Kittens for cats own hands

Kittens for cats own hands

Kittens for cats own handsManufacture of kittens for a cat with their own hands -This is a great way to save money on the purchase of a store analog. In addition, homemade scratching can be done exactly as you like, and not choose from ready-made options that you might not like. Well, the quality of products made by their own will be an order of magnitude better than the incomprehensible China, which is mainly sold in zoological stores. I hope we persuaded you and you can not wait to make a scratch for your favorite cat with your own hands. But first let's spend some time theory.

What are scratching sticks and why are they needed?

Sawclaws are in some way a replacementsofas, cabinets and carpets. About them, cats periodically sharpen claws, leaving all other interior items alone. But only if you teach them to sharpen their claws in a certain place, which in principle is not difficult, but will require some patience. That is, just to make a scratch is not enough. Although there are cases and often enough, when cats get used to them on their own and teach them not necessary. But do not put it on, and you will be lucky. Disadvantages. The main drawback of store models is a rather flimsy cover. Cheap cat models are torn up fairly quickly and have to be repaired or replaced with new ones. The second notable disadvantage is that the scratching points occupy a place in the apartment. Not very much, of course, but underfoot often. Making kogtetochki for cats with their own hands should try to prevent these shortcomings. This is quite possible and we will show some interesting options that do not take place and harmoniously fit into the interior. Kinds of scribes. The stores mainly sell floor models, consisting of a base and a bar, covered with soft material. There are many more ways to implement self-made scratching claws.

Making a cat scratching cat for yourself

So, we came to the most interesting, namely toprocess of manufacture. We will consider several options so that you can choose the most suitable for your apartment or house. But remember that the proposed options can be upgraded and adapted for themselves. Kogotetochka from the legs of the table Almost in any apartment there is a table on long legs - kitchen, computer, dining or any other. Also suitable bar counters for the kitchen with round metal legs. Kittens for cats own hands The legs are put on insulation for heating pipes /GVS, cut along a clerical knife. It is fixed with double-sided tape, ordinary tape, glue or other accessible way (it is better to use options that make it possible to remove insulation without damaging the table legs). On top of the insulation, a thick rope (twine) is wound and fixed from above with glue or just some tricky knot. Kittens for cats own hands The result is a classy homemadeKittens for a cat that does not occupy a centimeter of space, which is especially practical in small apartments. We have already considered this method in detail, if you are interested in a phased manufacturing process - see it here. Wall scrapbooks Wall scrapers are good in the same way as the previous version - they do not take up space in the apartment and do not get in the way. To begin with, we select a plank of soft wood (it should be easy to saw with an ordinary hacksaw - the best option is a pine). The size is 35-40 cm in length and 20-30 cm in width. It is possible and less, but it is better to do it with a margin. The board is attached to the wall so that its lower edge touches the floor (5-6 cm from the floor is also normal) and that it can be removed for replacement, while it should not hang. A piece of dense material (carpet, thick felt, etc.) is glued over the board. Kittens for cats own hands Kittens for cats own hands Mount on screws or other metal elementsmatter is not worth it, since the cat can damage them with claws (it's better to glue it or fix it with a stapler on the back of the board). It is best to install a nail clipper in a place where the wall is already torn by a cat. You can replace the matter with the same thick twine, tightly wrapping it around the board and fixing the ends with glue or otherwise. Kittens for cats own hands For greater reliability it makes sense to glue allrope with glue. It should be enough for six months, after which it will have to be replaced, cut with a knife and pasted a new one. By the way floor claws for a cat with their own hands can be made and angular shape, as shown in the photo below. Kittens for cats own hands The manufacturing process will be somewhat more complicated, butthe same (you just need to glue two boards at a right angle, or fasten with screws, sinking the cap by a few millimeters, so the cat does not hurt to have claws). Floor claws There are infinitely many options for making a classic floor scratching kit for a cat. We of course will not talk about all of them. It is enough for you to understand the general principle of construction, so that it can be done without difficulty. For manufacturing, a board of rectangular, square, round or even oval shape (20 × 20 cm or more) is required. The long bar length 40-50 cm. Thick twine, dense material (carpet is the same), a stapler, screws, screwdriver and glue. 1 step. A long bar is attached to the board with screws. The junction site is also worth gluing or reinforcing the corners. Kittens for cats own hands 2 step. The upper part of the base is covered with dense material using a stapler or glue. Kittens for cats own hands 3 step. The stand is wrapped in string, which is glued to prevent the cat from tearing it off. Kittens for cats own hands This is the simplest version of manufacturing floorscratching their own hands. There are also more complex ones with a top bar, multicolored twine, various decorative elements, etc. If you do not want to read, just watch the video.

How to train a cat to scratch

To accustom a cat to a homemade scratching is possible in two ways:

  • Put it in the immediate vicinity of the place where the cat used to sharpen its claws (wallpaper on the wall, a leg from the couch, a piece of carpet, etc.).
  • Apply to scratching a little fragrance, who love cats (valerian and others).

It is best to combine these two methods, plus not to sharpen claws on furniture, walls and carpets. If you seriously approach this issue, then quickly enough to accustom the cat to a new scratching.