We knit the shirt with knitting needles: a step-by-step instruction and patterns of patterns

We knit the shirt with knitting needles: a step-by-step instruction and patterns of patterns


Dickey - undeservedly forgotten accessory. They do not produce eminent designers and do not sell in fashion stores mass market. Although, what can be more convenient and practical than a shirt? A stylish, contemporary design is easy to come up with, it would be a desire. Let's look at the basic rules of how to knit with your own hands. The master class is suitable for beginner needlewomen due to the availability of video material. Knowing the basics, you can experiment as much as you like with design, even for beginners knitters it will not be difficult.

Types of Barneys

Manishka is a universal accessory: It can be worn by men and women, and of course by children. It all depends on the chosen color and design. If you decide to tie such an accessory for your child, then choose a soft hypoallergenic yarn that will not cause itching, and also irritate the delicate skin. The color scale for the children's model can be any, most importantly, not to be boring. For a man suitable wool or yarn, imitating tweed fabric, it is very elegant and manly. For yourself, the beloved and for women you know, choose shades that favorably emphasize natural colors.

Now you need to decide on the seasonality and model. This information for beginner needlewomen will help to choose the right yarn, tool, suitable schemes with a description. If you knit your shirt for the off-season period, too thick and warm yarn may not fit, entering the room or transport in it will be hot, and removing it without spoiling your hair is sometimes difficult. For spring and autumn, cotton yarn or a mixture of cotton and acrylic, as well as a thin wool or mohair thread, is suitable. For winter, the fur of merino, angora, alpaca is ideal. On the channel "Knit Spitsami" you can watch a video master class for beginners, who will teach you how to knit a warm beautiful shirt-front on the buttons.
The design of the shirtboy can be absolutely anything, sheCan decorate both the everyday image, and become a complement to the evening toilet, it all depends on the material and the chosen scheme. The accessory can be made from a light, almost weightless yarn of beautiful dramatic color and bound it with an openwork pattern, so it will be a variant for women to go out into the light. And if you take the gray thick yarn and make a big bosom bosom viscous, it will be an excellent, very relevant now, an accessory in the style of grunge.

You can tie the front shirt without a single seam (according to the principle of raglan), for this you will need a set of hosiery and
. And you can make an accessory with a clasp: buttons, hooks, ribbons. In this case, you can work on two straight spokes.
If you need not just an ornament, but a warm scarf warming in frost, then the needles can be taken on a size smaller than that required by the yarn. So the canvas will be very dense and inflated.
Raglan is a sleeve style that is not sharpenedSeparately in the armhole, and begins with one cloth with shoulders. In this case, the product is knitted without seams on the circular knitting needles. Since the shirtlet is very similar to the top of the sweater with a high collar, then you can also tie it like a sweater with
. To make it clear, how to calculate it below is a diagram. Also, the web is easy to find a video masterclass on knitting raglan.

Video: A Knitting Lesson for Beginners

We knit the shirt on the circular knitting needles

And now the instruction on how to tie a simple shirt-frontFor beginners master on the principle of raglan. Having mastered a simple model, you can choose any design and drawing scheme and create your own master class:

  • We type on the circular knitting needles 102 loops (P). We use a 2x2 rubber band with the required length. If the length is more than 35 cm, you can make a lapel, so the accessory will warm your neck well;
  • Next, with the help of markers and a knitting patternRaglan we note the backrest and before: 34 П - before, 30 П - back and 15 П on the so-called "sleeves". Between each zones is still 2 P, on each side of which will be added 1 P for the expansion of the canvas;
  • We will knit the product with the front surface, in eachRow on both sides of the lines of raglan making nakidy, two loops between them can be tied as face loops, and purl. In the second variant the product will look more interesting, and the lines of raglan are more pronounced;
  • We continue knitting in a circle until the broomstick becomes the size you need. After closing the loops, the edges can be decorated with a fringe or sew a beautiful decorative element.

Video master-class on the channel "Knitting by Nadine" will teach beginners how to quickly and simply bind the shirt on circular knitting needles.
Video: Crochet knitwear with circular knitting needles


When mastered the most simple model, you can try to take the scheme in an interesting way, and connect the front of the shirt with an openwork pattern or jacquard.

For this scheme, the number of loops should be a multiple of 16. The rapport of this pattern with leaves is 15 loops.

More information on how to associate an accessory with openwork leaves can be found by watching the video master class by Lyudmila Ten.

Video: Manishka with azhur

And this shirt with knitting needles, decorated with a jacquard pattern and a diagram to it.

Svetlana Bersanova and her video tutorial will teach you how to knit a beautiful manika with aran. Try to connect for yourself or someone from your loved ones such a stylish, practical and warm accessory!

Video: The product with a braid pattern

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