We knit the hat with a pompon: photo and video master-class

We knit the hat with a pompon: photo and video master-class


In the coming season, special popularity will beUse winter hats with fur or thread pompons. Original fur coats will decorate women's, children's and even men's models of knitted hats.
Today's master classes will be devoted to the topicKnitting winter hats with pompoms for adults and children. After carefully studying the training master classes, you will learn how to fit the pompon with knitting needles, and also learn how to make a pompom for a thread or fur cap.

We knit a woman's hat with a bumbon

After reading this master-class you will not only learn aboutHow to tie a stylish woman's hat, but also learn how to make a fluffy pompom made of thread. Such a warm knitted hat will be a great addition to the winter wardrobe! In order to make a knitted female hat with a pompon you will need:

  • Conventional or circular spokes;
  • pin;
  • needle;
  • hook;
  • scissors;
  • A special device for the formation of pompoms;
  • tape measure;
  • Blue and gray yarn;
  • Gray thread;
  • Scheme of weaving;
  • A schematic drawing with color transitions, calculation of the height of knitting;
  • Tables to simplify the process of knitting.

During the description of this knitting pattern, as well as in subsequent master classes, we will use the following abbreviations:

  • Etc. - a loop;
  • R. - row;
  • LH - facial surface;
  • IG - purity;
  • Chrome. - Edgebanding;
  • Out. Or IP - purl;
  • Persons. - Facial.

Such an elegant winter hat for womenPattern in the form of braids. Between the pigtails, intermediate steps need not be done! Each pigtail consists of 3 parts of 4 pcs. Width - 12 p., And the height of the rapport - 12 p. We start a master class on knitting a woman's hats. Spread out the yarn, so that in the end you have 2 motows of each color. Having dealt with the threads you need to dial n. The number of loops depends on the size of the female product.

The first 5 r. LH are tied. The sixth ryadochek begins with weave. For its formation, the first 4 sts are removed on a pin. 7, as well as 11 p. - LG. 12 r. Interlacing: the central 4 sts should be removed on a pin. In order to link the pattern, you first need to create a small sample. In the photo you see 1 rapport with a braid pattern.

Knitting pattern start with a set of loops: 12 pcs. For the pattern, 6 PI, 2 chrome. Further work is carried out according to the scheme. From the wrong side we perform the IG 5 r .. From the front side we knit the LH. Inverse: remove the edge, form 3 persons., 12 IP, 3 persons., Chrome. We do izn. We turn knitting and start shaping the faces. R. In accordance with the pattern. Without changing the scheme of action, we sew 5 r.

Starting from the 6 r. We perform weave. The first chrome. Remove, perform 3 IP. We wind the thread behind the knitted fabric and move the first 4 sts for the braid onto the pin. Place the pin in front of the knitted fabric.
From the left knitting needle binds - 4 pcs. We transfer the item from the pin to the left spoke.

We perform 8 points for the braid and finish the rundown. - 3 pcs., 1 chrome. As a result, we got one weave. Further, in accordance with the scheme of the rapport, it is necessary to bind 5 r. On the pattern.
Then in 12 r. We proceed to form the second weave. Kromochnuyu remove, perform 3 of the original., We sew 4 pts for the braid. We shoot on the pin 4 central spit. We fix the last item from the braid - 4 pcs.

We transfer the item from the pin to the left spoke. We send them and complete a series of 3 PIs, 1 chrome. The rapport of the pattern is ready. The winter product will consist of repeating vertically and horizontally repeats.
Sampler elastics are knit from 24 pt. And 2 cr. The height of the probe with braids should be at least 1 rapport. The number of loops should be divided by 2 plus 2 ct. In the photo you see a sample consisting of 3 braids. Each of 12 items, plus 6 for the old. And 2 Cr.

For the cap, calculated for the volume of the head equal56 cm you need to dial 132 pts for braids + 2 chrome. Having made all the calculations you can proceed directly to the very process of creating a woman's cap. To do this, first you need to type on the spokes 74 sts and knit 2X2 with rubber bands 6.5 cm.

After that, you need to add 60 more points so that the total number of loops is equal to 134 pieces. It is more convenient to add loops on the front side. Lapping of loops is carried out according to the following scheme:

The contract is better to add no more than 6 p. Then you can start forming the first replay of braids. Having plotted 3 r. Rapport it is necessary to add a usual thread, and to continue work up to 9 r. During operation, it is necessary to check periodically with the charts and tables. In the 9 r. Blue yarn and a regular thread is replaced by a gray yarn.
Then knitting is carried out according to the scheme or table. In them you will find all information concerning the change of colors, as well as the necessary reductions. In the 30 r. Weave. Rows No. 31, 32 are patterned. As a result, after all cuts on the spokes should remain 19 p.

