We knit jurabs with knitting needles: photo master-class with diagrams and description

We knit jurabs with knitting needles: photo master-class with diagrams and description


Many craftsmen, who first saw jurabs, fall in love with them at first sight. And this is understandable, because these incredibly warm knitted socks or slippers are very durable, beautiful and elegant.
Today we invite you to study a master class onKnitting stylish jurab. We hope that thanks to the detailed description of the knitting technique, you will be able to knit unusual bright socks that will warm you in the cold and protect you from illnesses.

We knit jurabs

Djurabs attract needlewomen not only their ownBrightness and beauty, but also incredible strength. Unlike ordinary socks, this product is considered to be more toe and warm. In order to connect such wonderful jurabs you will need:

  • Knitting needles at number 2;
  • 100 g of wool;
  • Markers;
  • hook;
  • scheme.

The following abbreviations will be used in the master class:

  • Etc. - a loop;
  • R. - row;
  • Out. - purl.

Description of the technique of knitting jurabs with two spokes. Before you start knitting, you need to make all the calculations. In the product of size 35, the width of the figure is 29 p. The rim is approximately 5-6 pts. You can knit the rim by any of the proposed schemes. Or, if desired, you can search for a suitable drawing on the Internet.
According to the description, the border should be tied 2Times. In this master class, a simple edging of 5 pts was used to create jurabov, alternating with a 3-1 red loop, and 2 edges. Description of knitting: red - 1 pt., Border - 5 pcs. - 2 times, 29 items of the main pattern, border - 5 pcs. - 2 times and 1 red eyelet. The result is 51 p.

When the calculations are over, you canTo start knitting. To do this, you need to dial 51 sts main, that is, dark color. Then we will knit an elastic band in an arbitrary shape. In this case, the edge at the end of each p. Is torn, but in the beginning - just removed. Having finished the elastic, we begin to knit the main ornament. First we knit 2 ruffles of black color. Then proceed to the jacquard. In the photo, blue markers indicate a rim.

Without changing the scheme of action, the socks must be tied up toAnkles. Then you need to calculate the pattern on the heel. To do this, you first need to measure the width of the border and add to it a certain number of rows from the main pattern. In this master class the pattern starts from 56 r. Knitting is strictly according to the scheme. After 35 r. It is necessary to proceed to the rounding of the pattern as on the scheme in 55 r. To do this, part of the border - 6 p. Should be removed on pins. And then dial in this part of the air loop.

Now we knit to the thumb according to the same scheme. From 5 to 60 p. We reduce the reduction for the toe from the basic pattern. For this, in each p. We knit 2 st places at the same time. 3 points at the end of the river. So we tie it together. This last triple loop separates the border from two sides. Then, at the same time, it is necessary to tie the central pile, and also 1 st. From both sides of the rim. As a result, according to the description, there should be 1 p.
At the next stage of the master class we begin to knitStop. First, we collect 3 black knitting needles and knit the facial. Then, from the two sides, add 1 pt, while pulling the thread from the broach of the next edge of the account. We knit the wrong side. In the new river. Remove the first eyelet. Remove the second item from the bottom broach. In this river. The pattern begins to form. In each subsequent r. Shift the two red points to the middle. At the end of the ryadochka pull out 1 black p. From the bottom broach, and the second loop pulls from two strings at the same time. Next р .: we remove the red-black p., We knit according to the scheme, we form from the bottom edge 1 of the original, we make 1 purl two-color from the edge. Under this scheme, we knit up to 29 p. Next, we knit by the scheme straightforwardly, without increments.

At this stage, a training master class withA detailed description of all the actions is important to ensure that the number of loops does not increase. Having tied up to an ankle from two parties we type hinges of a border: 6 pieces. With air and 5 pcs. With pins. On the spokes again should be exactly 51 points. To understand why you need to separate the border, you can look at the photo.

Now according to the earlier calculationThe number of ryadochki for heel height we sew 5 r. Straight strips. Central loops in the pattern are subtracted according to the same scheme as on the toe. Connect the edges of the rim up to 1p.
We turn over the jurabs. We continue to weave the heel along the same lines as the foot. In the figure, the scheme proceeds from 73 rubles. Up to 22 p. It turns out that we need to move in the opposite direction. First, we form 2 r. Then we make the rubber. After that, we tie the edge of the product with the steppe's step with the help of a hook. Pay special attention to the fact that knitted jurabs should be freely worn on the leg, so the edge of the product is not recommended to be pulled together.

At this our training master class can be considered complete! The second socks knit with the same scheme as the first.

In this master class, we talked about howKnit juries of size 35. If desired, you can easily make a product of any size you need. To do this, you just need to correctly calculate the number of loops for the selected pattern.

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