We knit with knitting needles the original scarf according to the schemes with detailed description

We knit with knitting needles the original scarf according to the schemes with detailed description


The most common female needleworkIs knitting. And the most common product, which is knitted by masters, is, of course, a scarf. Moreover, on the Internet, you can find many interpretations of knitting by various schemes. It can be not only a beautiful and original scarf, but also unusual. In this article we will try to offer you examples and schemes of knitting the most interesting scarves.

We are knitting a scarf with a bow

The originality of this scarf isCoquettish bow, which will be connected with their own hands. In this master class, the product will be knitted in a monochromatic color, but you can use beautiful melange threads in which one color goes into the other. Shawl style is more suitable for autumn weather or for warm winter. Nevertheless, he can not only decorate your image, but also protect you from wind and weather.

So, for work you will need any yarn,Which in its composition has wool, mohair or polyacryl. Still need knitting needles at number 6 for knitting the main part of the product, and knitting needles at number 5 for binding the bow.
The knitted density of the product is 14 p. = 10 by 10 cm. The face of the face is knitted in faces. Ranks with the same links, but in the old. R. Use rel. Etc. In garter stitching, face and purse rows are performed only by persons. P.
We begin to knit a scarf. Type spokes number 6 sixty-five loops and tie eighty centimeters of facial smoothness. In the 41 r. It is necessary to close 24 and 25 eyelets, and then 42 p. Close the 49 and 50 buttonholes. And in these places, re-type two new buttonholes. After that, freely close the links. Shape the scarf stock along so that the holes formed touch each other. Now sew the longitudinal parts, and then the beginning and end of the product.
Next, take a double thread, type the loops and tie about a hundred centimeters of garter stitch. After this, the links can be freely closed. Pass the ribbon through the holes and tie a bow.
Another is not a big tip. If you want the bow to look smooth and beautiful, you can sew it with secret stitches. This knitting is finished with knitting needles.

Video: How to tie a scarf with a loop

Knitting a fluffy scarf

This simple, but beautiful and original modelScarf knits very simply. You do not even need a schematic for this. Prepare for work several colors of yarn from wool and polyacryl, namely: orange, bright pink and purple, and even green. Knitting will be straight knitting at number 5.
To connect a pattern it is necessary according to such scheme: The front row begins with an edge, then 1 faces. Etc., 1 str. Etc. Repeat until the very end of the band. Ext. The ranks only knit people. Links. The sequence of colored yarn will be as follows: you need to link four p. Bright pink color, then two rivers. Green shade and four rivers. Orange.
Dial twenty-eight loops, then knitThe main pattern, which is described above in the article, observing the correct alternation of colors. When your product reaches a length of 300 cm - close the knitting. At the very end you will need to make your own pompoms from other shades of yarn, and then sew them along the entire length of the product. After that, we can assume that the scarf is completely ready.
Video: Knitting from an unusual yarn

Fashion scarf knitting with needles

Among the fashionable types of scarves is very prominentComfortable and versatile scarf. Its relevance, here already for a long period of time can not be replaced by anything. To tie it with knitting needles, you will need mohair or wool yarn and circular knitting needles at number 3.5. The circumference of the product will be approximately ninety centimeters, and the height is somewhere forty centimeters.
Knitted density is 20 p. Per 28 p. = 10 by 10 cm. Be careful, since the number of buttonholes in the rapport changes in every 2 p. - eight or nine loops.
Tie a scarf around the circle, with circular knitting needles. Dial 185 p. And knit four laps of kerchief. Knitting. The first band is performed by all persons. Etc., and the second is knitted by everyone else. Then, once again, bind 1 persons. R. And evenly reduce by 4 p.
Next, you will need a drawing of the scheme. Knit on the fig. M1. You need to make nine rapports vertically, forty centimeters high. Then perform one circular series of faces. Etc. and at the same time turn down twenty-two links. After that, you need to tie the four stripes to the kerchief. Sticky and close all the buttonholes.

If you consider yourself a beginner in such needlework,Then we recommend you before starting knitting, to study the instruction on the Internet or to view step-by-step video lessons in which everything is shown in detail. These master classes you can see on our website. Carefully study all the steps to make your fashionable scarf the best.
As you can already see, the original scarfIt's very easy to make by yourself. It requires only diligence and diligence. Just do not forget that before you start you will need to tie a small sample. This is done in order to calculate the correct number of loops, and also make sure that the pattern is exactly as shown in the diagram. For a visual example, we suggest you watch a video material on how to tie a beautiful
Video: Knitting a Snuff from Sectional Yarn
And now you can choose for yourself a suitable knitting pattern for the original scarf, I use the presented gallery of patterns. And let your first product be admired.

Photo lessons on knitting scarves