, we offer you to get acquainted with the finished projects and their descriptions with photos. The interior of the apartment is up to 20 sq.m. for a girl. The basic colors are white and pale pink. Additional accessories are made in graphite and purple shades. A detailed plan is provided below in the diagram. 64671The scheme of the project of a one-room apartment for a girl. The interior consists of the following main elements:

  • Mirrored built-in wardrobe. Visually increases the space of a small room.
  • The room is divided into two zones: a living room and a kitchen with the help of a partition on which the TV is installed.
  • The furniture uses a folding sofa bed, a small cupboard, a built-in kitchen with two high armchairs and a breakfast bar.
  • Instead of the usual windowsill, a tall but narrow table with shelves for accessories is made.
  • Household appliances are all built-in.
  • All furniture is selected in white, which makes the interior more light and airy.
  • The accents in this case are:

    • bright multi-colored pillows;
    • panels in the kitchen area;
    • decorative brick wall;
    • floor carpet near a graphite-colored sofa;
    • fresh flowers in snow-white pots.

    The floor is a contrast among the white walls and ceiling. Cozy and compact eco-minimalism in the interiorapartments up to 20 sq.m. for couples with a child The main feature of this project is two windows. They divided the room so that both in the kitchen and in the living room there is natural light. The following is a diagram of the project. design-kvartiry-studii-20-kv-m-foto1-9The scheme of the project of an apartment for a family with a childThe room looks spacious due to the installed glass wall. This project has a separate relaxation area for the baby. His berth is made near the window on the podium. Fenced with a decorative screen. The living room has a sofa, and behind it is a folding bed, which in the daytime serves as a decorative wall. To store things provided drawers, which are located in the podium, shelves and mezzanines. There is a small kitchen and a toilet room from behind a glass door. The decoration is made of natural materials. The floor has a dark laminate flooring. Walls and ceiling are done in light gray shades. The suspended ceiling imitates a real tree. Spotlights are distributed in it. Of the bright accents in the room, you can highlight pillows and an apron on the kitchen set. Interior design for an apartment up to 20 sq.m. for a young couple without children As can be seen from the project scheme, the room is narrow but long. design-kvartiry-studii-20-kv-m-foto4-7Scheme of an apartment project for a young couplethe apartment can be safely divided into three main areas, but at the same time you need to save useful square meters. To slightly adjust the room, the ceiling should be glossy and bright. There should be as few accessories as possible. In the living room you can arrange a sofa, which, if necessary, quickly transforms into a bed. On one wall in full length there is a large and roomy closet for storing things. In the second zone is a compact kitchen with a small dining table. In the third zone there is a compact bathroom and a corridor. The main decor is an electric fireplace built into the wall and false firewood. As you can see, even from the most unprepossessing and small room, you can make an original dream apartment, in which it will be cozy and comfortable to live. Do you like the article? Share on social networks!