Kitchen design: trends and trends in 2019

Kitchen design: trends and trends in 2019

Here we have prepared 8 trends in kitchen design in2019, which will help to make this room more pleasant and beautiful, while maintaining its practical usability. What colors and design of the kitchen are relevant and what is now fashionable - read the article. The content of the article:

    White kitchen with dark floors

    If for the walls of the kitchen you have chosen light paint, thenpick up dark colors for the floor to make a contrast, and thereby increase the comfort of your stay in the kitchen. We also advise you to choose fittings for light furniture in the color of the floor, to further emphasize the contrast.

    Gray shades

    Gray shades give a unique, more pleasant shade to most paint colors. For example, the beige-gray and blue-gray colors used in this kitchen make it more subtle. But you can still use purple-gray,green gray etc. If you like some color and want to use it for kitchen design, but consider it too bright, then take note of this advice and select the desired color with a softened gray tint.

    Rough metal

    In this kitchen, all attention is paid to the hood. The huge copper-colored metal construction is wonderfully suited to the brick walls and complements the kitchen design. The design is partially reminiscent of industrial, and partly rustic. At first glance, this may seem strange, but this coarse hood gives the kitchen coziness and warmth.

    Patterned floor tiles

    Carpeting used in roomsor corridor, not quite suitable for the kitchen. After all, there is often something falls on the floor and you need to be able to quickly clean it. But the tile is just right! And, having picked up an interesting pattern, you will addkitchen a certain highlight. Patterned tiles can also be used on kitchen walls, but there it will draw more attention to itself, and this can be distracting or annoying to some people, and it creates style on the floor and does not look defiant.

    Texture Tree

    Furniture made of wood, which can be seen on the texture, looks natural and natural, and just now it is very much appreciated in design. Also note that a large number of straight lines are smoothed here by adding round chairs to the interior.

    Hidden modern technology

    The furniture in this kitchen is made in such a way that init contains all the modern technology. Going into the kitchen, you will not see a microwave, a juicer or a coffee machine, all this is hidden behind the doors. Therefore, here you will get the impression that you have come to the real old kitchen.

    Black technology

    Standard stainless steel has its advantages, but in a small kitchen a number of silver metal can greatly prevail in the design, making it too industrial. Some manufacturers have coped with this.a dilemma, making refrigerators, stoves and microwaves black, there are even options with gold accents. It looks very interesting and original.

    Decorate the kitchen

    The kitchen is the most practical room in the house, thereforein its setting, they often fixate on household appliances, walls, sinks, etc. But this is also the heart of the house! Subtle touches, such as chair covers, interesting equipment and some kind of decorative elements, will soften the design a little. As an option, leave the top shelves for a variety of decorative items (pots, jugs, plates, etc.), and on the bottom shelves put everyday items that you use all the time.