Keychains Bead schemes to weave their own hands (photo)

Keychains Bead schemes to weave their own hands (photo)


Once using trinkets adorned exclusivelybunch of keys. And now the fashion accessory can be found everywhere. Keychains are decorated with our bags and purses. They hung on the phone, and even pants and jackets. In addition, it is not difficult to do stick with their own hands. They are created from fabric, felt, clay and all that just gets in the skilful hands of masters. After all, except that it is beautiful, creating keychain helps to use up those materials that seemingly have nowhere suitable. Especially popular among needle women, both experienced and beginners, pendants from beads. These small items stunningly beautiful, and for their weaving uses a minimum of materials. Schemes in which trailing beaded key chains, simple and quite varied.
For weaving can use any brandart. Trinket Bead can be flat or three-dimensional. It may consist of a single piece or may be assembled from several elements. Such a lovely product that is easy to do with their hands, will be a wonderful gift for friends and acquaintances.

Trinket Bead "Smart bullseye"

Key rings of beads, which consist of severalsimilar parts completely uncomplicated even for novice masters. For their weaving created a variety of schemes, on virtually any topic. And to use such schemes is not difficult. Consider this weaving beaded keychain on the example of a green apple.
To create such schemes are used:

Trinket Bead "Smart apple" dragsbrick weave according to the scheme. At the end of the first half to stay. And you can weave another using the same technique of weaving. And connect the two halves together.
If you want to make a flat bead Keychainone piece, use it to weave the wire. Then it will be denser. And if you still going to do an apple in two parts, then it is better to do it with a fishing line.
Every half an apple begin to weave amiddle. In order to detect it, conditional share scheme by a vertical line. Once you typed the necessary amount of beads to weave brick technique to the end. And then connect the new segment of line and whipping in the same way but in the opposite direction. The second half should do well. Driving simple even for novice masters.

Once both parts are made they must be stitched together through the beads located on the edge. Lightly tamp bullseye any filler to give it a convex shape.

Attach the ring to the apple cuttings or addto it a chain of beads in green and pearl colors. That's all. Perfect accessory, made with his own hands ready. Decorate them schoolbag child. This apple is perfect as a decoration all things related to the studies or books.

Keychain Volume of beads

As mentioned previously, key chains of beads may be not only flat but also bulky. Let's look at how to make your own hands to surround the heart of the key fob.
For weave it is best to use large beadssize or bicones. But it may come, in principle, any size. Very interesting this keychain can look, if you are using elements of different sizes. Weave these trinkets of beads is very simple. At the heart of an ordinary weaving cross.

In this way, several rows weave.
Get the item resembling in form the heart, but only angular, without rounding.

Such preparations, we need two things.
And now, these parts must be connected to each other. That is, simply sew, but using the remaining beads and bicones. At the same time we like to create the missing us a side surface.

Now we have to create for
. Simply put beads on fishing line and attachthis low in the upper part of the heart. For this loop can be fixed ring keychain. Such charms of beads can become a memorable valentine for a loved one.

Trinket in the form of a lamb

Consider how to create their own hands charmsbeads, consisting of several parts, the example of transmitter-lamb. To prepare its weaving monofilament, Czech beads tenth number. The colors will be used mainly pink and white. But we still need 2 black beads, 3 beads of light pink and one red bead. We also need 4 black beads. Their diameter is 3 mm. Prepare more padding polyester for stuffing, the basis for the keychain, five pins with heads and 4 ringlet of metal the size of 5 mm. As well as pliers and wire cutters.
At the core of the work is a common technique of weaving cross.

Getting started with the trunk. Use monofilament segment length and a half meters. Both strands edge tucked into needles and start working from the cross, which in the diagram is marked in red. It is important not to forget that the corners of the crosses do not consist of four beads, and of the three. At the end of monofilament tied, but not cut. There should be two blanks. they are the same weave.
Now these halves must be connected so thatbetween them turned out crosses. So we join the entire circumference. Do not forget to leave room for the stuffing. And in that moment, you need to take care of fixing the key fob and by a pin to make a loop. To do this, slide the pin into the hole so that it remains within the cap of lamb. Outside, wrap it in a ring using pliers. Now we can fill the lamb synthetic padding and sew the remaining portion.

Now we begin to create a pink snoutbeads. Use the yarn length of 70 cm. Each edge threaded in a needle and weave under the scheme. There will need to make the weaving of colored beads, indicated in the diagram, respectively colors. Upon completion of the thread is not cut off. With its help, you need to attach the muzzle to the calf. For this dopletaem crosses faces using crosses on the trunk. Before completely sew snout, lightly tamp it.

Perform ears scheme. For weaving cut off 40 cm of thread. Print the thread from the edge of the eye and pass on the edge of the top, adding the missing for the smooth edges of the beads. Thereafter yarn draw through the top three beads toward each other and to add another element to make a cross. Scourge, both abalone and sew them to the body.

Now the gossip over the muzzle two rows of crosses with white beads and connect them with the muzzle. This will be an imitation wool. In each of the two series to do the five crosses.
To have our lamb tail appeared, simply drag one cross of the four elements to the bead of the body in the place where you want it to be.

To make the lamb eyes, dial the five beads on a thread and pull them out of the ring. Do so again. Now with the help of black beads sew these rings to the muzzle.

It previously made of eyelet pin attachblank for key fob. And you only do legs. Take the four pins on each wear a black bead, three pink and two white beads. Now hold down the top of the pins so as to get the rings. Where do you think should be attached foot threaded metal rings. We put them on our feet and we press with the help of pliers.

Here is our cute little thing is ready. Most importantly, this keychain is not only cute and original, but also he made with his own hands. And such a gift is unlikely someone will be able to refuse.

Video: Master Class on weaving beaded keychain