Knit cardigan men spoke under the scheme with a description (photos)

Knit cardigan men spoke under the scheme with a description (photos)


Everyone has long known that knitting storeneedlewoman warm hands. That is why they are so highly sought after. Many needlewoman in anticipation of the holidays resolved virtually "exploit" - tie the jumper for his men. To work was a joy, and the product is not migrated into the category of a lanky, should comply with certain rules. In addition, greatly facilitate the work of the circuit with detailed descriptions.

Tips for beginners needlewomen

If the experience is still very small, do not just throw in the men's sweater with a complex pattern. It is best to try to play with color, choosing the simplest model for execution.
There is another amazing way to connecttwo-color sweater men spoke. The model looks unusual and unique. It seems that the man who wears it, just stepped off the catwalk. To this sweater came to taste, it is important to choose the right combination of colors. For young guys, they can be bright, screaming for older men is better to stay in the quieter tones. And in fact, and in another case, the jumper will look chic.

At first glance, it seems that such a tiemen's cardigan is very difficult. In fact, when the ability to knit braid any needlewoman easily cope with the implementation of this male model. The main thing when choosing schemes in the center of the sleeve, the forehand and back to put a simple braid, where interlacing is always in the same direction. In this case one half of one color fabric is knitted, and the second - the other. As a result, during normal weaving obtained such an unusual effect as in the photo.

Also novice needle women can be advisedchoose a model with a flat sleeve. In this case, there is no need vyvyazyvayut armhole that brings a lot of trouble because of the large number of additions and subtraction. This men's cardigan looks very brutal.
Using detailed descriptions do not immediatelystart working, blindly following them. First, you must tie the sample and rinse it to steam. Such a small piece of the picture is used to check the density of knitting. If it corresponds exactly to that given in the description, you can stick it in the proposed number of loops and rows. If the density is significantly different, it is necessary to recalculate all values. Sometimes beginning knitters can be difficult to do so. In this case it is possible to try to replace spokes thicker or thinner.

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Knitting men's sweaters with braids

For ease of implementation provides a descriptiontie a men's cardigan with a flat sleeve. In this case, it is not necessary to do ubavki for armholes and round sleeves that beginners needlewomen causes difficulties. In addition, sew a straight sleeve also much easier.
When knitting sweaters this, the following patterns:

  • gum 2x2;
  • Garter;
  • the basic pattern - odd rows facial hinge. In the even interleave 1 persons and 1 PHI;
  • Spit fit in with the scheme.

Density knitting basic pattern for: square 10x10 cm - 18 loops, 25 series. When knitting braids 1 rapport (24 loops) is 10 cm.
The description is given for the size 48-50 (assuming that the reduced density and the resulting knitting needlewoman in the same). If there are differences, the calculations have to make yourself.

Knitting sweaters male should begin withbackrests. To do this, dial 105 loops and knit in garter stitch. In the fourth row uniformly add 8 loops. Now we should start vyvyazyvanie main part of the spokes. For this purpose, the web is divided into parts as follows:

  • bead;
  • 25 loops of the main pattern;
  • 1 rapport braids;
  • 13 n main pattern.;
  • 1 rapport braids;
  • 25 para. DOS. pattern;
  • bead.

For convenience, you can mark the border patternsspecial rings. When the length of the male jumpers reach 63 cm, it is necessary to perform the shoulder bevels. To do this, close the two sides on 13 loops, and a number - even at 14. The remaining loops without closing, to be postponed. They will be needed when the time comes to draw up the neck.
Knitting sweaters forehand begins the same way,as backrest. At a height of 59 cm begins execution of the armhole. To do this, the average 19 loops laid on extra needle, should continue to knit the two parts separately. Thus in each second row along the edges of cutout do ubavki:

  • 2 x 2 eyelets;
  • 4 x 1 loop.

At a height of 63 cm to make a bevel shoulder in the samemanner as in the backrest. It remains to link the sleeves for men sweaters. To do this, you need to dial 50 loops. Thereafter knit elastic band 4 cm. The last row gum added 4 loops. Then proceed to perform the pattern for this with the help of markers divide the canvas into two parts:

  • bead;
  • 14 loops of the main pattern;
  • 24 n braids.;
  • 14 n. Est. pattern;
  • bead.

Through 59 cm from the beginning of knitting the loop closed. Second sleeve perform similarly to men's sweaters. Incidentally, for convenience, you can produce knitting two arms simultaneously by two coils.
When all the parts of the male jumpers are ready,they should be carefully washed and dried, splits on the floor. Once they are completely dry, you can start assembly. To do this, you first need to sew the shoulder and side seams.
Now you can link gate. To this end, circular needles deferred loop back to collect the cut and forehand. It is also closed on the front edges of the need to dial 16 loops. The resulting loop knit in a circle at a height of about 7 centimeters. It remains to sew, and sew the sleeves and men jumper ready.
Thus, with a strong desire andto exert maximum effort, any person will be able to please men nice jumper. Knitwear certainly will appeal to everyone. An important step is to choose a model. To this should be approached with great responsibility, sober assessment of their skills.

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