Keyboard with your own hands Budget: 7 workshops and 25 ideas

Keyboard with your own hands Budget: 7 workshops and 25 ideas

This article contains 7 step-by-step master classes.- how to make a housekeeper with your own hands on the wall in the hallway is very budget! It does not require a lot of materials and time, because they can be made from such scrap materials as: wood, branches, old toys And with the help of the original design of the key hanger, you can emphasize the style and interior of your home or apartment. The content of the article:

Master class number 1: Key keeper from the Lego designer

Sometimes, looking at familiar things from anotherOn the one hand, one can notice absolutely new possibilities for their exploitation. Here we offer a fresh look at the use of Lego. We perceive it as a developing children's game (of course, an adult too, because it is not a secret for anyone that parents sometimes buy toys for themselves rather than for children). But with the help of several tools, not only different figures for games can be folded from it, but also the original wall key holder. Key tag - also made from the element of the designer The key holder wall of plastic Lego you will need:

  • Lego design details: a flat rectangular platform and as many small details as you need to hang keys
  • Drill with a thin nozzle
  • Screws, dowels (2 enough)
  • Rings for keyrings
  • Ruler
  • Marker
  • Lace
  • Scissors

Manufacturing: Photo-instructions for the manufacture of key holders on the wall

  • On the small details of the designer (square or rectangular to your taste) on one side, mark the middle of the marker and carefully make a small hole with a drill.
  • Tie a string to a ring and to a small detail of the designer (pass through the drilled hole and tie a knot).
  • On a large flat platform, make two symmetrical holes for the screws.
  • Attach the platform to the wall (depending on which wall, use dowels)
  • Put the keys on the rings hanging on the small details and attach them to the platform.
  • Enjoy and don’t lose your keys!

    Master class number 2: Original key tags

    Let's take a look at how to make a simple wooden key hanger fastened to the wall. This Master Class is straightforward, very simple, for those who are completely beginners to do their own hands. Materials:

    • Dremel 8050 Micro multi-tool or similar model (you can separately grinding machine, saw, drill)
    • wooden bar approximately 2.5 cm x 5 cm x 14 (we made 4 keys, if you need a different quantity, take the appropriate size)
    • two small pendants for shelves (consider the chosen bar size)
    • leather lace (we took a thickness of 1.5 mm, and you can use the usual strong lace)
    • screwdriver
    • 4 small expanding ringlets
    • 4 neck pendants (you can take your favorite charms)
    • wire cutters
    • round pliers
    • pencil
    • ruler

    Step 1: To make the holder you need:

    • Sand the wooden block.
    • Fix it and go first with a coarser grinding wheel to remove bumps and protrusions, then medium and smooth.

  • Mark with a pencil place for suspensions onthe back side of the bar and make an engraving cutter with a notch approximately 3 mm deep (symmetrical bar, so choose the back side of one of the two at your discretion).
  • In the place where there is an opening in the suspension, make a recess by another 3 mm.
  • Attach the hangers to the bar and secure them with screws.
  • On the front of the bar, make notes for 4 openings (parallel, as in the photo) and with the help of the nozzle-cutter make the notches with a depth of about 1 cm.
  • Attach the bar to the wall.
  • Step 2: It remains to make key chains:

  • Regardless of whether you took the suspension or key chain, remove the mount (it is too thick for an aperture and too long for the suspension). Use pliers if necessary.
  • Put the expanding ring on the key. You can hold round pliers.
  • Cut off from the leather lace 4 flat parts, pass through the ring on the key and key chain, tie.
  • Instead of a polygon made of wire, you can use any object, for example, any toy or ball. Key tags can be made of any shape and type.

    Master class number 3: Key hanger from tree branches

    The easiest way to make a housekeeper is to use tree branches.

  • How to.
  • Then we decorate them at our discretion, either we varnish or paint them.
  • We buy hooks in the store, they should be sharpened on one side and gently hammered out of a tree with a hammer.
  • There are many options for decorating such hangers - look at the photos and choose! Boho Style Key Hanger Very simple and beautiful! Different versions of hangers for keys and not only with the use of branches See also or.

    Master class number 4: From wood and old keys

    It sounds strange, but it is, in this master class we will really make a housekeeper, the hooks of which will be made of old and unnecessary keys. Retro housekeeper in the house you will need:

    • Rectangular wooden board
    • Old keys (3-5 pieces depending on how many hooks you need)
    • Nails (short and thin, but the cap should be wide enough)
    • Pliers
    • Saw
    • Sandpaper

    Manufacturing: Using a saw, give the size and shape to the tower, round the corners. Then sandpaper remove all the burrs. If you are lucky to immediately find a suitable board, this step is skipped. Fastening hooks on the basis of a key house

  • Fix the head of the key, and bend the blade with pliers to form a hook. Repeat this action with the other keys.
  • Evenly place the key hooks on the board.
  • In the place where there are holes in the heads of the keys, drive in nails (the cap should be larger than the hole in the key to hold it).
  • The key keeper is ready, it remains to hang it on the wall. This can be done by attaching suspensions to the back of the board or hammering two nails into the wall, and making holes on the board and hanging them.
  • It looks very original and immediately recalls its purpose.

