Knitting needles socks for toddlers detailed tutorial for beginners

Knitting needles socks for toddlers detailed tutorial for beginners


What could be better than knittingveshchichek amazing for kids. In this article we will try to explain to you how the knitted baby socks. You will be presented with a detailed description step by step photos.

Picture Wizard - socks knitting class

For socks under this scheme will need to dial 32loop (introduce reductions in the text n., or P). First, knit 24 rows gum 1 * 1. On the last row remove 4 n This should be done evenly -. 1 st on each spoke.. It turns out quite high and dense gum - kids just such a right, to sit on the leg tightly, and do not fall down.

Now turn heel. With two spokes are now taking all P on one. 8 rows (. P) knit under the scheme coats - 1p. face 1p. seamy side.
Then we begin to diminish loops. To do this, knit 10 LP, then 2 n. Together. We end the row as usual. Knitting turn over to the wrong side. Knit 6 SP and two together again. To reduce until the total amount of the spoke does not remain equal to six.

Go back to the needle 2. N Distribute evenly, continue to work, adding to each row by 4 p. When the number of loops is equal to 7, the work on the heel over.
Knitting circle continues. If your heels you use another color of yarn, it's time to change it to basic. Kids love the colorful products, so it is just a class, if you use different colors of yarn: for socks and heels, for example.

socks length depends on the child's foot size. Circling embroidery recruit the required number of rows. When knitting comes to little finger, you can proceed to the final stage.
For this purpose, each spoke in each row start to clean up to 1 n. A few rows you will 1H., Which should tighten the knot and thread the thread inside the unit.
Master-class on making his first over socks for new-born man. It remains to link the second sock.

Photography lessons knitting socks

Knit socks "Ladybug"

Knitted socks on a "Ladybug" is very cute. Kids draw their interesting pattern and bright colors, they will be happy to wear them.

From the description of this scheme we will now take a look. Before you begin, it is necessary to stock up on yarn of red, white and black colors.
On the spokes - 32 P. distribute them evenly. Knit gum. For kids it is always preferable circuit 1 * 1, as it is more dense and well "sits" on the child's leg.
Master class for creating patterned socks continues to stain that runs on a smooth surface. The general scheme of the pattern:

  • 1p. - Link it is necessary to facial loops of yarn in red. Do not forget the edge P: first of them simply make a copy, the last - provyazyvaetsya wrong;
  • 2p. - Purl only P, but begin to alternate the colors black and red. To do this, associate 3n. red 1P. black. Under this scheme, we go to the end of the row;
  • 3p. - Repeated as 1p;
  • 4p. - Only purl P, 1P. red, 1P. black, 2n. red, continue to edge loops, it Wrong.

Assign 1-4 rows 2-3 more times, depending on whether we want to get what height.
Go to the heel. Hinges on two spokes of the portable one. Provyazyvaem 10 p. Again divide the loops into 3 parts. Knit middle piece so that each side of the outer loop to tie the web parts. Go back to the first part of the heel, and tie it all hinges 5. Finish typing even middle portion heels.
Now we go back to work in a circle. On the spokes - 28 loops. The remainder of the product master to finish in 5-10 minutes. Alternating threads of white and black colors - 2 p. Baby Socks are made very quickly, the circuit simple, even for beginners handy people. All. What remains to be done - it's close P, dec alternately on each of the spokes 1 st in each row..
If used for children's socks gum2 * 2, they can be dumped with the baby's feet. Out of this situation - even at the level of the last row of ribbon gum. Beautiful bows will not let them fly off the legs.
An interesting model with a bend. For such models just knit socks just above the gum, so that you can bend it.

Video: How to tie spokes children's socks