We knit the minkey booties according to the scheme and photo with description

We knit the minkey booties according to the scheme and photo with description


Many mothers prepare their knits for babiesDowry: envelopes, hats, sliders, pintochki, even if they are beginners knitters. Especially, after watching a variety of photos or videos, on which one of the other tracks is nicer. These things carry the warmth not only of wool, but also of mother's hands. Boots are worn the most: they are worn not only from the moment when the child starts to stomp, but also completely crumbs - so that the legs do not freeze.

And here there is one nuance that is important to rememberNovice craftsmen and inexperienced mothers: if the baby is not walking yet - the booties can be tied to the seam on the sole - it will not interfere. And from the moment when he took his first steps, booties knitted with knitting needles, it is very desirable to knit without a seam on the sole, because he can press on the delicate skin of the child's foot and interfere with walking. In order to determine which model to associate, beginners have better look at special videos or photos, master classes. After all, some species are universal for boys and girls, and some are not: they are knit either for girls (for example, booties-sandals), or for boys (booties-shoes).

We knit booties marshmallows for girls

Booties marshmallows - a model that you see onPhoto, because of its elegant appearance is more suitable for girls. Knit marshmallows knitting. There are several ways. For beginners, as usual, we will choose a simpler version. But in order to understand what is the difference of the model without a seam on the sole, we will disassemble the option with a seam. How to tie marshmallows with a seam, demonstrates a visual video master class.
Boots without a seam are very similar, onlyTheir upper part is tied by the second stage. And the appearance of the lapel can vary, depending on the desire and skill of the beginning master, - it can be knitted with knitting needles (for example, an elastic band) or a crochet (a beautiful openwork border). If you see marshmallows with lapels bound by garter stitch, as in this photo, - most likely, they are with a seam on the sole, for newborns or sliders.
If they have lapels of a different kind - these are booties without a seam for "runners" (compare the view on the photo).

As you can see from the master class in the previous video, knit marshmallows need to knit in several stages:

  • Dial loops;
  • Tie around 50 rows of garter stitch;
  • Close a few pet. For the formation of lapels;
  • On the remainder to connect the "accordion". Its scheme consists of alternating segments of plaiting and hosiery - 6 pieces each. (You can add a contrast color for one kind of knitting, but beginners do not have to do this, since this is an additional difficulty handling multiple threads);
  • Sew the open knitting loops to the opposite side of the work;
  • Sew a sole;
  • Pull the top of the accordion onto the thread;
  • Decorate the place of tightening.

We knit marshmallows without a seam

What is the difference without a suture model. Now, on this example, we will disassemble how to connect the novice masters
A cloth bound by garter stitching in thisThe case does not include the lapels, but the hinges that close from the sides are needed to form the front of the foot. Accordingly, the remaining edges will go to the back, which is formed here when folding the fabric during assembly. More clearly you will understand this further, following the description.

Examples of elastic bands that can be used in knitting knitting
Different master classes indicate differentNumber of loops for a set. And this is due not only to the thickness of the spokes and threads. After all, the legs of the kids differ significantly, depending on the age. Therefore, for beginners, it makes sense to consider a basic master class (from a photo or video), and then use his example to vary the number of loops and rows, getting a children's shoe of different sizes. Because it is extremely inconvenient to measure the tiny leg for some subsequent calculations.

So, we take knitting needles (2-2,5 are most often recommended), the soft children's yarn corresponding to them.
We type 34 pet., Leaving the end of a string of centimeters 25-30 for the subsequent sewing of the rear part. We make an odd number of rows with garter stitch: 29 (maybe 27 or 31 depending on your knitting density). If in the trial model you are not satisfied with the width or length, vary the number of loops or rows. In the next even row we close 17 pet., The rest we finish with the front ones.
Next, you need to link 6 plots ofHosiery knit, alternating them on 4 rows. Finish knitting with the seventh section of stocking knitting. Without closing the work, cut the thread, leaving a long end for the next stitching. Knitting should remain on the left side. Now bend our "accordion" to the opposite side and sew its open loops with the suture seam, without cutting off the thread.
Next tighten the nearby part of the "accordion" (from the side of the sole), fix the thread.

Hint for beginners: the thread is conveniently hooked.
Sew the back, also fixing the thread.

Now tighten the remaining edge of the "accordion" - this will be the upper front part of the booties.

It turned out such a tiny baby bootee. Now we need to tie a shin-shank. Or the calf-lapel. Select the loops along the top edge if you knit, and draw the desired height with the selected pattern. At the same time, you can knit with knitting needles, then the front leg will not be bifurcated.

You can use the crochet and tie the lapels according to the scheme that you now on the shoulder and to taste.

Further refinement is also entirely dependent on yourImagination and skills. It is possible, if you are still a beginner, to decorate the place of the screed with a button, pomponchik, ready decor (flower, bead). Well, if you already have certain skills, you can tie a flower or a berry hook. Or when knitting a lapel, provide holes in it and insert a ribbon or decorative cord in them.
The main thing is to compare the decor of marshmallows with ageCrumbs: if she already pulls everything in her mouth, then the pompom-beads will be there too. In this case, the decor should not hang and hang. That is, the laces should be without tassels, beads and pompons, and the decor of the screed must be tightly and firmly sewed. Then you will not only be happy to look at a smart baby - because he is warm and comfortable in booties, which you have knitted with love to him. But even wearing such a shoe will be safe. Of course, if the yarn is also chosen appropriate: not prickly, not shedding and not too fluffy.
As you can see, marshmallows with knitting needles can be knit quite easily even for beginners, especially if the example is an interesting and simple master class. Cozy evenings with your baby!

Photo MK knitting pinets of marshmallows

Video: Original model of zephirok pinets