We knit the sweater with braids according to the description and photo scheme

We knit the sweater with braids according to the description and photo scheme


Knitted sweater with a braid pattern isA classic product that can be found not only in the women's wardrobe, but also in the men's wardrobe. Its difference from other sweaters is the simplicity of knitting, functionality and beauty. Many beginner needlework knit their first products with a braid pattern. So, let's consider several variants of knitting female sweaters with knitting needles and with a braid pattern.

We knit a mohair sweater with braids

The size of the product will be calculated for women who wear clothes 42/44. You will need a light yarn of mohair, knitting needles numbered 4,5 and a circle. Knitting needles at number 4.

Purple dresser. Knitting is performed in persons. And out. Bands with only the wrong loops. Simple garter stitching is knitted alternating in one circle. A number of persons. Loops, and in the other series by purl. Ornament with braids is solely based on a schematic drawing, which will be demonstrated in the article.
The decrease of the buttonholes will occur inside the strip. From the right edge, first goes edge, then 1 person. Etc., and two items jointly. Way. From the left edge, one point must be removed, as individuals, and 1 persons. Etc. to stretch through this removed, then again 1 person. Etc. and the edge.
The density of the sweater will be equal to. Garter stitch 16 pt. Per 26 p. = Ten by ten cm. A woman's sweater with braids starts to be tied from the back. String with knitting needles under No. 4,5 loop in the amount of 108 pcs. And knit according to this scheme: the edge, then 24 p. Dress. Knitting, then 58 sts with a braid pattern. You will need to associate the rapport twice with the addition of sixteen buttonholes after the rapport, then 24p. Dress. Knit and close it all by the edge.

When the height of the canvas is thirty-five cm., Begin to reduce for one-legged bevels from one side, one st., And then in each 2 r. Another 21 points, making the adjustments as described in the beginning of the article. After seventeen centimeters from the beginning of Raglan, close the remaining 64 p.
The front part of the sweater is knitted similarly to the back.
Now we turn to knitting sleeves. Type the knitting needles at the number of No. 4,5 in the number of 56 pcs. And knit according to such a scheme: first comes the edge stitch, then 19 st. Garter stitch, 16 pt. Braid pattern, again 19 st. Knitting and edge. To make a beveled bevel, it should be added in the twenty-first r. On both sides 1 st, and then in each 14 r. 6 times in 1 pt. Total you should get 70 pips. Those links that have been added, knit with a purl sheet. Viscous. After 48 cm, do a raglan bevel as you did on the back of the sweater. The last links in the amount of 26 pcs. You just need to close it.
Now the women's sweater remains to be collected. Make the seams of raglan. To make a bar on the neckline, it is necessary to collect 130 rounds with circular knitting needles and to cut out two circles. Row of cards. Viscous. After that, you can close all n. The bound bar needs to be turned slightly to the wrong side and sewed. In the end, the seams of the sleeves are made, as well as the side seams.

Knitting a women's sweater is over. Such a fashionable product will look great, as with jeans, and with a skirt.

Red long sweater with a braid pattern

To make this bright female pullover, you will need to cook 600 gr. Threads from polyamide, simple and circular needles under No. 4.

The patterns involved in this product are individuals. Smooth, braids according to the scheme and elastic band, which is performed by an alternation of five persons. Etc. and two of them. P.
We begin knitting from the back. It is necessary to dial 111 n. And to tie one of the wrong series with similar loops, and then follow this way: edge, 7 sts faces. 13 stitches with a pattern of braids according to scheme A, five links of faces. Smooth, 29 stiches according to the scheme B, again five stitches, 29 sts according to Fig. C, 6 p. Persons. G., 13 st. Of the braid in Fig. D, seven faces. Smooth and smooth.
After forty-seven centimeters, close with twoSides for the armhole once eight n. After 70 cm, cover for the shoulder slope from each outside in every second river. Two times eight p. And two p. On nine items. After that, close the remaining n. The total height of the back should be 73 cm.
Before knitting by analogy of the back, only the cutoutThe necks perform differently. After sixty-six centimeters, you must close the central 18 st points of the neckline, and then tie each side separately. Close the edges of the cutout in each 2 p. Once for four points, then for three points, for 2 points and for 1 p. When you have a full height of 70 cm, decorate the bevel of the shoulder from both sides as well as on the back.

Let's go to knitting sleeves. Dial 46 p. And tie one purl strip with a uniform addition of 1 pt six times. Then continue to bind the gum with knitting needles. After the edge, start working with one otn. Etc., then five persons. Etc. and two of them. After 16 cm add to the bevel of the sleeve on both sides of 1 time each, then in each 15 r. Three rivers. 1 st. After 53 cm from the beginning of the sleeve, you can close the knitting. An elongated sweater with braids is almost ready, it remains only to make the assembly.
You have to stick in your sleeves and make all the connecting seams. For the collar, type 85 on the edge of the neck and tie it with an elastic band 13 cm. Unscrew it on the wrong side and sew.
And now you can watch an interesting training video for beginners.

Video: Step-by-step knitting of a sweater with knitting needles

Knitting patterns for female pullovers with a braid pattern