We knit with knitting needles slippers for the photo with a detailed description

We knit with knitting needles slippers for the photo with a detailed description


When the first cold comes, it's very cool to warm your feet with warm cozy knitted slippers.
There are several varieties of slippers,Who love to knit with their knitting needles. The most popular - slippers are tracked. The technology of the work is quite simple, so even a beginning knitter can link them. In this article you will be offered a teaching knitting lesson knitting.

Having decorated knitted traces with embroidery, ornament, beads or beads, you can create a unique model for a gift. Advantages of slippers in front of socks are obvious:

  • It will be faster to connect;
  • Less yarn is needed;
  • More options for decoration.

In magazines it is easy to find schemes with a detailed description of the technology of knitting, on the websites a video with explanations is posted.

Video: Knitting for Beginners

Knitted traces can be attributed to a separatecategories. They are different from socks and slippers, too. Slippers usually have a sole and a higher fit. To tie the slippers, you need two or five spokes. It depends on what kind of knitting technology is chosen. Hook is used for finishing finished tracks.

Master class on knitting slippers

34 loops are typed in the usual way. And the first row is tied with facial (not forgetting the edges). Then you need to divide the canvas into three parts. To do this, every 10 facial (hereinafter referred to as persons.) Is separated by one of the latter. As a result, it turns out: edge, 10 faces., 1 purl (hereinafter referred to as the original), 10 faces., 1f., 10 faces., Edge.

Now they are tying on the 34 rows in such aCombination. In the 35th row, you need to add loops for the sole. The change in the knitting pattern will be as follows: Edge, 11 faces., 1 addition (from one to tie two), 8 faces., 1 addition, 11 out., Edge. Continue knitting, trying to keep the vertical strips of the out. Loops.
The length of the blind is checked with the length of the foot. Finish knitting with an elastic band 1х1 (1 faces., 1 он.). Hinges at the end do not close, the thread does not break.
The thread that was left, it is necessary to stretch throughThe loop of the last row. Then tighten and secure. Then the same string is sewn up an elastic band and additionally about 8 numbers. You can add the length of the seam. It depends on how closed the crocheted footprints are.

Pass the thread through the middle part of the foot, tighten it and gently sew the side parts.

At this stage, you can fully implementCreative ideas. Hook you need to tie flowers of different colors, a chain, leaves, rings. All this is combined in a certain order, trying to give the slippers a finished look.

Guided by the description, you can make slippersAny color and size can be tracked. Those who are better versed in the schedule, will use clear schemes. To better and quickly understand the technique of knitting, it's good to use video with step-by-step instructions.

Video: How to tie slippers home