The doll is Japanese crocheted. The work of Xenia

The doll is Japanese crocheted. The work of Xenia

When choosing a gift to a person who is addictedeastern culture and, in particular, Japan, it is worth paying attention to the traditional kokeshi doll - an analog of our Russian dolls. Kokeshi since ancient times were considered talismans and were given for the purpose of protection and protection from evil spirits. Classical kokeshi are small wooden figurines without hands and without legs, hand painted. If the nearest shop with Japanese souvenirs is closed or you want to make a gift with your own hands, you can tie the kokeshi. Since the figure of this pupa is quite ascetic, I supplemented it with the presence of handles. It turned out not quite the traditional kokeshi, but rather a Japanese doll in this style, which can also be presented to lovers of Japanese culture :) The height of the finished doll is 11 cm (including lambs on the head). To create it you will need:

    • Troitskaya yarn "Kroha" (20% wool, 80% acrylic, 135m / 50g), colors: black, sand, lilac and forget-me-not, the consumption of yarn is small, remnants are good;
    • Hook No.1,4;
    • Synthepone for filling;
    • Woolen threads for embroidery and a needle with a blunt end;
    • Beads or artificial flowers for decoration, cocktail umbrella (sold in stores for creativity);
    • Large nut or sinker and dense cardboard for stability.

Doll - Japanese crochet, description Japanese figurerepeats the forms of kokeshi - a large head, a simple cylindrical body. All parts are knitted together or spirally. Begins knitting from the head. Take the yarn of sand color: 1 row: 6 sb in the ring amigurumi (knit two air loops, then 6 sb in the first loop, we get a circle of 6 sbn) 2 row: 6 additions (12) 3 row: * 1 sb pr * 6 times (18) 4 row: * 2 sb pr * 6 times (24) 5 row: * 3 sb pr * 6 times (30) 6 row: * 4 sb pr * 6 times (36) 7 row: * 5 sb pr * 6 times (42) 8-15 rows: 42 sb in each row 16 row: * 5 sb ub * 6 times (36) 17 row: * 4 sb ub * 6 times (30) 18 row: * 3 sb ub * 6 time (24) 19 series: * 2 sb ub * 6 times (18) - to fill the head 20 row: * 1 sb ub * 6 times (12) change the yarn to the color of kimono (in my case, the lilac) 21 series: 12 increases (24) 22 series: * 3 sb pr * 6 times (30) 23-34 series: 30 sbn in each a number of our Japanese woman's body is connected, we begin to fill it with a sintepon. Next comes the execution of the base of the doll on which it will stand. In order for the figure to hold itself, it will be necessary, when filling, closer to the base, to put a weighty nut or sinker from the fishing shop. Then cut out of a thick cardboard circle about 3 cm in diameter (for a more accurate size, you can put the doll figure vertically on the cardboard and circle around the bottom). We put this circle in the body of the Japanese at the very end and start knitting the base with a crochet (it will close the cardboard circle): 35 rows: 30 sb for the back walls of the loops of the previous row 36 row: * 3 sb ub * 6 times (24) 37 row: * 1 sb ub * 8 times (16) 38 row: 8 discounts (8) 39 row: 4 decreases (4), close the knitting. The body of our Japanese woman is ready. Let's make her hair. You can experiment with hair. You can tie a single wig, you can make one beam in the middle or two lambs on the sides. For my version, I fixed my hair along the line of the beginning of growth and in the middle (for parting). Strands of yarn I fixed with a hook, stretching for the center of the prepared piece, then in the formed loop stretching two ends of the segment. Then I collected the two hairs from the two high tails. This time, nothing was cut off, but hid the tails in a specially bound sheep. They knit as follows: black yarn 1 row: 6 sbn in the ring amigurumi 2 row: 6 additions (12) 3 row: * 1 sb pr * 6 times (18) 4-8 rows: 18 sb in each row 9 row: * 1 сбн убавка * 6 times (12) We put the tails in the received balls and sew ready-made sheep to the head. Let's get to the hands. Hands consist of long sleeves and palms peering out of them. For sleeves, a kimono-colored yarn is needed and contrasting for finishing along the edge. We take the lilac yarn: 1 row: 6 sbn in the ring amigurumi 2 row: * 1 sb increase * 3 times (9) 3 rd: 9 sb 4 rd: * 2 sb increase * 3 times (12) 5 ranks: 12 sb 6 row : * 3 sb increase * 3 times (15) 7 row: 15 sb 8 row: * 4 sb increase * 3 times (18) 9 row 18 sb change yarn to color forget-me-not (saturated blue) 10 row: * 5 sb increase * 3 times (21) 11 row: 21 cbn, close knitting We knit the palms of the yarn of sand color: 1 row: 6 sb in the ring amigurumi 2nd row: * 1 sb increase * 3 times (9) 3-5 rows: 9 cb in each row , close the knitting, leave the tip for sewing. We attach the palm of the hand inside the sleeve so thatlooked about three rows. Sleeve and palm knit in double quantity :) We will connect our Japanese woman a traditional belt with a small pillow from behind. I decided to make the belt removable, because I planned embroidery from behind. The belt is knitted in a separate detail, it can be removed. We take the blue yarn and dial 38 air loops, then, starting with the second from the loop hook, we knit 37 columns without a crochet (we do not short the belt). The cushion is knitted like a cylinder: 10 air loops are closed in a ring, then we sew 5 rows of 10 columns without a crochet in each. Inside the pads stretch the belt, close it in the ring and hide the place of the joint inside the pads. The cushion is a little stuffed and sewn from two sides, grabbing the belt. We sew sleeves with palms to the trunk, we put on the belt. The basic elements of the figure are ready, you can start decorating. For hair, you can take small artificial flowers or make simple flowers from beads. Kimono can be decorated with embroidery. I took the remnants of woolen yarns for embroidery and freestyle tried to paint sakura :) Yarn for embroidery embroider the kimono lines on the chest. Eyes can be made in a few stitches or take black beads. We embroider a small mouth with red or pink yarn. Our Japanese is ready. We open the umbrella for it and put it into the palm. A nice gift for connoisseurs of Japan is ready :) Author of work Wait, download ...