Little one embroidered with a cross: schemes

Little one embroidered with a cross: schemes


The most touching moment in the cross stitchEmbroidery with different images of toddlers. It's just emotion. After all, they are so cute and funny. In this article you will be offered examples of schemes with the image of babies. You will definitely choose something interesting for yourself.

We embroider kids with a cross

Almost always schemes with the image of kidsAre relevant. For example, if your relatives or friends were born a child, you can gift cards for them as a gift, or, for example, to embroider a blanket or a small blanket, also in the technique of a cross. Decorate the original way the cover of the photo album, you can also embroider the image of the baby on it.
The first two examples of schemes can be seenA little boy who hugs his toy tightly. Watching this is a solemn emotion. The diagram can be embroidered separately or you can combine the pictures on one canvas. Prepare everything you need to work: a canvas with a needle, a frame and a string of mulina, corresponding to the key indicated near the image. First of all, you need to determine the center of the canvas. Experienced needlewomen recommend to fold horizontally in half matter, and then also, but vertically. Center the central part with a vanishing marker. This will be the center of the image of the baby. Then insert the fabric into the embroidery frame and you can start work.

Take the thread of the mulina, with which you awakenBegin embroidery and divide it into two halves, that is, in each half will be three strings. Basically, cross-stitch embroidery starts from the middle. If you do not like this approach, then start at any corner convenient for you. You should calculate the squares on your chosen scheme, and then graphically transfer the calculations to the canvas. To avoid nodules and screeds, which should not be present at all on matter, you need to properly fix the mulina. Remove one thread and fold it down twice to create a buttonhole. With its help you will be able to fix the thread from the wrong side.
Continuing the work, pay attention to the followingAn example of embroidery and a diagram to it. The baby eats from the bottle, and also holds the hare by the foot. A beginner will not be at all difficult to formalize such a scheme, since it does not involve a lot of floss, but the result is stunning.

So, enter the needle from the wrong side andPut it on the front side in the left upper corner, then go back to the wrong side, just push the needle into the lower right corner. As a result, you should get a stitch along the diagonal. You have to sew as many stitches as the pattern requires. Having finished the first row of half crosses, go back, pushing the needle from the upper right corner to the bottom left. After that you will see the first row in the technique of the cross. You should consider one main rule, that the stitches look neat, and the overall look of the picture was correct, always embroider in one direction. Having assured embroidery by a cross, accurately fasten a thread. You can hide it on your face. This will be the classic method of embroidering in the technique of the cross. If you make embroidery without knots and broaches, then you will get a very beautiful and tidy work.
The direct behavior of the toddlers, can notPlease and do not amuse. The following examples of schemes can make wall compositions in the children's room. The first image shows how the kids hide from the rain under the umbrella. On the second, you can contemplate the sleeping carapaces, which embrace their child's pillows in the hearts. In the last picture, a couple in love demonstrate a small concert. A multicolored drawing, to which a key with thread tints is also supposed, will greatly facilitate your workflow.

Use such compositions in embroidery of children'sOr simply place the product in a frame and give it to your relatives and relatives who have babies. Such a picture will perfectly decorate the children's room. On the Internet you will find enough examples of schemes with the image of kids, which can be not only colored, but also monochrome. And the choice is already yours.

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