Jeans with embroidery: hand made beads and smooth (photo)

Jeans with embroidery: hand made beads and smooth (photo)


Jeans - this is a kind of clothing that for years does notOut of fashion. A greater degree of popularity was won by copies with a variety of decorations in the form of embroidery. It is worth noting that the embroidery is made not only to emphasize the uniqueness of the product, but also to update the long-forgotten jeans. Let's look in more detail, what kind of embroidery can be applied to jeans, and how to do it.

Hand embroidery

Do not rush to buy jeans with a ready-made pattern,Because you can make embroidery with your own hands. Moreover, products with a pattern, are much more expensive than without. To work, you need any thread that consists of cotton, silk or viscose. And if the jeans are sewn with a warm lining, then get the woolen threads.
For those who are going to decorate new pants,We recommend to wash them several times before embroidery. Since jeans are painted with a stand and concentrated paint, it is more likely that your embroidery will color in tone to the pants. This is very important, especially when you want to use light threads in your work. Leave the product in the water, and look at it in what color it was painted. If the water became a greenish shade, then choose a mulina of similar colors, and if bluish, then accordingly the embroidery should be performed in similar tones.
There are several ways to apply a pictureOn matter, so that in the future it can be embroidered. The stores sell a special copy machine, which is presented in different colors. This is very convenient, especially when the pattern is applied to dark jeans.
Also use the vanishing marker. Its only drawback is that it disappears very quickly. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly draw the contours of the image. The last material, with which embroider wonderful patterns on jeans - it's non-woven. A small piece of non-woven linen is applied to the ornament, then cut out with scissors along the contour and attached to the clothes with a hot iron. Thanks to non-woven, the original embroidery is not deformed.

Basically, in the decoration of the product using embroidery smooth or richelieu. Although it all depends on your preferences. If you want to pattern the cross, do not hesitate, do it.

Rules of embroidery

Jeans with embroidery have a number of rules thatMust be constantly observed before the work on the design of such clothes begins. Do not apply the image to the places where the tissue is constantly bent. Otherwise, your work of art very quickly lose its form and form, in simple terms - erased. Since it is impossible to insert jeans into the embroidery frame, experienced needlewomen have found a way out of this situation. The breasts are sewn with two kinds of stitches. One is made by an ordinary joint, and the second is smelly. To facilitate the embroidery process, it is necessary to tear the leg over a simple seam near the place where the pattern is supposed to be printed. In the end, you can insert the fabric into the embroidery frame and calmly embroider without any interference. At the end of the work, the seam is stuck on the sewing machine.
When embroidering a trouser leg with a fleece cloth, do notToo long stitches. Otherwise, this material can be increased. When wearing jeans, the probability of catching such a pattern for anything is much greater. Since these clothes are worn and worn most often, you need to carefully fix the threads from the wrong side.
If you decide to make embroidery with beadsOn jeans, then keep in mind that such clothes will require special care. These jeans you have to constantly wash with your hands, so as not to damage the fragile beads. You do not need to squeeze too. Just hang them on the wire so that the water can drain. Ironing with iron, too, must be very carefully. Unscrew the product on the wrong side and iron it, bypassing the part where the embroidery is applied. Observing all these simple rules, you will save the thing in its original form, and most importantly, that your embroidery will continue to flaunt on jeans for a long time.

Regardless of where you want to do embroidery on jeans, in any case you will look in them very effectively, and most importantly exclusively.

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