We knit stylishly the female with the spokes according to the scheme with the description

We knit stylishly the female with the spokes according to the scheme with the description


Beautiful knitted coats - this is the best option forThose ladies who even with the onset of the first colds want to look feminine, elegant and stylish. There are many different models of coats for women, but today we want to tell you about the brightest and most relevant example!
Having carefully studied this small master class with a detailed description of all the activities, you will learn how to make an openwork knitted coat of noble claret color.

Stylish coat with knitting needles

Such a bright autumn-spring outfit, as knittedA coat with knitting needles will undoubtedly become the main "highlight" of any women's wardrobe. A spectacular openwork model will emphasize all the dignity of the figure and will attract more attention to its owner. To tie a coat with knitting needles is not so difficult. The main thing is to get all the necessary materials, be patient and get ready for work! To link such an original coat with knitting needles you will need:

  • Maroon acrylic yarn - 900 g;
  • Knitting needles at number 7;
  • Hook with 4 numbers;
  • Knitting patterns;
  • A few patterns.

This training master class will be givenA detailed description of the process of creating a female coat size 42/44. In the course of the work, weave will be applied according to Schemes No. 1 and No. 2, as well as garter stitch, facial smoothness and columns without crochet. During the description of the work, some common abbreviations will be used:

  • Etc. - a loop;
  • R. - row;
  • Chrome. - Edgebanding;
  • Лг - the facial smooth surface;
  • "*" - all actions from the first * to the last * must be repeated a certain number of times.

The density of the knitted fabric created according to the scheme No. 1: 10X10 cm = 13 r. X 12p.
We start a master class with the description of knitting techniquesOpenwork coat for women. First of all, you need to tie the backrest. To do this, you need to dial 51 spokes on the needles and then knit according to Scheme No. 1. After completing 22 r. On two sides in each second ryadochke 1 time to close 2 points and 2 more times 1 p. Having formed another 30 rivers. You can proceed to closing the hinges for the shoulders - for 8 pcs. from each side. The remaining loops are transferred to the additional spoke.
The lower part of the knitted article is formed from 51 st., Typed on the set edge. Knitting is carried out according to the following scheme: edge, * LH - 1 st, then 7 sts according to scheme No. 2 *. Actions from the first * to the second are repeated 5 times. At the end we sew 1 p. LH and make chrome. Without changing the scheme of action, you need to tie 10 p. Then to expand the knitted fabric you need to make an increase: 4X7 points in each 10 p. When this scheme is formed 50 r. It will be necessary to relate 2 p. Garter stitch and close the eyelets.

The next stage of the master class is dedicated to knittingLeft shelf for a female coat. To create it, you need to dial 29 pcs. The typed loops are tied according to a certain scheme: 1 chrome., According to scheme No. 1 - 25 pcs. Smooth - 1 p., LH - 1 pc., Edge. Having completed 22 r. In each 2 p. On the right side it is necessary to close 1X2, 2X1, etc. After 30 rubles. On the right side, close 8 loops. The rest of the eyelets are transferred to the additional spoke.
On the set edge for the bottom of the product,To form 28 items. The typed stitches are knitted according to the following scheme: 1 edge, * LH - 1 piece, according to scheme No. 2 - 7 p. *, LH, chrome. The actions between the asterisks are repeated 3 times. According to the description in 10 r. The knitted fabric expands. For this, in each 10 p. The increase is 4X5 points. Having formed 50 rubles. The next 2 p. Knit with garter stitch. At the end, the hinges are closed.
At the next stage of the master class, without changing the schemeAction, we knit the right shelf. It is performed mirror left. Then proceed to the formation of the left sleeve. For him we type on spokes exactly 33 points. We send 2 r. Garter stitching. Then we continue to work on the scheme number 1. Simultaneously from two sides for the bevels we add 7X1 n. In each 5 r. Having plotted 36 р. In each 2 p. For the rollback from both sides we close: 1X3, 1X2,., 8X1,., 1X3. After 22 r. From the beginning of the rollback we close all the loops.

We knit the right sleeve in the same way as the left one. To form a collar, put the eyelets on the knitting needles from the shelves and the backrest.
Description of knitting of the collar: 1 hem., LH - 1 piece., 1 out. Smooth, according to the scheme number 1 - 55 pcs., 1 re. Smooth, LH - 1 pc., Edge. Spray 18 r. And close the eyelets.
The original women's knitted coat is practicallyReady. At the end of the master class, we only need to collect it. To complete the process of creating a charming coat for women, you must first make seams on your shoulders. After that, you must sew up your sleeves. Then you can start making seams on the sides and on the sleeves. In the end, you need to tie the edges of the shelves with a crochet. For this purpose, a column familiar to all without a crochet is used.
Openwork women's knitted coat is ready! We hope that this original stylish model will become the main "highlight" of your wardrobe and in it you will conquer a lot of men's hearts!
If you want to tie a woman's coat likeCardigan you can view a small video, which gives a detailed description of the knitting technique of this model. The first part of the video of the lesson describes the process of creating a backrest. And in the second part we are talking about the formation of the left shelf. The following clip shows how to tie the right shelf. Then the technique of knitting sleeves is described. At the end, a collar is made, buttons are sewn, the product itself stitches together.

Video: Coat with a gradient

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