We knit different bolero models for girls according to the schemes with description

We knit different bolero models for girls according to the schemes with description


Linking a smart bolero for a girl is easy! Even a novice needlewoman can cope with this task.
Today, specifically for beginners, we will talk about how to make fashionable children
. After carefully studying the training master classes, you can independently link the summer openwork, as well as the winter festive model of the children's boleros!

Technique of knitting a children's openwork bolero

Bolero is considered a universal detail of the female,As well as a children's wardrobe. It can be used as an additional accessory or simply thrown over your shoulders in order not to freeze on a summer evening.

To link the children's summer bolero with sleeves for a girl 3/5 years you will need:

  • Ordinary and circular knitting needles under number 3;
  • Yarn 150 / 200g;
  • scheme.

In describing the whole process of knitting, a list of generally accepted designations will be used:

  • Etc. - loops;
  • N. - threading;
  • Persons. - Facial;
  • Out. - purl;
  • R. - ryadochek;
  • "*" - repetition of the pattern from the first * to the second *.

In this lesson, two kinds of patterns will be applied for beginner needlewomen: persons. The surface, which we knit people. Odd p., And purl - only the even and pattern of the smooth surface, consists of faces. P.
Lace patterned knit strictly according to the scheme, starting to work with the old. Side:

  • First row: * purl, n., Facial - 11 pcs., N. *, Depreciated;
  • Second, and also all even rows: persons., * Persons. - 5 pcs., Double broach, persons. - 6 pcs. *;
  • Series No. 3 and No. 5: * Gen., N., Persons. - 5 pcs., Out of date, persons. - 5 pieces, n. *, Purl;
  • Row number 7: * purl, facial - 5 pcs., Out., 5 more facial, out. *.

Pay special attention to someFeatures relating to knitting azhur. Model for a girl 3 years old: the back, sleeves and the front part are knitted strictly according to the pattern: the rapport between the asterisks is repeated. We finish after * № 2. Model for a girl of 5 years: the sleeves of the product are knitted according to the pattern: the rapport between * is repeated. We finish after * № 2.

At the front of the product, a report is repeated between*, And the loop ends after * No. 2, but before "A". The back begins to knit with the front. Then the n. Placed in front of * No. 1 are tied. The rapport between * and the ridge ends with loops going after 2 *, we make 1 faces.
The knitting density of this model is: 10 cm = 29 p. Rapport of the figure in height = eight p. Master class on knitting of the summer children's bolero. Type on the spokes 124/128 loops for the right half of the front of the product. Sparkling with garter stitching 1/5 pcs. Azhur - 121 pcs.
Then close 1 p. 1 st. Garter stitch. Having formed 8 p. Go to l. Smooth surface. Perform 4 r. The first item - 78 pcs. Transfer to the auxiliary spoke. Later they will become a bolt for bolero. Remain the remaining n.
When comparing the schemes, make a cutout cut: Having tied four cm, in each subsequent 4 r. Tie the faces. 3 and 4 items 15/17 times. Also, according to the scheme, carry out a decrease for the armhole: after forming 7/8,5 cm of knitted fabric, close 6 pieces. In each even p. Reduce 3X1 n. After completing 17.5 / 20 cm, close the eyelets. The left part of the knit mirror according to the same scheme. For the backrest, you need to dial 88/96 n. With knitting needles. A pattern - 1/5 p., Azhur - 85 loops., Again a handkerchief pattern - 1/5 p. This technique knits 8 r.

Then 4 r. Persons. Smooth and openwork pattern. Eight centimeters from the beginning of knitting we make dolgos: on both sides, close at 6 sts, from two sides in even p. We subtract 1 point three times. Having tied up to the necessary height, we close the point 28/32 points in the center, leaving it to form the neck.
For a sleeve of a knitted product we type 64/70 p. We use a placard pattern 1/4 p., Azhur - 61 pcs., And then we finish the river. Garter stitching. Having formed 8 openwork rivers, we make 4 rivers. Facial smoothness. We continue knitting with azhoum.
Having executed 4 cm from two sides in each 6 r. Make an increase: 2X1 n. Having drunk seven cm on both sides, we close 6 points each. Sixteen times symmetrically reduce by 1 p. Close n. At the end of the master class on knitting the children's bolero we collect the finished product. First of all, we perform shoulder seams. Then, for the right knot of the children's cape on the spokes, move 78 pips. At the neck on the right side, we collect 60/64 p. From the back we transfer 27/31 p. At the neck on the left side, we collect 60/64 p. For the left we move exactly 78 p.
Further we sew under the following scheme: persons. - 1 p., A handkerchief pattern - 1 pc., Azhur - 301/313 pcs., Garter stitch - 1 pc. Having formed 6 p. Close the hinges. We process the remaining seams. We steam the product. On this master class can be considered complete. Openwork bolero for girls with knitting needles is ready!

Master class on knitting baby bolero from weed

For each girl, the New Year is a special yearA holiday, because in this day you can not only receive a gift from Santa Claus, but also boast of their clothes. All the girls are eagerly awaiting the New Year's party in the kindergarten, for it is there that they will whirl in white fluffy dresses like real snowflakes.

A perfect addition to the snow-whiteA festive dress will be a fluffy bolero for a girl from the grass. It not only beautifies the outfit, but also warms the girl during the holiday. To make a fluffy bolero for a girl you will need:

  • White grass;
  • Circular knitting needles;
  • Colored scrapers or special markers;
  • Pins;
  • scheme.

Describing the step-by-step process of creating a knit article for girls, we will use the same abbreviations as in the description of the fishnet model.
We begin the training master class on knittingFluffy elegant cape for a girl. First, we create a small sample: we collect 20 points and unscrew 10 rubles. We calculate the number of buttonholes for bolero. To do this, you need to measure the neck circumference. In this lesson, the girth is 28 cm, so you need to get 62 pcs + 2 edges on the needles. Then we distribute the item: for raglan - 8 pieces, for the backrest - 18, for each sleeve and shelves for 9.

Persons. R. We tie the face, and purl. - purl. In the 1 r. Mark with 2 n markers. Subsequently, before, as well as after the marker, it will be necessary to do n. We form the desired length of the product to the sleeves. In this master class there were 6 cm.

Hinges for sleeves knitted bolero need to moveOn the pin. If the cloak for the girl is sleeveless, then in this part of the master class, the loops just close. Moving the loops you need to continue knitting the back. For this model, it was tied 23 cm. After that, the loops are closed, and we proceed to knit sleeves. This part of the product is made up of individuals. N. In a circle.

The second sleeve matches the same pattern as the first. At the end, close the loop and cut the thread.

Elegant knitted bolero from the grass is ready! The model is very simple, so it can be handled without difficulty even by a beginner skilled worker, who makes the first steps in mastering knitting techniques. Such a charming fluffy cloak can be made not only from the grass of white, but also pink, beige and even fashionable this year red.

Video: Pink bolero for girls

Photo lessons of knitting bolero for girls