We knit knitted berets according to the schemes with detailed description

We knit knitted berets according to the schemes with detailed description


This autumn
With needles got their second life in fashionIndustry. But not only these berets were worn on the catwalks, they appeared on the shelves in the wardrobe of women who are eager to keep up with the times. This is not just a hat, but also protection of hair from the cool autumn days. This interesting article will give examples of knitting berets with knitting needles with different patterns for the fall and their patterns.

Knitting a beret with spiral braids

To connect this model beret, youNeed half-woolen threads and knitting needles at number number 3. Get eighty-six loops and tie ten centimeters of gum one by one. In the new strip, add 1 loop every two links.
Further in the work the number of links shouldTo divide by the figure nine, after all the increments. Now, according to the scheme presented, knit a pattern 18 cm long. Then you need to link the garter stitch with decrements.
In the place where you run out of the braid pattern,It is necessary to tie two joint persons. After this, knit two p. Without decreasing, and again start to do them. According to such a consistent scheme, you need to knit until you have about ten or twelve buttonholes left.
Tear off the thread and thread it through the lastLinks. Sew a seam, and tie the edges of the product in the technique of "rastichny step." Such elegant berets for autumn, like this one, will always attract the attention of others, and fashionable women will like this very much.

Gentle beret with a fantasy pattern

If you wear berets and can knit with knitting needles,Then this article is for you. This cute lilac beret, which you can see in the photo, is sure to please you. Prepare yarn from mercerized cotton and knitting needles at No. 3,5, and also under No. 4.
According to the presented scheme, you will need to knit a fantasy pattern with knitting needles. The yarn should be folded in two pieces and typed with knitting needles No. 4 eleven loops. Then knit this way:

  • 1 p. - the reverse side, all links are knitted out. Way;
  • 2 r. - 1 persons. Etc., the increase of one item from the broach, 1 liter. Etc., repeat this way to the end of the series;
  • 3 r. Two of them. Etc., then make an increase of one item from the broach and execute the reverse side of two out. Repeat such actions to the end.

Continue to knit a fantasy pattern according toThe scheme, having completed nine rapports. When you finish the seventieth row, go to the spokes under number 3,5 and knit the elastic band 1 by 1. After seven p. Close the links on the pattern. Such a finished product is designed for warm autumn.

Simple beret model

Although such a headdress suits very simply, butNevertheless it looks gentle and beautiful. The very process of work is not difficult, if you constantly check your actions with a diagram, which will depict a three-dimensional pattern. If you try, it takes you to tie in one day. You do not need to use the blue color of the yarn, it can be the shade that suits you.

Prepare yarn from acrylic and wool, stocking knitting needles at number 3 and straight knitting needles at number 2,5.
The gum is knitted by removing the face. Looping like a purl, leaving a thread before work. The basic ornament is knitted according to the scheme according to which the number of links should be a multiple of fifteen. The figure shows only odd numbers, so even perform faces. Way. Repetition of rapport occurs from the first to the twenty-eighth row.
The first reduction is done as follows: It is necessary to leave the buttonholes on an additional spoke and tie three joints together three times. Etc. After this, transfer the item from the auxiliary tool to the work tool and again tie them in two joint faces.
The following decrease is done as follows: It is necessary to leave six points on an additional instrument, to link three times to two joint persons. Etc., move the links to the working spoke and tie two persons together. Next, with straight knitting needles No. 2.5, put in two additions one hundred and fifty links and execute twenty p. Patterned hollow gum. In the twenty-first r. Buttonholes knit people. Way into one thread, making a bifurcation of loops in the previous strip, so that you end up with three hundred n.

Transfer all items. On the stocking knitting needles and continue to knit the circular rows with the main pattern that you see in the sketch. Now you need to make a reduction in this way: in 48 r. Perform one decrease, in 55 r. Need to tie 1 liter. Etc., 2 joint persons of persons. Way, in 63 r. - two joint persons. Etc. Between the rivers in which reductions were made, knit. Etc. The links that remained should also be reduced until you have only six pieces. They pull together a working thread and make a simple seam.
These incredibly beautiful, stylish and laconicBerets, bound for autumn, will help you to complete your fashion image. As you could see, knitting with such a headdress is quite simple, even for beginner needlewomen. Use for knitting mixed yarn of cotton, acrylic and flax. In this case, the berets will look unique and feminine.
We suggest you to study interesting video material about knitted berets and patterns with beautiful patterns.

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