Kanzashi petals of satin ribbons (photo)

Kanzashi petals of satin ribbons (photo)


Surely, you have repeatedly seen the types of products inTechniques of kanzash, which decorate accessories, clothes and hairstyles. This traditional needlework, came to us from faraway Japan, took in the hearts of the craftsmen, a worthy place. Now Kanzash products are used in different directions.
Before making a beautiful flower of any shapeOr with a curl, it is necessary to master the knowledge of how to make Kansashe leaves and Kanzas petals. This master class (m), which is suitable for beginners, will clearly show you new ideas and types that are performed by yourself.

Required material

In order to correctly make leaves from tapes with their own hands, it is necessary to choose the necessary accessories:

  • Several shades of satin bass;
  • line;
  • A simple pencil;
  • Small scissors;
  • The flame of a candle or matches;
  • glue;
  • tweezers;
  • A needle with a thread;
  • Beads for decoration.

We will look at several ways to create a kansashe petal from satin ribbons. There are only two of them, this is a round and pointed petals. Of these, we will make an elegant flower with our own hands.

Make a narrow lobe of ribbons

Prepare all the new materials on the desktop. We begin by cutting the satin ribbons into small squares. We must have seven pieces of yellow color and five pieces of emerald color.

If, you are uncomfortable taking a flap with your fingers, use tweezers. Fold the cut tape so that the fold is at the top, as in the photo.

Connect the right angle to the left one.

Do it again, this action. Align the folds.

With small scissors, cut off the ends, as shown in the photo.

Searle this edge with fire, make such manipulations very quickly, so as not to burn our future petal for beginners.
The edges below are also flamed. This is done not for gluing, but for the threads not to be strewed.

Look at the photo, such a blank, you should get it.

In exactly the same way, we create the following elements.
In order to learn in detail the technology and types of creating a Kansas petal, you can study the video master-class (μ) on our portal.

Video: Making a narrow petal

Round lobe in Kansas technique

Kanzashi round petal, do step by step, in much the same way as in the previous master class.
Fold the yellow flap in half.

The ends that are located on the sides, attach to the bottom. You will get all the side folds, as in the photo.

Move the edges back and make sure they are even.

Trim the edges and scorch it with fire.
The edge below is also subject to removal and burning. In this case, the edges are not only singed, but also glued together. While the cut is still warm, press the ends with tweezers.

That's what turned out the petal we got, look at it from both sides.

The photo shows the blanks that are obtainedAs a result of our work. So the master class (μ) is right and what we do with our own hands turns out. A detailed lesson and a master class, you can look at the video.

Video: Round lobe master class

Assembling a flower from different petals

Now all our blanks from the satin ribbons, which we made with our own hands, need to be put together.
Type the petals, yellow
To the thread.

Build such a product.

From a dense cardboard, you need to cut a small circle. Put it on the fabric, while smearing it with textile glue.
After turning the ends, glue the tape onto the cardboard. Wait until this element dries, and again, soak it again.

Glue to our element, stitched flower.

During the time when textile glue will beDry, you can straighten the circular petals of Kanzash with your own hands. Our master class (μ) continues. Begin to do the craft on. See what happens after we make the turned petal.

Take the green kanzachi petal and drop a drop of glue on it.

Attach the next sharp petal to it.

We make sharp petals, in the number of two pairs, two in each pair.

One more sharp petal is impregnated with glue and we connect between two primary hand-made articles.

Exactly the same actions, we add three things to the double petal.
The photo shows a branch and sharp petals on it.

Put a drop of glue on the sprig.

Attach it between the round petals of yellow color.
The heart of the flower can be decorated with any decorative material, such as beads or rhinestones. This master class (m) is also completed, you can see it on the video located on our portal.

Such petals are useful, in the form of decoration, on any accessory.

Kanzashe petals with curl

Our small master class, will show how you can make a sharp petal with a curl. We need, not much material, namely:

  • Pink and black ribbon from satin;
  • glue;
  • scissors and tweezers;
  • Fire candles or lighters.

It is necessary to cut the satin ribbons into small squares, this procedure will be clear even for beginners. Their size will be equal to five centimeters.

Fold the cut tape in half, so that you have a triangle. Then once more, fold it.

Do the same with the black color of the workpiece. Put one element in the other so that the pink workpiece is inside the black one.

Using tweezers, wrap the end of the triangle in the middle, capturing just two colors of the tape.

Connect the edges of the product together. And the tip of different colors, spread on each side.

We cut off the extra edge and sing with the flame of fire. So we got an interesting petal with a curl in the middle.

Such sharp petals with a curl will make the ordinaryRim or bandage, exquisite evening accessory. This Kansas technique is becoming more popular with all women of fashion who prefer things made by themselves. Of these flowers, also make hairpins and brooches adorning beauties. It is important, before starting to work, to watch the video of some kinds of petals that other needlewomen make to determine which accessory you want to make.

Video: Petals with curls