Crochet flowers - Fantasy

Crochet flowers - Fantasy

Knit crochet flowers. We continue to knit ourfancy crochet flower. If you happen to be on this page by chance and have not viewed the first part, use the link: 13. Third row. We loop on the thread of another selected color. 14. We fix the loop on the arch, having hooked the hook into it and having stretched the loop onto itself, after which we make an air loop 15. 6 posts with one double bow in the arch. !!! The pink thread in the process of knitting the petals remains hanging from behind, and the purple tail is hidden in the posts 16. Column without nakid in the same arch 17. Connecting column in one crochet column of the previous row 18. A single crochet into the next arch 19. 6 columns with one double bow 20. Column without nakid in the arch 21. Connecting column in one crochet column of the previous row 22. Repeating paragraphs 18-21, we knit to the end of the row, a connecting column in the first air loop 23. At this stage it will look like this. 24. Fifth row. Finish knitting with a purple thread, making an air loop, cut the thread at a distance of 15-20 cm and pull it out of the loop. And now we continue knitting with pink thread 25. You and I will need to knit hooking the loops of the back of the purple petal 26. To do this, we make three air loops, thread the hook by picking up three loops from the petal posts and pull the thread through the loop 27. 5 air loops 28. Pick up three loops petal 29. Grab the working thread and stretch through all the loops 30. Repeating paragraphs 27-29 perform jumpers between all the petals and connect to the first petal. 31. Fifth row. Two air loops 32. A single crochet post 33. 7 34. A single crochet post in the same arch 35. Column without nakid in the connecting column adjacent to the purple petal 36. Repeating paragraphs 32-35 perform all the petals. We close the row with a connecting column in the first column without single crochet. Air loop and cut the thread pull it 37. and our flower is ready! 38. You can decorate a flower with a bead or several. If there are crystals, it will look even more interesting! Thank you for the attention! See you at new lessons! Distribution of knitting lessons for beginners: Your e-mail: * Your name: * Share in social. networks Publish to LiveJournal</a> Navigation by records

Crochet flowers - Fantasy (part 2): 12 comments

  • Tenka 50: Thank you Elena for your lessons! Spring holiday!
  • Cvetlana: Thank you for your work and kindness, I have long wanted to learn how to crochet. You have a very clear and accessible master class.
  • Kat: Thank you, I really like your lessons)
  • : You are welcome!
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  • Svetlana: thanks! just such a simple but effective flower was looking for decorating a daughter's hat!
  • My friend, I live your DYV. This flower in two collor is beautifful to much.Thank youYolanda
  • : Glad to hear it! Thank you!
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  • Anna: Hello! I can not understand how the jumpers fit! What are these three loops in which you need to stretch the thread: the first three loops of the petal or the last! Help me please!
  • : Hello Anna! You mean exactly what point!
  • Anna: I do not understand paragraph 26 and paragraph 28
  • : Three loops of a petal are threads on the reverseside of the finished petal. It does not matter to which threads to cling, the main thing is not to grab one thread, but several, which would hold well!
  • Anna: Now I see! Thank you very much!
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