Knit booties spoke to the boy - detailed master classes

Knit booties spoke to the boy - detailed master classes


Any kid will be thrilled funny pinetochkiin the form of machines. They can be associated with needles. The yarn pick any, the main thing that it was pleasant to the touch and did not cause the baby discomfort. The color scheme also depends on your preferences or on the suit that you have already purchased for the boy. Booties for a boy to be done in garter stitch technique.

Knit booties "sneakers" method 1

These knitted shoes, perhaps, one of the lightest models for the baby. Knitting needles will №3.
The scheme works is simple enough, but for a boy booties obtained well, very interesting.

The two lines typed 6n. First, it is necessary to link the 7p, and in 2.4 and 6p do addition - 1 st at the beginning and end of the series.. Thereafter, the needles will 12P. Provyazyvaem spokes 34R. basic pattern. Now you can start subtraction. Bates mirror addition. Thus, through to 7p. on the needles left 6n.
Along the edges of the resulting web recruit 58p. To do this, the spokes picks extreme loops of the front wall. Perform 2p. the basic pattern.
Conditionally divide all the loops on the 23 pcs. from the mid heels right, 23 pcs. from the mid heels to the left - the one side we will have made two different colors. On the left sock 12P, they must be linked to third color (pictured - white)..
To splice colors in places no formation of holes, the threads must be crossed with each other. Assign required 10 p.
Toe. To make a toe, it is required to make the spokes correctly decremented. To do this on a white area on 1P on both sides diminish 5 times.
The final stage and the assembly. From midway heel close to the left and to the right on 13P. both colors. Together with closed white eyelets on the needles should stay n 20 -. 10 pcs. different color. Provyazyvaem spoke basic pattern still 2p. Close the rows.
With hook cords do - their lengthsmall -. 10-12 cm threading laces and booties. You can optionally tie decoration in the form of balls, or leave everything as is. Multi-colored booties for a boy ready.

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Knit booties "sneakers" Method 2

Another interesting scheme for knitting bootees.

Sole bootees for a boy: 6n recruit. Knitting needles, through a series of making additions on 1P. Finish when the needles would be 12p.
Top bootees. Additional tabs do not do. Provyazyvaem 34 p. then we begin subtraction - 1 st across the row. Total will diminish in 3 p. Next you need to dial 52 p. Over the edge and tie another 2p.
Go to the thread of different colors. From the mid heels in both directions at 23P. knit one color (pictured - blue), front 13P. others. Next 10p. perform garter pattern, removing on 1P. it remains only to close the loop and the product is ready. In the manufacture of such
It takes no more than an hour.

Crochet bootees "sneakers"

For bootees, shoes pick up the appropriate colors. This yarn may be red, white, black, blue. Measure the leg of a boy and dial needles 25 to 35 p.
First 5p. knit with the addition of additional 2n - 1 piece. from each side. You can choose any kind of pattern or knitted - what you prefer.
Several №7 - will change to a darker color. Next -3r. the same colors, which started work. Now take the red (or blue) and continue to knit on the previous scheme. Run as many rows should be to bootees top was ankle level.
Most schemes bootees for boys alike. You can always express their imagination and come up with their unique knitwear.

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