Jasmine from beads: a scheme of weaving with our own hands (video)

Jasmine from beads: a scheme of weaving with our own hands (video)


Such a wonderful and gentle composition as jasmine fromBeads will undoubtedly decorate the interior of your house and will add a fresh bright note to it. Of course, weaving these magic flowers will take you a lot of time, but the result will cost all your efforts.

Beautiful bouquet of jasmine from beads by own hands

Now we will hold a master class that will tell you how you can weave flowers and buds of jasmine. But before we start working we need to prepare the following materials:

  • Wire thin and thick;
  • Vase;
  • Green thread "Mulino";
  • Decorative stones;
  • Beads: dark and light green, yellow and white.

We begin beading:
First we need to weave half of the petal for a large flower. Here is the scheme by which we will work:

And on this photo is already ready half:

Now we need to make a soul mate. The scheme of weaving will remain the same, but now we will additionally fasten the petals, as shown in the photo:

As a result, you should get a flower consisting of 4 large petals:

Then the following scheme, we will have to make 4 flowers smaller:

Next we will have to weave the buds. To do this, we need to connect the four halves of the large petal together:

Here are the photos of the ready-made buds:

After that, we will have to make the stamens with needle-weaving techniques.
For one stamen, we need 3 yellow and 15 white beads. We will decorate each flower with a core of 10 stamens, and a bud - out of three.
In addition, you will have to weave the pistils. The scheme of their weaving is quite simple and it will not cause any questions even for beginner needlewomen.

Having finished beadwork of flowers, buds, pistils and stamens, we will need to make sepals and leaves. To create sepals, we need this simple scheme:

To create them we will use the technique of parallel weaving. It is worth noting that for each flower or bud we need 4 sepals.

Gathering together all the details: Stamens, flowers (buds) and sepals we will have to weave together along 3 flowers (bud). Then we will attach them to a thick wire and wrap them around the threads of Mulina so that there are no ugly lumens.

On this our master class can be consideredAlmost completed, since now we only need to make two-color leaves, each of which will have 2 halves. Here are the schemes of weaving different leaves:



All the leaves are screwed to a thick wire and wrapped in threads:

Now we need to form large branches of leaves, flowers and buds. We will also have to wrap them around with thread "Mulina".
In addition, we need to prepare a vase. In it, we have to fill in decorative stones and then install a branch of jasmine.

At this stage weaving of jasmine beads canConsider completely complete. As you probably already had time to notice, this process is rather difficult and very time consuming. However, when your jasmine bead is ready and decorates your house, you will realize that the time spent on its creation, you spent with advantage, as the branch of these beautiful flowers for many years will please you with its "freshness" and beauty.
For all those who want to diversify the interior of their home and make bright, juicy colors, we can also recommend viewing a short video describing the process of creating jasmine flowers:

Video: Jasmine bead shaving