Knitted sheep with knitting needles for master class (photo)

Knitted sheep with knitting needles for master class (photo)


Are becoming more popular. They are cute and soft, can be a great gift. Knitted sheep knitting needles can be hung on a Christmas tree, she will please a child of any age.

How to tie a flat lamb

Flat lamb is an excellent option for beginner needlewomen. It is not difficult to tie it with knitting needles. It can become a wonderful Christmas tree gift and applique for children's clothes.
Knitting with a flat knuckle is very easy. To do this, we need the following scheme.
In the presented scheme, each cellCorresponds to one P. Knitting is carried out by the facial smoothing, starting from the top. Color areas are removed from a separate coil. To avoid holes in the knitted fabric, two threads of a different color are crossed on the wrong side of the work. Description of work:

  • 6 spokes should be typed on the spokes (hereinafter abbreviated P);
  • Odd numbers (hereinafter abbreviated P) knit individuals. Loops, even - out;
  • To increase from one link two. If in one strip it is necessary to increase the number of P by one, do it immediately after the edgeband. A greater number of increases are distributed evenly throughout P.

As soon as the circuit is completely traversed, P needsClose, without pulling. Now the knitting needles can be postponed, the hook can be taken and the billets can be tied together without the cape. If the lamb is a Christmas tree, at this stage you can make P from the air loops.
The scheme also contains strips and a glazier. To perform them, you need a thick needle. Embroider in accordance with the picture with a stalk seam.
Tip: A knitted sheep will look more original if the body is tied with a coiled yarn. If you correctly execute all the steps that contain the presented master class, the product will be approximately the following.
In accordance with this description, the product can be knitted with a knitting needle almost on the basis of any simple embroidery scheme.

Volumetric toy

Mastering the master class, which knits a three-dimensional knitted sheep, it can be understood that when the body is made with a bunched yarn. In doing so, you must follow the following rules:
On knitting need to lay a straight piece of yarn, which is between the tubercles;
When tying out faces. With such a curled yarn, the back surface is obtained, so it is better to knit the fabric with a stocking knit.
We give a description of whichKnitted sheep. The master class offers knitting to start with the head. Odd rows knit by facial, even - according to the figure. To do this, dial 6 on the spokes. In the first P, two are made from each of them. Further we make increments in each odd P, increasing each time the distance between them by 1 P. So continue until this gap is equal to 6 links. Now make 12 strips without changes.

Then you can go to the booked thread. From this moment, odd numbers are knitted in odd numbers, and in even numbers, individuals. P. After 5 such bands begin to decrease, which are performed in the reverse order of the additions. When there are 6 links left on the spoke, the thread is torn off and stretched through them, after which the knitting is tightened. The ready head can be seen in the picture.

Now you need to bind the body. For this, knitting starts just like when you perform a head. From the fourth P, the transition to the bunched yarn is carried out. The only difference from the head differs in that the additions continue until the distance between the additions reaches 10 links.
Work continues with a straight sheet, untilThe length of 8 cm will be reached. From this moment it is possible to start decrements in the order of the reverse additions, until there are 6 pieces left on the spokes. They are tightened with a piece of thread.
To knit the tail and ears on the knitting needles 8 links. Tie them garter stitch. Through P we sew together 2 pet. At the beginning and end, until there is only one left to close.

For the legs, the numbered amount should be the same as for the ears and tail, but with black threads. Three turns of spokes are enough to make knitted hooves. Another 10 lanes and knitting can be completed.
It remains to build, and the knitted sheep will be ready. To do this, first make a seam on the head and trunk, fill them with cotton wool and pull them to the end. The same we do with our feet.

Now they sew the head to the body in the place where the trunk is smooth.
Put the tail, ears and feet in place. On the knitted head are embroidered eyes and nose. Soft toy is ready!

Using the descriptions above, even a novice needlewoman will be able to produce a chic knit lamb. It will be a wonderful gift and will please its new owner.

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