    Master Class number 5: Key Case with a Vase

    In fact, such a hangout with hooks can be used not only as a housekeeper in the hallway, but also as a kitchen hanger for tacks and towels, or for a bathroom. Housekeeper with a vase Looks interesting and extraordinary, because not often on the hanger you will see a vase with flowers. Materials:

    • Rectangular wooden board
    • White paint for wood
    • Hooks (3-4 pieces)
    • Can (max 0.5 l)
    • Metal clamp for pipes (should fit the size of a can)
    • Suspension for mounting
    • Screws
    • Drill


  • Paint the board white. This will perform two functions at once: aesthetic and protective, the latter is especially important when used in the kitchen or bathroom to reduce the effect of heat and moisture on the wood. Let the paint dry.
  • Attach the hooks and clamp to the board with screws and a drill.
  • There are special holes for screws in hooks, but most likely they will not be in the clamp, so a drill should be used.
  • Attach the hangers to the back of the board and hang in the selected location.
  • Insert into the clip a jar with a bouquet or a sprig of flowers.
  • The result was a beautiful housekeeper in gentle tones. It will complement the interior well and will serve as an additional accessory for decorating an apartment. Also in more detail how to make such a mount, we told in - as in the photo below. How to make such a suspension - see the master class above

    Master class number 6: housekeeper house "like a hotel"

    Such a housekeeper-house has not only the originaldesign, but a definite advantage over the others described here is clarity and orderliness. No wonder they are used in hotels, because every place for the key can be signed. Only we will indicate not the number of the room, but the purpose of the key: from the house, work, garden, car, mailbox, parents' apartment, staircase, etc. Often the keys to different rooms look the same, such a key holder once and for all will save you from situations where instead of the keys to the office you put the keys to the dacha in your bag, and then you cannot open the door. Large wooden key hanger Necessary materials:

    • Thin wooden plank (about 8 cm wide)
    • Frames for frames
    • Set of metal tags
    • Hooks (threaded)
    • Saw
    • Paint
    • Suspensions
    • Small studs or screws (very thin)

    Assembly steps: Step number 1: Preparing the base Cut the wooden plank into 5 identical pieces. When choosing the length of the slats, keep in mind that later you will glue them together to make a rectangle or square, calculate the dimensions for the desired shape.

  • Form the frame of the desired size of the slats for the frames.
  • Attach 5 strips and frame with special wood glue, as shown in the figure.
  • Now you need to paint the whole structure.
  • You can first apply a wood preservative, wait until it dries, and then apply one after the other several layers of paint. Wait until dry. Optionally, you can give the tree the effect of antiquity, rubbing it with a little sandpaper. Step 2: Fasten tags

  • It's time to attach tags. Consider how the board will hang: so that the planks are vertical or horizontal (in our example they are vertical). Lightly with a pencil mark the place of attachment, they should be at the same distance. You can lay them out under the ruler or make a stencil out of paper. Attach the tags to a wooden base with carnations or caps.
  • Under the tags in the center of each of them, drill a thin hole for the hooks, use the thinnest nozzle.
  • Screw the hooks into the holes.
  • Attach the hangers on the back of the key holder and hang it on the wall.
  • Insert the labels on the purpose of the hooks in the key tags and hang the keys.
  • Use for your pleasure!

    Ideas of key tools from improvised means

    From a tennis ball Simple production of a key holder from a tennis ball:

    • we fix the ball to the suction cup with the help of liquid nails (such hooks are sold for the bathroom),
    • make a cut with a sharp knife in the center
    • we decorate: we fix eyes (it is possible to withdraw from an old doll) or to draw with a marker.

    Of tennis ball Of old toys Ifto paint old toys with paint from a can and attach them to the base - to make a very funny key house. Such toys will always be at hand. Fix better with mounting glue or liquid nails. housekeeper on the wall in the hallway of old toys From horseshoes, wires and different stuff The idea isthat the key house for the wall can be made absolutely but everything! The main thing is to attach it to the wall and add a hook. As stated above, such hooks for the housekeeper can be purchased in the store - they are sure to have a sharp end. Cute little housekeeper in the shape of a house keyhook from an old horseshoe Unusual Key Hanger Wire Key Case Keyring with simple hooks Cork key hanger Hanger for keys from old cranes Plastic key holder Keyboard made of wood