Knit knitting needles for girls: photo and video master-class

Knit knitting needles for girls: photo and video master-class


Before the birth of a baby, many young mothersTry to cook with their own hands the necessary little things. And when the family already has a replenishment, then on cool evenings it is very nice to put on beautiful little booties on small legs. Therefore, if you are at a loss with the choice of a gift for a little beauty, then the most correct solution will be to bind knitting needles for a girl.
At what age do we need booties? For babies - it protects the legs from cool and small injuries, and also, an important element of clothing. Beautiful modern booties will add along the originality, and my mother will feel relaxed. After all, for toddlers who begin to explore the environment, the shoes are very uncomfortable, and the toes are too thin and soft. In this case, they help out knitted booties. They will be comfortable, warm and comfortable legs.

Video: White booties for baby

Knitting of Pins

Bind knives for baby girl absolutelynot difficult. For beginners there are detailed master classes, thanks to which you can quickly learn how to type and bind loops, build patterns and calculate the density of knitting. But, this time will need only one measure - the length of the foot of the baby. You can immediately link those that will serve for several months. Do not necessarily knit the product by the time the baby starts to get up. Even for a two-month-old girl, beautiful openwork booties with lace or clasps are necessary. They will warm the legs while walking in the stroller.

Before you start knitting
, Will have to prepare the necessary materials:

  • yarn. It is better if it is a natural thread for children's things. Such yarn can be purchased in specialized departments or shops. Ask to pick up the yarn, which will be firm, soft and natural. Stability is needed for frequent washing of children's things, softness for the comfort of the legs and naturalness, so as not to cause allergic manifestations on the skin of the baby. Yarns for knitting pinets with needles will need a little, not more than 30 g. The most suitable thread is woolen with the addition of children's acrylic (no more than 35%). If the child is allergic, then you need to choose a thread with a low content of wool;
  • Knitting needles. The required number of spokes must be indicated on the yarn label. Booties for girls can be knitted with spokes slightly larger diameter, but no less;
  • hook. It will be required for the design of the pins and for the removal of certain details (lace, flower, etc.);
  • needle. To sew the pinets, you need to take a large needle.

Now go to the model selection. Booties for girls knit, but decorate or decorate the edges can be crocheted. The most simple are booties garter stitch. Experienced knitters add delicate inserts, laces, decorative details.
First of all, it is necessary to measure the length of the footBaby from the tip of the thumb to the end of the heel. For those who want to bind booties for a girl for a gift, it is better to use the averaged dimensions. For newborn babies take the length of the foot 9 cm. Girls from 3 months to 6 fit the length of 11.5 cm. For the next six months, the optimal size is 12.5 cm. After a year to a year and a half, 14 cm, from one and a half to two - 15.5 . Using such data, you can safely embark on knitting pinets for girls with knitting needles without fitting.
They begin to work mainly from the soles. On the needles, the required number of loops is typed (they are preliminary calculated) and they continue to knit with facial or garter stitch.

A newborn needs 10 set loops (withEdged). Make additions through the series. Additions are needed for each edge and in the middle of the canvas. For this, it is desirable to note the middle loop. It is enough four applications. Then you need to tie an even cloth of 10 rows.

The next step is to loosen the loops so that the sole is framed. Continue until the initial number of 10 loops remains on the spokes. The last row is not closed.
If you are knitting for the first time, then write down all your actions, so that the second baby boot for the girl is identical to the first one.
On the sides of the sole and on the back, new loops are tying, which are knitted in a circle.

To make it more comfortable to knit, put on the ends of the spokes pieces of rubber bands.
After 12 rows we proceed to unfasten the toe. To obtain a smooth, beautiful edge, the series is knitted exactly up to the last hinge. The edge is tied together with the first, which is on the side. Turn the canvas. In the same way knit the underside - exactly, and the last loop along with the side.

The toe increases, and the lateral part becomes smaller. As soon as the number of loops on all the spokes is equal, they proceed to the design of the tops of the pinets for the girl.

In the first row, you can tie holes forCords. This is done very simply. In the right place, two loops are tied together. Further on, you need to add as many loops and knit evenly. The last row is best finished with purl so that the edge does not wrap around.

Decorate booties for girls can be to your taste. There are a lot of models. We have considered the simplest, which will connect any novice craftsman.

Video master class for knitting pinets for girls

Video, which will help to get additional knitting skills for girls.

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