Kitchen with open shelves: 40 photos and design ideas

Kitchen with open shelves: 40 photos and design ideas

There are many options for open the kitchen instead of cabinets, and their combinations with closed ones. Here we bring to your attention 40 types of kitchen furniture with open hanging shelves, they differ in design and color, but all of them are united by functionality and convenience. So choose which option you like exactly! The content of the article:

    White kitchen with wooden shelves

    Make small open wooden storage racks and glasses that are often used. Thus, they will always be in easy access. The rack in two levels. This shelving is more decorative - additional than the main one. Here, just as in the previous one, there are open and closed cells. White wooden shelving. We are used to the fact that the kitchen rack occupies the entire wall, but you can leave room for decorations. Indeed, capacity is regulated not only by the length of the rack, but also by its depth. Glasses can be placed on a separate hanging shelf. Wooden shelves with mobile shelves. Two bright open wooden shelves are perfectly combined with a wooden floor. The position of the shelves, their length and height can be adjusted, for this it is enough to remove the shelf and insert the holders in another place on the rack. All the holes for the holders are already prepared, and you do not need to drill anything, the shelves are rearranged in a minute! Scandinavian style. Dishes, flowerpots with flowers, clocks, candles, boxes - everything fits on these shelves in a Scandinavian-style kitchen. And the yellow and green high chairs will make the atmosphere more joyful. White open shelves in Scandinavian style. If you are going to make the kitchen in the Scandinavian style, then look at the photo above. Here the wall is covered with white tiles and the closed shelves would hide all this beauty behind them, and the open ones allow it to enjoy and emphasize. Arrange them all necessary and use. The wall resembles the previous version, but herethe shelves are not painted white, but of natural wood color, and the lower closed drawers and shelf holders are black. On the top shelf you can put a few flowerpots with flowers. Wall-board, on which you can write and draw,folding chairs, a place for a bicycle in one of the walls, decorative tiles on the floor and shelves with spices, and at the same time, overall white restraint is ideal for young owners of the apartment.

    Black hanging shelves

    Doing the kitchen in dark colors, you need to take care ofadditional lighting. Open shelves with dishes will add some light colors to the decor. Also, to make the kitchen look more lively, we advise you to put a few pot with houseplants. Small open shelves. Another kitchen option in black. Here one wall was left light and two long open shelves were attached to it. They are quite roomy and good in decor. They will perfectly accommodate plates, cups and Cabinet with combined shelves - the cabinet in whichpart of the shelves is left open, and part has doors, allows you to arrange the plates and indoor plants in sight, and hide the cereals. The bright rear panel of the cabinet in the center dilutes the black coating of the rest. Glass wall-window allows you to make a kitchencompletely in black. At the same time there is also additional lighting around the perimeter of the room. The industrial style and built-in shelves on which metal stands, dishes and cans are a good addition are observed here.

    Bright and colorful kitchens with shelves

    Tired of the kitchen standard colors? Add a strip of rich orange color and make the kitchen more joyful. You can also add highlight shelving if they are deep. Mustard-white racks. In this case, the shelves take the emphasis on themselves, in contrast to the restrained style of the kitchen. Also used additional lighting. Rack with bright doors. Another variant of the combined rack, allowing you to hide some things behind the doors, and the rest is beautifully arranged in open cells. Bright yellow doors of closed cells create the impression that these are just decorative elements. Wall with open shelves. Two shelves on top of the wall are used for the placement of different kitchen items, and one lower can be both a shelf and a table. An interesting and profitable solution for a small kitchen, where there is not enough space to put a full table in the center. Olive cuisine. Symmetrical open shelves with decorative frames wonderfully complement the kitchen and increase its functionality. Here everything is combined: a large stove in the center, shelves with dishes, designer wall light.

