Knit boots booties for children from photos and videos

Knit boots booties for children from photos and videos


Even for those kids who have not yet learnedWalk, it is important to have shoes that will protect their legs from the cold. If the child takes the first steps, without beautiful warm pinets simply can not do. Many moms are afraid that they will not be able to knit their booties with their knitting needles. That's why master classes and videos of this subject are very popular. In fact, making such booties is not very difficult. It is enough to have basic knitting skills, a little effort and a great desire. Below is a master class that is suitable even for beginner needlewomen and will help them to make knitted booties booties with their own hands.

Process of knitting sapozhok

To home booties were warm, stableAnd did not slip, the sole is best to make a double. For this, first of all, it is necessary to connect the inner part of it with garter stitch (that is, in all rows all the loops are facial):

  • Dial 7 spokes on the spokes. This is already taking into account the edgeband. To form a neat edge, do not forget to remove the 1st loop in each row, and the latter to perform the wrong one;
  • In the odd numbers, only the facial are removed;
  • In the even - just behind the edge is the cape, then - without changes;
  • Through 6 raspochkov on spokes there will be 13 loops, which are tied with a straight cloth 26 times;
  • Now additions with the help of a napkin to make after the first edge and before the last;
  • On the resulting 15 loops perform 46 rows;
  • For decrements in each odd row after the 1st and before the last loop knit the two together;
  • Reduce, while on the spokes will not remain the original 7 loops, which should be closed.

The second part of the sole that will doHome knitted boots warm and resistant, will be felt. To make it from this material, it is necessary to cut out 2 figures in shape corresponding to knitted parts. Each of them must be tied with a strong thread.

Now for each boot it is necessary to connectKnitted part of the sole with felt. Do it best with the help of a hook, but in principle you can also stitch a needle. If you want the legs to be softer at home, you can insert a layer of sintepon between them.
Forming the climb Further knitted boots are performed in a circle. To do this, raise the soles of the soles onto the spokes:

  • On the first - 10;
  • To the second and fourth to 18;
  • On the third - 14.

In the total amount, 60 pieces are produced.
In order to obtain a cliche in circular work, in even rows all the loops should be knit with facial, and in odd ones - with purl.
On the twentieth circle of children's boots in the frontParts of the boot should be tied 10 times with two loops together. To do this, we knit the first needle as usual, with the second - 15 as well, and with the sixteenth knit two loops together. Thus pass the entire third spoke and 3 loops with a fourth. Remaining on the 4th broom as usual.
Continue to perform 3 circles without changes, and in the 24th again reduce 9 links, adhering to the following scheme:

  • The first knitting needle is usually knitted;
  • With the second facial perform 11 pieces;
  • Further 9 times two together;
  • Finish the circle.

Knitted boots will get up. At the same time, the front part must be formed.
Teeth shin
The upper part of the boot can be made by anyPattern, which is familiar to the needlewoman. In doing so, it should be remembered that the booties should sit tightly on the foot so that they do not fall off their feet, and it was difficult for the toddler to remove them.
Therefore, it is best to use any tightening pattern, the schemes of which are on the Internet. For beginners, different gum bands are perfect, master craftsmen can create buffers or braids more experienced.
When the height of the pinets is reached, the loop should be closed. It is advisable to tie the top with a crochet or to make a bend.
Using the above master-class, anyThe needlewoman can easily figure out how to knit boots boots with her own hands. Finished products can be decorated with pom-pomants. If it is decided to use buttons, it is necessary to sew them very tightly so that the kid accidentally does not swallow them by biting off. With a little imagination, you can make and stylized booties, such as cowboy knitted boots. Those who find it difficult to work with the description can be advised to use a variety of videos, in which everything is shown in great detail.

Video: We knit baby booties for kids