Children's scarf knitting: a unique photo master-class

Children's scarf knitting: a unique photo master-class


Knitting for children is a wonderful occasion to showYour imagination, experiment with colors and types of yarn. Choosing the material to work with "adult" things, for example, for ourselves or our friends, we rarely stop the choice of non-standard materials or bright color combinations. Not everyone was lucky enough to work with yarns for knitting children's things or toys, so I propose to knit a bright, very warm and cozy children's scarf with knitting needles. Give joy to your child, or make a nice present to your familiar young mother.

Knitting a children's scarf

We knit a children's scarf with knitting needles on the basis of a unique master class from Ekaterina Kuryleva.
First, choose a warm, soft "plush"Yarn for knitting of children's things. Despite the artificial composition, it is absolutely hypoallergenic, it does not irritate the skin, it does not cause itching, it keeps the heat well, and also it is very important for children's things, it is very simple and unpretentious in care. Our
From the yarn "Bambi" from the brand Nazar, a saturated green. This color is suitable for both the boy and the girl. In a skein of 142m / 50g, one of us will be enough to tie a scarf to a child.
Also, we will need a tool suitable for the threads, in this case an accessory
№ 4,5.
To decorate in the form of strawberries will need yarnAny composition of red, white and green colors. These can be small glomeruli, which usually remain from the knitting of large things, the use of which is usually very difficult to find. I think every craftsman understands what he's talking about! The template will require cardboard, as well as scissors and a hook.
Our children's scarf has a buckle, so it will fit tightly around the neck, do not fall off and do not twist. You can choose what it will be: hooks, buttons, buttons or Velcro.
The pattern in which this scarf is knitted is called"fur". The product is not only very original, but also incredibly warm, because each eyelet gives an extra volume. Scheme to this pattern is not required, just read the description carefully. We begin knitting with a set of knitting needles 31 loops. In order to tie the canvas in the technique of "fur", dial an odd number of loops. The whole next row will be sewn with facial loops.

We turn the cloth and start knittingLoops of "fur". Kromochnuyu remove, in the next loop, insert the spoke behind the front wall and immediately put on it a working thread. Now wrap the thread around the index and middle fingers in two turns and tie two formed eyelets.

Next face loop (LP). Further, we continue the pattern and alternation of the element "fur" and LP to the end of the series. In the next row we knit all the LPs by the front wall. Loops "Furs" gently hold the finger and bind the LP. We make a series with the wrong loops (PI). Again all LP. Next comes a number of "fur".

We continue to knit the canvas according to the principle: One row of "fur", three rows of facial smoothness. Spray as much height as you need to fully cover the child's neck. As a result, we'll fold the canvas to make such a tightly fitting scarf. Now you need to make a buckle. Here you can sew a few buttons, hooks, or what is even more convenient for a mobile baby - Velcro.

We decorate our scarf with a bright pom-pon in the form of a strawberry. Such a decorative element is more suitable for a girl, but for a boy, by the same principle, you can make a pompom in the form of a soccer ball. Many needlewomen have repeatedly had to do pompoms with their own hands, but not everyone knows that there is a certain scheme, and if you follow the correct alternation of colors, you can get such an accessory. These pompoms can decorate any children's clothing: hats, mittens, sweaters. And still, you can make pom-poms with your children, especially this activity should attract girls.
To begin with, we cut out of the cardboard two patternsFor the pom-pom. And here is the yarn winding scheme. Pass the green thread between the patterns, at the end of the work we will fix her pompom. We start with red yarn. We wrap it tightly around the template in two rows.

Now we need a white yarn. Make it four turns around the template. Now again tightly wrap the red thread in two rows. We make four more turns with a thread of white color. And once again, the red yarn.

Yarn of green color is wrapped several times withOne side of the template. Using the hook, fix the free edges of the threads. The green thread, which we put in the beginning between the templates, needs to be tightened to each other. Scissors cut all threads of threads from above. We tie a green thread on several nodules.

It turns out that such a pompom.

Now with the help of scissors, you need to "cut" the pompom, so that its shape resembles a strawberry.

It remains to sew a strawberry to the finished product. You can make several such strawberries and sew them around the edge.
For your baby is ready!

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