We knit a sweater with deer according to the scheme with the description of the process

We knit a sweater with deer according to the scheme with the description of the process


Jacquard patterns with Norwegian motifs - deer,Snowflakes, stylized crosses, etc., - perhaps it's a classic that will not go out of style ever. If you like reindeer on a sweater - try to tie them according to the chosen scheme (which are very diverse). This is not particularly difficult, it will only take care when working with colored yarn and a sweater with deer will be ready.

Pattern location

Variants of the location of animals on a sweater:

  • Alternation of the stripes of jacquard patterns throughout the product (deer, snowflakes, hearts, six leafs, etc.);
  • A ribbon with deer is located in the center of the sweater, and on top and bottom is complemented by strips of other ornaments;
  • Stripes with deer are on top and bottom of the sweater, and other patterns frame them, leaving a solid middle (sometimes it is tied with different arans), or the middle is also filled with ornaments;
  • Deer can be located on the sweater in one direction or towards each other;
  • Sometimes such a sweater is a thing onWhich is detailed, and not in the form of a scheme, as in ornaments, one large animal is bound. This is more difficult and laborious than doing a jacquard strip, but knitting them is somewhat easier because of the smaller change in color areas.

Such products can not be called masculine orOnly female. Depending on the chosen scheme and color scheme, they perfectly suit both mother, father, son, and daughter. And if you link them right away for the whole family and go together for an autumn bike ride - you will certainly attract attention as a stylish, fashionable family.

The scheme of knitting such drawings for children is more gentle and touching, for the pope - more brutal. For the mother, the pattern of such a sweater may include romantic motifs (hearts, for example).

If in your family such motives were in timeLove, you can knit in addition to sweaters other things: scarves, hats, mittens, socks. You will get a whole wardrobe for your household, which will now be provided with different types of necessary warm clothes.

When performing multicolored motifs, there are several points that require attention:

  • The coils will be constantly confused, so you need to take care of the capacity in which they will be (a box with holes for threads, an old teapot with a spout, etc.);
  • When knitting such patterns according to the scheme, you must carefully consider the loops of each color;
  • From the wrong side, the yarn should gently interlace so that no holes or stitched areas form on the front side.

Ways of weaving threads

To tie the Jacquard ornament according to the chosen scheme, the threads of each color on the wrong side are intertwined in different ways:

  • Interlacing (in work on one skein selectedColors, when knitting their threads are intertwined between sections of different colors). In this version, it is possible that on the front side holes (with a weak weave) or stitched areas (with a tight weave) are formed;

  • Fastening (threads of a different color are intertwinedAfter each knotted loop and remain on the wrong side). This method of knitting is more reliable, but requires careful stretching, so that a yarn of a different color does not look out of the face;

  • Crossing (this option is used whenThe scheme of a large pattern is knitted) - in work there can be several balls of the same color: each new color segment is knit from a separate tangle; when the threads are changed, they cross from the wrong side and another color is introduced into the knitting.

Tip: To tie a neat product to colored areas, make sure that the yarn is the same thickness (or even better, of the same quality, for this, buy one brand of yarn).
To tie a sweater with a deer or otherColor patterns, you will need careful, orderly, attentive. Perhaps the first experience of such knitting will not be very successful, the product will come out "corny". Therefore, before you connect the big object with the ornament, practice on the control samples, work out the tightening force of the threads, work with several tangles, attention when the circuit is read (see below). When the quality of the sample knitting pattern suits you - you can tie a big thing.

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