We knit a dress for the girl on a photo and video lessons with schemes

We knit a dress for the girl on a photo and video lessons with schemes


All girls, regardless of their age, wantBe beautiful. No little fashionista will remain indifferent, having received a beautiful dress as a gift. Especially if this dress will be connected by caring mother's hands!
Therefore, today we suggest you to please your daughters and, having got acquainted with the detailed description of technology
Make a wonderful gift for your little princesses. Having carefully studied this small training master class, you will be able to connect a beautiful stylish dress for a girl!

Dress for a little girl of fashion

Today we want to introduce you to the detailedDescription of the process of creating a knitted dress for a girl. The model, which will be discussed in the training master class is very simple, so even a beginner needlewoman can cope with its creation!

In order to independently make such a charming knitted dress for a girl of 3-5 years you will need:

  • Gently green acrylic yarn - 300 g;
  • Spokes number 3,5;
  • A special pin, on which, if necessary, it is very convenient to carry loops;
  • hook;
  • Buttons;
  • Pattern of the dress;
  • Pattern of knitting the pattern "Grape cluster".

During the description of the work, some common abbreviations will be used:

  • loop - n .;
  • Ryadochek - r .;
  • Facial - of persons.

We start a master class on knitting a children's dress. First, to transfer the children's dress, we collect on the knitting needles 113 pieces / 125 pcs / 135 pcs. We are using garter stitch 2 р. After this, starting with the first chrome., 0/6/0 persons. Smooth and first loop on the scheme we perform an openwork pattern. Having kneaded 5, 10, 15, 20 cm / 6, 11, 16, 21 cm / 9, 16, 23 cm we perform the reduction - 10/10/12. We will knit them instead of double-type broaches.

First, we remove the knitted fabric from theAn additional knitting needle, then we transfer 1 point to the right knitting needle. The loop with the additional move on the spoke in the left hand. We transmit faces.4. Together. We just hold the newly formed loop in the previously removed loop. Continuing to knit in this way, you will see that in all broaches will be reduced by 2 points. When you form 25cm / 27cm / 29cm from the beginning of the knitted you should have 73 pieces / 85 pieces / 99 pcs.
Further starting from the first edge and 6/8/1 n. Schemes knit a pattern "Grape cluster". Simultaneously from both sides for the armhole, close 1X4 n. In each subsequent 2 r .: 1/2 / 3X3, 2X2, 3X1 n. As a result, according to the description of the knitting technique, you should have exactly 45 p. / 51 p. / 59 p.
When 29 will be formed from the beginning of workCm / 32 cm / 35 cm, you can begin to unfasten the neckline of the dress. To do this, first close the center of 9 p. / 11 p. / 11 p. After that, each side is knitted separately.
Further on both sides in all 2 p. Close: 1X3 hinges, 2/3 / 3X2 hinges with 3/2 / 2K1 wrap. After knitting 35 cm / 38 cm / 41 cm, close the remaining 8/9/13 pcs. At the next stage of the training master-class with a detailed description, we turn to the loosening of the back of the children's dress. For this, you need to dial the same number of loops on the spokes as for the transfer.

At first the scheme does not differ from the processCreating the front part. The back of the child's dress fits exactly the same as the front part. When 26/28/30 cm of knitted fabric is completed, the central loop will need to be closed. Then both sides knit separately. Pay special attention to the fact that on the back of the children's dress, unlike the transfer, there is no recess for the cutout. After completing another 35/38/41 cm of knitted fabric, we close the remaining stitches - 22/25/29 pcs.
Ornate baby dress with knitting needlesReady. Now we only need to collect all the details of the associated product together. The first stage of assembly begins with the sewing of the shoulders. To do this, through the slit on the back and through the cut in front, dial 116/126/130 p. The first row is tied by persons., And then the hinges are closed. Next, the side seams are made.
Then, with the help of hook No. 3, the notchChildren's dress. The first ryadochek is tied with a column without a crochet, and the second pico. On the back of the right side, it is necessary to make 5 sts consisting of 2 n. (2 air pass through 2 ordinary stitches). The first loop is located near the neck, and the rest at the same distance from each other. At the end of the master class master sew buttons for a children's dress.
If desired, such a baby dress with knitting needles can be complemented with a smart bolero with long sleeves. No girl will refuse such a wonderful gift!

Video: The process of knitting a children's dress

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