Kanzashi sunflower from ribbons with his own hands (photo and video)

Kanzashi sunflower from ribbons with his own hands (photo and video)


The flower of a sunflower, we are reminded of a hotSun and summer. Products from this bright flower, will help decorate the interior of the apartment and bring a warm and joyful mood from its kind. Kanzashi sunflower, made by own hands, can decorate cushions, curtains and ornaments on the head. The yellow Sunflower Kansas, in the proposed master class (μ) and video, is used wherever you want. The rest depends on your imagination.

Master class of creating a sunflower

In order to do this kind of work, some hardware will be needed, namely:

  • thick cardboard;
  • Ribbons made of satin, black, yellow and emerald;
  • sharp scissors;
  • tweezers;
  • Fire from a candle or lighters.

Our master class (μ) begins with a cut out ofA thick cardboard, a round figure that corresponds to the middle of the Kansas sunflower. We can make a big enough sunflower, for this, take an ordinary CD and circle it with a pencil. To fill the core, we need to make our own hands black seeds. Cut from a black satin ribbon, squares in a quantity of forty pieces, preferably equal to each. Each square, bend in half, and then again a couple of times. Using the fire of a lighter or a candle, we burn the edges and turn the seed on the front side. In the end, we get about forty seeds.

This master class (μ) consists of severalStages. The next begins with making yellow petals. We cut the satin ribbon into squares, in the amount of 50 or 60 pieces. Of these, we do exactly the same way as described above, the petals, which should be about 14 pieces, large size, for the outer rim. The whole process, you can see in the photo.

Having completed the most time-consuming activity, we turn toSticking our Kanzashi sunflower blanks, on a circle cut from cardboard. Work begins from the middle, smoothly passing to the edges. Carefully watch, so that the intervals between the seeds of the sunflower, were equal. Knead them in a dense layer so that the gaps do not appear. Then, we begin to glue small inside the located petals, turning to the large yellow ones, which also glue, but only in the staggered movement. From the satin ribbon of the emerald hue, you need to make several petals and also glue them under the entire tier of yellowish leaves.

Sunflower from satin ribbons, completely ready. We hope that our light master class (m), which you did well, made by yourself, you liked. After all, you did not spend a lot of work, and it took a little time.

On your own experience, you were convinced that the sunflowerKanzash, it's not difficult to do. A little imagination and experience, and you will do your own hands, interesting crafts that will decorate your interior or become an interesting gift, close to people. More details, the fulfillment of Kanzashi sunflower, can be viewed in a video located on our portal.

Sunflower kanzashi in the form of hair clips

The next master class (μ), also interesting inDo it yourself with photos and video. With it, you will create a girth for curtains or an elastic band on the head of Kanzash that will decorate the hair of your daughter.

We need the following materials, such as:

  • Orange and sand colored satin ribbon;
  • Organza of sand color;
  • Emerald ribbon made of satin;
  • Tape made in the form of weaving;
  • White lace fabric;
  • Button;
  • A needle with sharp scissors;
  • Candle or fire lighters;
  • glue.

We cut our material in the form of a square, in the amount that is shown in the photo, located at the bottom of the text. We do no more, no less than the prescribed.

Cut out the squares, excluding the organza, add diagonally, and then, wrap it again and fix it with a needle.

Take the six parts, the yellow shade. Fold these blanks, corners to each other, holding it all, using tweezers. Fire the lighter, seal the corners. By this, you set the shape of the petals. Remove unnecessary and fire in the places where necessary.

In exactly the same way, we make petals from a green atlas.
Let's move on to work on two-colored petals. In this case, we will need orange and yellow colors. Of which, we made squares. Fold two different colors, with a small offset in one direction and pin them with a needle. Fold the side corners together. Holding them with tweezers, fix with fire. Remove excess strands by sealing the sideline.

The master class (μ) continues. Parts of the organza, soldered according to the scheme below in the text.

In the same way, as before, we cut off the excess, holding it all with tweezers, and sealed with fire.

After creating all the blanks with your own hands,You can start to form a sunflower. The edges of the petals and organza, grease with glue and arrange them inside the two-color blanks. We got six pieces of three-color blanks. They need to be sewn in a circle. On the back of the sunflower, glue lace.

Small yellow petals, glued together with large flower petals. In the same way, attach green billets.

Woven ribbon, wrapped in a roller, and a free edge, glued. Arrange it in the center, greasing with glue. Be sure to attach the button to the sun, which will decorate our product.

The resulting Kanzash sunflower, you can paste on simple hair bands, decorating them with your daughter's hair.
Such an option for creating a flower Kanzash, you can see the video, in order to study the material in detail.

Video: Creating Sunflower Kanzachi