We knit men's socks models according to the schemes with the description

We knit men's socks models according to the schemes with the description


It is not necessary to make a gift to her husbandTo a holiday, sometimes he just needs care and attention, and at the same time warm things, with which you can provide it yourself. The simplest thing that an needlewoman can do for her men is to tie socks to them. Even a beginner knitter can handle this task. How to tie men's socks, you can learn without the help of video lessons.

Video: We knit socks with a simple heel

We knit men's socks with knitting needles

For this we need:

  • Five thin spokes number 2;
  • A yarn of a half-wool of any color, which is pleasant. It will be enough to have two coils up to 250 m long. You can take 4 tangles, two different shades of the same color. Darker will knit the model's sock and heel;
  • About six hours to do the work. You can do needlework in the evenings.

To create warm socks for men do not need a scheme, give a simple description. In the course of the explanations we will use abbreviations:

  • number - p .;
  • Loops - n;
  • Spoke - joint venture;
  • Facial loop - LP;
  • Purl - IP.

Knitting begins with a rubber band. We dial for two SP 60 p. Distribute them to 4 SP. We obtain the first p. 15 p. Close the circle. We knit with an elastic band 1x1 (1 LP, 1 IP, reverse side by picture) 24 rub. We pass to the surface of the face: the face - LP, the back - IP. For men, it is not customary to tie patterns on toes. Because just knit the surface of another 12 p. So we get high socks that will warm the entire shin. If you do not need such high products, it is worth to tie up no more than 4-6 rubles.
Heel toe. For her, yarn of a slightly darker color is often used to make socks look more interesting. There is also no special scheme here. We simply collect the item from two SPs to one large one. On the rest we continue to knit another 10 r. Now we need to collect 30 points for one SP, then distribute them anew to 3 SP in this order: 1 SP - 9p, 2 SP - 12 p, 3 SP - 9 p.

Then we knit only the central part, with eachThe parties in each river, wiring with the last point, another one from the lateral joint ventures. So our loops from the side joints will gradually be removed into the main knitting, forming a corner. Get a heel. If the process is difficult for beginner needlewomen, you can see a video lesson, but the descriptions are enough to do the job.
How to tie socks. We divide the bottom of the heel into two joint ventures, to which we must collect an additional number of loops along the side of the heel. So on each joint venture from below it will turn out to be 18 p. The top pivots are taken from one JV to two, to 15 pcs. We knit the face with the usual circle. But first it is necessary in the first, third and fifth rivers. Remove the extra 3p. From the lower spokes. In the said p. We sew on 2p. At the beginning of the heel. Further all under the former scheme, still 20 - 26 rubles, it depends on the size of a man's leg.

To unfasten the sock is simple. In each river. We remove from the side on 1 point on each joint venture. It is better not to take the terminal loops, but 2 and 3 on each side on the joint venture. At the same time, we start to clean gradually, through a series. On the fifth circle, you can start cleaning in each river. . In the latter, bind the remaining 4 sts together and tighten the thread.
The second sock should be repeated the same way. Knit men's socks with knitting needles is simple and fast. It is more interesting to decorate them with some drawing, stripes or small stars of a different color. If you own this technique, you can create the drawing yourself, for new ideas you do not need to watch the video, just draw a diagram yourself. For the bands: every 2p. New color. For stars, it's better to choose a drawing separately, and see how many times it will have to be repeated.

After the men's
Will be tied up, it is better to immediately spread them, straighten them and dry them. After they become softer, and it will be better to sit on the leg.

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Photo lessons with knitting patterns for socks