Now the thread must be cut off, and then crocheted through all the loops. Then you need to pull off the hinges and thread the thread into the needle.

The winter product is stitched from the wrong side with the back of the needle. Then the product is turned out. On this lesson on knitting women's winter hats can be considered complete!

Now you need to make a fluffy boom.

To make a fluffy decoration, you can use cardboard templates. But in this master class, the pompon for the cap will be formed using a special device.
The ends of the ready-made bumbon are passed to the product and tied on the wrong side. If desired, such a fluffy ball can easily be removed before washing.

Baby cap

Are knitted according to the same scheme. With the only difference is that children's models for boys or girls use a smaller number of loops. To connect such a beautiful hat, which is suitable not only for girls, but for boys you will need:

  • 5 differing from each other in the color and thickness of the types of warm yarn;
  • Spokes number 8, 9 or 10;
  • thick cardboard;
  • scissors.

We begin knitting a children's hat. On the girth of the head 50 cm, dial 54 spokes on the spokes. Knit with rubber 1X1. Form 20 cm. Remove the chrome., Tie an alternation of 2 faces. Together to the end of the row. As a result, 28 knots should remain on the spokes. Purl, repeat the reduction, so that you have 15 points left. Through them, as well as in the previous master class, draw the thread. Sew the top.

When the work is completed, you will be able toBegin to create a fluffy decoration. Recently, winter hats are often decorated with natural fur-bearing boombones. But, in this master class, we will tell you how to make a bumbonchik from threads. To make a bumbon with a diameter of 10 cm, you need to cut out of a thick cardboard two circles with the same diameter.

Pay special attention to the fact that in eachCircle cut out the core. Its diameter is 2 cm. The resulting circles should be put together. For a homemade boom, approximately 8 m of yarn should be laid aside. It is doubled and added to it another 4 m thin shiny thread. These threads wrap the cardboard blank. In order for the bumbon to be very lush with so many threads it is wrapped 2 times. On the outer circle, the threads are neatly cut with scissors. The cartons are pushed apart, they thread a thread between them and, tightening it, tie it.

Fixed with a thread the boom is released from the cards. The bumbon is sewn to the cap.

Under this scheme, you can knit winter hats not only for girls, but for boys. The pompon for the cap for the boys is done, as well as for the girls.

Baby caps with boobs look more beautiful and elegant. Therefore, connecting the product itself should not be lazy and be sure to make a boom!

Video: How to make a pompon out of yarn

How to make a pompon made from natural fur

The popularity of bumbons from natural fur is growingfrom year to year. Therefore, now we suggest that you study the technique of creating a pompon made from natural fur. To make a natural fur boom, you need:

  • sintepon;
  • ribbon;
  • needle;
  • a thread;
  • Designer knife;
  • A piece of natural fur.

We begin to create a fur pompon for the hat. Using a design knife, cut out a piece of the right size from natural fur. Sew a fur round in circles with large stitches. Insert the ribbon inside. Cram into the future bumbonchik sintepon. Tie the tape to the knot.

Gently pull off the fur. Tie a string into several nodules. Trim off the ends of the thread. Fluffy bumbon is ready! Such a fur pom-pom can decorate not only the hats for children, but also products for adults.
Video: We make a fur pompom with our own hands

We knit a male model of a cap with a pompon

In this master class we will tell you aboutUniversal model of the cap, which is suitable not only for women, but for men. For beauty, such an unusual knitted hat can be decorated with a fur or string bumbon. In order to tie a winter man's cap with a fur bumbon to a head girth of 55-58 cm you will need:

  • 50 g of black yarn;
  • 50 g of bright orange yarn;
  • Stocking knitting needles at number 3, 5 and 6;
  • Ready-made fur pompon or materials for its manufacture.

During work the pattern will be usedA rubber band consisting of 2 persons. And 2 PIs. Knitting is done in 2 strands. The density of the banded fabric is 10X10 cm = 24 circular r. Х16п., 10Х10 cm = 19 circular rows Х14 п.
We begin the process of creating a man's hat with furBumbon. Using multi-colored threads on spokes at number 3,5, dial 72 p. Lock them in the ring. Spray an elastic band 12 r. Move the work to spokes at number 6 and then knit with an elastic band.
In 30 r. Start executing the deductions. In the 31 r. Tie together 2 n. Persons. In 32 r. Alternately, knit 1 person. And 2 PIs. 33 r .: 2 together IP.
Return to needles number 3,5. Alternate bind the faces. And out. In 35 r. Perform two persons at a time. Next r. Form from the facial. 37 r. Do according to the same scheme as 35. Repeat the river, consisting of faces. Pull off the remaining n and sew a fur decoration.
Warm men's winter hat with a pompon is ready! Using this scheme you can make even more vivid children's or female models! For their formation it will be sufficient to simply change the number of loops.

Video: Winter cap with pompon made of fur