We knit openwork blouses with knitting needles according to schemes with a description of the process

We knit openwork blouses with knitting needles according to schemes with a description of the process


These are the most beautiful models that can makeneedlewoman. Open-work blouses with knitting needles always differ elegance and do not go out of fashion. In these wonderful things, not only adult women walk, but also girls, since the blouses give the whole image a romantic charm.
Such models can be both with long sleeves,And with short, although it is always a summer version of clothing. In order to tie a lace blouse, thin needles No. 2, thin half woolen, and preferably cotton threads, will be needed. Usually choose light or pastel shades, as the summer light blouse is a vivid example of the eternal classical English style.

We knit a blouse with an openwork pattern

In knitting, the name of the thing is slightly different fromSewing. An open-work blouse does not have to have a button fastener, more often it can be tied in two continuous linens: front and back. One feature - these models always have a deep cutout, more often than not, circular.

Knitting patterns are simple: this is the front and back half, an armhole bound, an intact sleeve.
You can also link the model without cuffs and elastic bands from the bottom. Features of the picture: the presence of a large number of nakidov, their binding with other loops to form holes.
To connect an openwork blouse, choose a pattern,Or several, we disassemble their schemes, we sew a sample, where the main element of the figure will be repeated at least twice. For women it is better to choose a large pattern, for a girl we take a small drawing. When writing a description of the work, we will use such abbreviations:

  • Ln - the front loop;
  • Ipt - the back loop;
  • N - nakid;
  • P is a series.

The scheme of the simplest image.

These rhombuses can be used when you knitOpen-work blouse for both women and girls. Description of work when knitting an openwork blouse at 44 size. For the backrest, you need to dial 92 p. Facial smoothness (face - LP, reverse - IP). We begin the rhombus. In total, according to the scheme they will be 5 repetitions. Strictly according to the figure, we perform an openwork to the armhole, this is 40 cm, or 90 r. We close on 8 points - it begins armhole. Now we will get 4 repetitions of the aura, but it will not shift, it will just start from the middle of the circuit on both sides. So immediately after the marginal picture below will go LP, and above with 7p. A rhombus must be tied together 3 LP together.
Bind another 40 p. , Then close 24 points in the middle and continue to untangle the pattern according to the scheme of 4 more rivers, while removing from the middle, where the neck is 3n. From each edge. Close the hinges.
Front part. It must be connected in the same way as the backrest, referring to the description. Only the neck we start to bind earlier. After the indentation on the armhole we knit according to the scheme of 30 rubles, then close exactly in the middle of 10p. Continue to tie the drawing, removing in each p. By 1p. From each edge of the neck. Shoulder should be 21p.

Sleeve: dial 42p., Again tie 6 r. Smooth, then distribute the openwork. It will be repeated twice, and 2 points to the edge will remain on the sides. The sleeve is made according to the classic: add in each 6m river. 1 on each edge. At the same time, as the loops grow, we begin to form the third repetition of the azhura.
You can make it easier to start knitting the sleeve from above. Then we dial 84n. And we subtract by 1n from each edge in each 6m p. Total need to tie 60cm. This is approximately 124 p.
It will only be to steam out all the details and neatlyTo sew them at the seams. Lace blouse for a girl or a young woman is ready. You can also make it according to the same scheme with a button fastener in the front, if you knit the front part in two parts. According to our description, we will need to recruit 56 p.
There are more complex patterns of knitting needles that are suitable for knitting of summer models.

Such sweets will be large, and therefore betterLook at the models for adult women. You can tie knitted sweaters for the winter, choose the same ones, but we take half-woolen fine yarn, preferably not fluffy. Mohair for such models will not work.

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