We knit hats with knitting needles for the boy according to the scheme with the description (photo)

We knit hats with knitting needles for the boy according to the scheme with the description (photo)


A hat for your boy can be simply bought inStore, but to link it yourself is much more interesting. In addition, it will be possible to make a choice of materials and an individual style for the child. Children's knitted things cause delight, that's why we propose to link the most simple object of the children's wardrobe - a hat. A knitting cap for a boy is a very simple but weighty wardrobe item, which is presented in our unique collection. It would seem that the choice of hats for your beloved son or grandson is not so great, but the imagination of the masters is inexhaustible, so the selection provides a fairly wide range of models for selection. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with interesting variants of knitting hats with descriptions and photos.

Winter hat for a boy

In the coldest period of time, the most important thing for a baby -This is to keep your head warm, for this purpose a knitted cap knitting needles for boys. For knitting it is desirable to use natural yarn of 100% wool. Below is the course of knitting a winter hat for a boy. If you mix acrylic and wool, the hat will turn out to be autumn or spring. These hats for boys are the easiest to knit.

To calculate the number of loops, knowledgeThe volume of the baby's head. Dependence of the volume of the child's head on age is presented in the table, which also demonstrates the presence of a photo in it, the correctness of measuring the volume of the head.
Children's winter hats are usually warmed with a fleece lining. Before embarking on the implementation of a unique cap, we make a choice of tools and materials:

  • Straight or circular spokes;
  • Decorating elements (buttons);
  • Two-color yarn;
  • scissors;
  • needle.

Now you can make measurements:

  • We measure the circumference of the head;
  • We knit a sample measuring 10 p × 20 p;
  • We measure the length of the sample in cm and find out the number of n. For the cap, using the measured value of the volume of the boy's head.

Knitting cap for the boy is provided with a detailedDescription. Use the spokes to enter the approximate number of buttonholes (80-100). If you have knitting experience with circular knitting needles, then apply them. If it is not available, then burn it with ordinary stocking knitting needles that will give out an equally interesting and qualitative result. We knit with an uncomplicated pattern - hosiery, we knit 15 centimeters from the beginning of work with such a pattern (on the face side we weave out with buttonholes, on the side - with facial ones). In order for the cap to fit tightly around the head, we make a reduction. For this purpose, we divide into eight equal segments of the whole work, which we will call wedges. At the beginning of each wedge, we do a reduction, making a basting of two loops. Together at the beginning of each wedge. Such deductions we make in each strip a face loop.
When you stay on the spoke, eight buttonholes areCut the tail of the thread with some margin. Time to use the needle and pull these 8 loops into a small ring. Sew the edges of the work by hiding the seam from the wrong side. The sewing scheme is located at the bottom.

The main part of the hats is ready to be tied upVisor and ears. Ears knit hosiery viscous. Having drunk 10 centimeters, you can go to their rounding. To do this, we cut two eyelets along the edges of the eyelets together with a face loop. We reduce these changes in three rows, then simply close all the loops.

Let's go to knitting the third element of the cap -Visor, which we use for yarn of a different color. The length of the visor will be 10-12 pts., Which will close at the same time in the last row.
So, the winter cap on the boy is ready. The result can be viewed in the photo below. Winter hat will save your baby from bad weather and cold.
The link to the video gives an opportunity for talented knitters to visually familiarize themselves with the detailed description of the mating of a winter cap for a boy of two-three-three years old.

Video: We knit a hat for the winter

Spring and autumn cap can be connected not from wool, but on the principle of winter. To tie such a headdress is not difficult, be convinced on personal experience!

Models of caps describing the process of knitting

Summer hat with knitting needles for boy

It can be assumed that in summer, a child's capTo what, but this opinion is erroneous. Sometimes a summer evening can allow the baby's ears to freeze. Prevent freezing can a summer baby cap. Recently, such a useful accessory has become very popular. Before you start knitting, you need to read the description of the workflow.
Many are accustomed to knit children's summer hatsBaby crochet, but the summer baby cap can be tied with knitting needles. In order to tie the summer cap for the boy with knitting needles, you can use a simple pattern, which is performed with knitting needles, its demo photo is shown below.
For work we need a pair of ordinary spokesThickness 3-3.5 mm and a hank of cotton thread (composition 70% cotton and 30% viscose) density 100 g at 300 m. You can take a multi-colored thread with a gradient, and you can use different threads of different colors and then you will alternate them, Tie a pattern first one, then another thread. Below is a diagram that is relevant for summer hats for boys, as well as a photo of a knitted pattern.
As you can see, knitted summer children's hats are made with knitting needles very simply!

A cap for a baby should not only be warm,But also modern, and fashionable. In addition, it must necessarily combine in color with a jacket or overalls. Therefore, in the wardrobe of each child should be at least three headwear for the cold season. Knitted things look unusual for small children, so this art should be taught to all young mothers.
Do not forget that knitting is enoughPainstaking occupation, which requires the needlewoman a lot of patience and attention. Our selection is suitable for beginners and experienced moms. The above knitted
For the boys can do by their own hands any needlewoman, albeit for a longer period of time. Every woman will be helped by a knitting pattern with a detailed description.

Video: Demi-season hat