Kansasi Christmas decorations from tapes in teaching lessons

Kansasi Christmas decorations from tapes in teaching lessons


To invent ornaments on the Christmas tree with their own hands, it becameIt's very fashionable, especially if it's crafts made of satin ribbons, in Kansas technique. This style allows you to make, truly, unique jewelry for the new year.
Such crafts, like a Christmas tree, look great inHome interior for the new year. It can be hung on spruce branches or make a central link in New Year's compositions. As a gift for your friends, this toy will become a memorable souvenir for the new year. A master class with step-by-step photos, will teach you to invent, bright and beautiful Christmas toys, such as a Christmas tree, a ball and a snowflake.

Festive Christmas Tree

Such a miniature Christmas tree, can decorate the workplace or find a decent place on the shelf in your apartment for the new year.
We will begin our master class with manufacturingSample, which will be made a small Christmas tree in Kansas style. This is not difficult at all. We cut out two blanks from a dense cardboard, as it is represented on a photo. From the first we make by our own hands the semblance of a cone, and a round product, we glue it to its lower part. You can see the photo and video material, about how the herringbone is made, if difficulties arise.

Further, this master class moves to the production of Kansas style petals, which will become an integral part of the tree.
In order to create an odd job for the new year, we need to purchase accessories, namely:

  • Pieces of cloth from satin ribbons;
  • Scissors with tweezers;
  • Matches or a lighter.

The most important thing of which is the herringbone, thisPetals of satin ribbons. Large petals, will be located at the bottom of the cone. Take the ribbon and cut some squares from it. Then, each element, add up obliquely. We will get a triangle, which is done again. The ends of the tapes, you need to sing with fire, in order to avoid unraveling the threads.

Now, we turn to the creation of petals of another form. Take a box of ribbons and fold in half. The edges of the workpiece, turn in other directions. The ends of the tape, we sing with fire.

After you have done everything completely, we will begin to collect a craft that will bring good luck in the new year. Step by step, we begin to paste the petals in Kansas technique on a conical shape.

At the very top, the Christmas tree, will consist of small petals in Kansas technique.

It's quite a simple master class, even for beginners. The result, namely the New Year tree, will be especially liked by your children, who can play with it or decorate their room with it.

Video: We make a Christmas tree with our own hands


Beautiful ball on the tree

New Year's ball, is also integralAttribute of winter holidays. He is his symbol, since, such ornaments, first of all hang on a Christmas tree. To make a ball with your own hands, it will not be difficult and time will not take much.

That our master class turned out, we need to decide on the material:

  • Round ball of plastic, a circumference of five centimeters;
  • Cuts of satin ribbons of several colors;
  • Iron rosette;
  • wire;
  • scissors;
  • Matches or a lighter;
  • glue.

If you do not have a plastic ball, you canMake a home version of the old newspaper. Take it and remember it in a ball, wrapping it all in a thread. The main thing is that you get a round shape. In the end, there will be an excellent form to make a New Year's ball in the style of Kanzash.
Bend the thin wire and stick it into the future New Year's ball.

Using multi-colored satin ribbons, makeSmall squares. Fold each of them diagonally in half. You have a triangle. Fold them again in two and again in the same way. The edges of the fabric, scorch with fire, so that the threads do not pour. Do not forget, press the molten ends together to glue them together. Such step-by-step photos, you can look at our portal or learn a video.

On a round ball, we paste eight Kansashe petals.

Then, take the iron rosette and pull it over the petals.

Next comes a large white bead that is worn on a metal outlet.

The second tier, also glued in the amount of eight pieces.

The next tier, consisting of 16 petals, going after neither row, will be of 8 elements.

After the last petal is pasted onto the New Year's ball, we can assume that the master class is completed, and the decorations for beginners are completely ready.

Video: We make a Kanzash bowl

Blue snowflake

It is unlikely that there will be a person who neverCut out a snowflake from paper to decorate something. But not everyone knows that you can make Kanzashi snowflakes, to decorate yourself with Christmas trees. Craftsmen, have long appreciated this method of needlework and carefully prepare for the New Year holidays.
Snowflakes Kanzas, make monophonic or from different colors. What gives them an even more elegant look. Do not be afraid to experiment and combine different shades of ribbons to decorate the New Year's interior.

For such work, we need the following materials:

  • White and blue ribbons;
  • Simple scissors and clamp;
  • Matches or a candle flame;
  • Small light beads;
  • A dense tissue cut;
  • textile glue.

Cut white ribbons into squares, 5 cm in diameter. Of these, we make circular petals, in the number of 12 pieces. The technology of creating them can be viewed on video.

From the blue ribbon, we make the petals of a pointed shape, the technology of work, you will see above the text or video, which is located on our website. We need 30 pieces of such petals.

Take a piece of thick fabric and cut out of it a circle, three centimeters in diameter. On it we paste six petals of white color.

The further actions are that weYou need to create six elements that consist of one round petal and two pointed ones. Glue them, thus, as shown in the photo, and leave to dry.

After that, glue them to the white petals between the individual two pairs of elements. Put a little glue on the end of the craft and put them in the middle of the flower, holding it with your fingers.

It takes time for the craft to completely dry. During this period, it is necessary to prepare 6 elements consisting of blue pointed petals.

Attach these crafts to the base, in exactly the same way as the previous Kansas petals did.

Our New Year's master class, which we completelyMade by themselves, almost finished. It remains to decorate, using beads. In the middle, glue a large white pearl, and at the edges insert small beads. Just do not overdo it when decorating the decoration. The main emphasis is on the Kansas style petals.
Look, what wonderful New Year's ornaments and crafts, we made with our own hands, after all, just around the corner, the long-awaited holiday.

Video: New Year's snowflake