    Art Nouveau Shelves

    Open shelving with perfectly spacedjars of spices - it is already worth the attention. And the designer half-open shelves for plates, glasses and other kitchen utensils look so original that they speak for themselves. The combination of wood and metal. Such a compact kitchen is wonderfully suitable for small apartments. There are separate cells for each plate and glass, spices and bottles. A combination of wood and metal creates a beautiful design solution. Kitchen in an industrial style. This kitchen in the attic has everything you need for an industrial style. Look at this fridge and red chairs, on the table and kitchen tables, and the open shelves are one of the important elements, because you can place metal jars with spices and utensils to complement the overall style. Metal kitchen. Two open shelves on top slightly dilute the industrial atmosphere of the kitchen, where everything is made of stainless steel. And jars and plates on the shelves add new colors to the strict interior.

    Provence style shelves

    Here, open shelves provide an opportunity to seewhite plates and cups, which are perfectly combined with the kitchen of pale blue color and act simultaneously as decorative elements. Also, the overall design is complemented by beige countertops and a table, and home plants. Wooden shelving. This rack holds dozens of bottles of wine, flower pots and plates. The whole kitchen is made of wood, which harmonizes well with the white walls.

    Studio kitchen with shelves

    If your apartment has a kitchen connected to the living room,and you need the most economical use of space, then open shelving is just what you need. Part of the shelves can be taken for dishes, and the rest to leave for books. The photo above shows all the possibilities of such a design. In the big kitchen, where often at the same timethere are a lot of people, it is especially important to organize the space correctly and make all the objects easily found. Open shelves will help to achieve the desired result. Open shelves visually leave more space than closed, use this knowledge, furnishing studio apartment. Combined shelving. Items on open shelves can complement your color scheme. For example, yellow spice jars are ideal for yellow chairs and dilute the basic gray color of the interior.

    Shelves in the style of minimalism

    Free kitchen wall can be filled narrowshelves, which practically will not reduce the space of the room, and at the same time significantly increase its usefulness. In general, everything in this kitchen is very simple and there is nothing superfluous either from the furniture or from the decor. Brown shelves on a white background. Shelves and bar stools made from the same type of wood are combined together and create a contrast to the white elements of the kitchen. There is a full-fledged closed cupboard in which everything that is not needed to be seen by strangers is hidden, going into your kitchen, and there are dishes and spices on six open shelves. Kitchen in delicate colors. Against the background of a white wall with open shelves, a light wooden table takes on a light pink hue. These shelves are not necessarily to force completely, they are designed for small jars with spices and cups.

    Original shelves

    Here the rack is divided into six sectors, and all of them are slightly different from each other: there are cells of different heights and widths, and also several closed ones. It looks very interesting and original. Half open shelving. Want a roomy kitchen to arrange everything you need? This shelving will help to place all kitchen items systematized and neat. Choose what will be available to the eyes of the rest, and that only the hostess of the kitchen.

    Narrow decorative shelves

    Make kitchen racks even unexpectedthis places. These narrow gray shelves are wrapped around the outgoing wall, and also complement the wall with the TV. You can put candles and decor elements on them. Additional open shelves. Do you have some space left on the kitchen wall? Make small shelves with lights below, and it will decorate your kitchen.

    Modern and classic cuisine

    Terracotta open shelves immediately draw attention to themselves and are a bright element, diluting the restrained and strict style of the kitchen. The shelves are sometimes interesting in their own right, and sometimes in content. Here is the classic version of the open shelves created to demonstrate the collection of glasses and bottles.

    With open shelves below

    In this kitchen, the opposite is true for our standard ideas: wine glasses and jars of spices are in the open ledges below, and on the wall are occupied by closed cabinets.

    What to put on the open shelves

    Rack for a mini bar - open racks with light for storing a home mini bar - a wonderful solution for connoisseurs of elite alcohol. Plant shelves - no need for open racksjust for the dishes. This example of another Scandinavian-style kitchen shows that shelves can be added to a room exclusively for decorative purposes, by placing flowerpots with flowers on them and planting greenery in the kitchen.