We knit a sleeve of raglan with knitting needles: calculation of loops and process of knitting

We knit a sleeve of raglan with knitting needles: calculation of loops and process of knitting


Knitting knitwear is better to useSuch a style of sleeves, like raglan. This is such a cut, when the shoulder part is also tied together with the main part. The needlewomen choose such a style, because with it any knitting thing keeps the shape better.

Learning to Count

When knitting an ordinary vtachnoy sleeve, the seam in the armhole turns thicker and harder, because of what a sweater or cardigan, can stretch more and as a result quickly deforms.
It is more difficult than the usual style, more familiar withPatterns of sewing. More often it starts not from below, but directly from the gate. It requires a clear calculation of loops, their correct addition. It is better to knit a raglan sleeve with knitting needles, making the products smooth, then the knitting pattern, directed downwards, will not be too noticeable.
First, it is important to calculate how many loops (n.) Will constitute the initial set. Let's measure the neck of the future model. Let it be 38 cm. This is approximately 82p. Now divide the received quantity by 3. In total, along the line of the gate, we will have four parts: the back, front and two sleeves. Thus, one third of the set will fall on the volume of the side pieces. At us it is 27, 3 p.
We reduce the fractional part in the calculation to the smallerSide. Knitting with knitting needles suggests that any sweater or blouse will stretch well, like all knitwear. In our case, we will transform an odd number with a fraction into an even integer - 26 p. So much is allocated to the beginning of the two sleeves. Hence, to start knitting the sleeve of raglan will need from 13 points + 2 edge (cr.).

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We knit raglan from above

The main picture we will have a smooth surface: On the face of the LP (facial p.), On the wrong side - IP (purl n.). The scheme is simple: the first 2 p. - According to the drawing. On the third and every odd one, we must add 1n. From each edge. You can do this either with a crochet, but then knitting will be with holes that does not always fit the main pattern, or by dragging the thread into the knot of the loop of the previous row.

Thus, when making additions, it is necessary to bind 10-12 cm. - the width of the shoulder, plus about the same amount, under the armhole. The length of the sleeve at this stage should be diagonal from the collar to the bottom of the armhole. It will be approximately 24 -26 cm. That is - 46-50 p. Next, the usual knitting scheme for this part of the product with the knitting needles from above, when the loosening of loops in each sixth pile begins.
If a raglan sleeve is knit together with the rest of the parts on
, Then at the end of the length of the shoulder it is necessary to translateKnitting this part in a separate circle. Here there is a separate moment: a nuance in the addition of n. In the case of circular knitting, we add loops in this way: H + LP + H. And so every odd p.
But when we reach the end of the armhole and we need to transfer the knitting of the Raglan sleeves into a separate circle, it is better to either gain an additional 5-6 points or increase the knitting by the same amount of n.
So in our product will not pull the armpit. Then we knit by the traditional method, but with circular knitting needles, if desired, straight lines can also be used.
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Raglan knitted from below

If the drawing does not allow you to useDirection down, you will have to start raglan from the bottom. Here we use the classic knitting scheme: a set of the required number of n. And their gradual build-up with the addition on each sixth of the river. So you need to tie the sleeve up to the armhole.
Approximately the length of the sleeve is 56-60See This is from 112 to 124 p. Here, as in the usual sleeve, they are closed 6-8 p. On each side, and then it is necessary to tie the head of raglan, removing by 1p. On each side of the detail in each odd row.
Raglan sleeves need to be sewn neatly,So the connection will be just in the most prominent place, and therefore should be performed especially beautifully and accurately. It's easier to always start knitting from above and do the work on the circular knitting needles, then the joining line in the armhole and so it will turn out perfectly. But if the blouse model requires a detachable sleeve, it will be necessary to sew.
First, it is always good to steam the partsFuture things, and then sew them with a thin needle with a knitted suture. You can do it on a sewing machine, if it has a special mode for knitted jersey.
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