We knit a hat for kids with a hat for photos and video lessons

We knit a hat for kids with a hat for photos and video lessons


Hat-helmet - a product that combinesThe dignity of a hat with earflaps and a scarf (or pelerine). That is, it is a warm thing, reliably protects the child from the cold and wind blowing in the ears, the neck and the neck. Probably, that's why moms choose this hat more and more often: it's not necessary to worry that a child has lost a scarf on his walk, did not tie it up correctly, or does not know how to do it. In a hat-hat, knitted with knitting needles from warm yarn, it is in any case wrapped and warmed. Especially if you additionally put it on a lining of soft fleece. Hat-helmet is a versatile wardrobe item: it fits both boys and girls.

There are many master classes with differentWays of knitting. Therefore, moms, who decided to tie such a cap for their baby, sometimes reconsider not one master class until they find a hat-helmet that suits them. We offer you some simple options how to tie a cap-helmet with knitting needles. After all, you always need to start with something simpler. And then, after understanding the basic principles of knitting, you can pick up other patterns, trim, vary the size of the cap.

Immediately make a reservation that the exact calculations forWe will not give the hat-cap, since all children of even the same age are different in height, complexion and girth of the head, and each mother has her own knitting density. At the same time, the master class basically gives specific numbers: the number of loops, the number of loops, and so on. It is easier to tie a hat, and then customize the calculations of its scheme to the size of your child (taking into account the thickness of yarn, knitting needles, knitting density).

Master-class №1 Hat with a jacquard pattern

So, this master class will show you how to fitHat for a boy. The most common variant of knitting with a knitting needle for a boy is using the knitting principle of the heel on the toes to tie the cap itself.
Shapka-shlemThe cap has an approximate size: Head circumference 45-48 cm (for children up to two years). First we knit the hard parts for the gear and back. For each part, we collect 50 loops, before knitting on height about 30 rows. Rubber band 2x2 and put it off. For the backrest, this height is 40 p. Now we unite both parts and close in a circle. You need to link about 30 p. Neck as dictates all the same scheme - an elastic band. We issue an oval face. From the side of the transfer (where the turn-down part is shorter) we close the average of 18 p. Further we subtract in each odd p. 5 times 2 loops (now knitting is not in a circle, but back and forth). The cap is tied to a certain height (about 15-16 cm).
Next, we must connect the very "heel": Divide the loops into three parts and knit only the middle, subtracting one side from both sides until the middle loops are left on the spokes. Further, moving along the crochet (and now we are about on the forehead, and we'll move on the cheeks), we choose from the edge new loops. They should be knit with the same elastic band, about 4-5 cm. Here, actually, the whole master class. If you do not add additional decor, in such a hat-helmet the boy will somehow resemble a knight (because of the breastplate).

Video: Hat with a jacquard

Master-class number 2: Knight's cap-helmet

If you slightly modernize the first master class, you will get a cap, in which the boy will look even more like a bold knight.
So, we begin the cap-helmet, as described above, butAfter combining the canvases into one you need to tie up so much that the neck would go into the face in the area of ​​the beard (approximately 12 cm). Close the front of the middle 40 loops (perhaps more, all sizes are individual) from this place begin to make out an opening for the face. It is necessary to tie another 12 centimeters in height (again, no longer in a circle), after which they dial the number of points on the spokes equal to that previously closed: 40.
Spinning about 8 cm in height, we reduce the numberLoops on the spokes in half, tying them together 2 together. Now, depending on the number of loops initially typed, we divide them into equal parts (8-10). In each such segment in odd p. Tie up 2 people together. The remaining 8-10 stitches are tightened. The resulting cutout for the face is tied with half-crocheted crochet - this conciseness is suitable for the boy. Hat-helmet is ready.

Master class №3: Video lesson on knitting a warm hat for a baby

Master class №4: a hat for a girl

As you can see from the title, such a cap can be connected by more "gentle" patterns of drawings.

The master class will demonstrate that the hat for the girl will have a more feminine and varied finish.

So, we'll knit a model for a head girth of 50-52See Cap starts at work from the neck. We dial 110 pcs with spokes No. 3, we lock and knit 2 p. Auxiliary yarn. After that, go to the main yarn and knitting as the diagram shows: an elastic band of 5-6 cm. We evenly add 20 loops (it turns out in work 130 p.). We pass to knitting with knitting needles 3,5 and we sew 5 р. Persons. Etc. We close the average 33 loops to form the face oval, then in odd (face) rows 4 times 1 pt = 89 pet.

Next, you need to link the selected pattern to 60-80 rows(Depending on the size of the head and the rapport of the pattern). Now, to round the oval, you need to add 4 times in odd r. On both sides of 1 st. We type on spokes for the frontal section of 33 sts (as much as covered from the bottom of the face). We continue to knit in a circle the chosen pattern of another 40-60 p.
Now we begin to form the vertex. The principle is similar to the cap for the boy: we divide the work into 10-13 equal parts and in each we subtract 1 loop in each person. Series (it turns out to be a series of minus 10-13 pet.). So we knit another 6 cm. The remaining loops are tightened.
Now we untangle the cap of the hat-helmet. To do this, we unfold the auxiliary thread, select the loops on the knitting needles and knit the shoulder region with the chosen pattern. For example, making increases by the type of raglan. We send the front for height of 8-9 cm. We make a hole for the face oval. Choose loops along the edge. They should be connected with an elastic band to a height of 4-5 cm. The cap is ready. It remains to choose the finish (if desired).
We hope our master class will help you to connect simple hat-helmets, even for a boy, even for a girl.
Video: Bright hat-helmet

A selection of models describing the progress of work